Recipe for Medifast Cream of Tomato Soup?

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So far this is my favorite soup!.

Anyone else like it?..

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Only to bake it into stuff! I have *never* been a tomato soup kind of gal..


Comment #1

Love it! I grew up eating the Campbell's Cream of Tomato and think this is a very close second. I really like to take an ounce of ff cheese and my Medifast crackers and ground pepper if I feel like deducting from the L&G for the day. Yum-o...

Comment #2

I've been afraid to try this, the other cream soups are less than stellar, and no one writes about the tomato-I'll have to check it out now...

Comment #3

I love it! I add some canned diced tomatoes and salt/pepper and basil and I love it!!.

Pat in So. Cal...

Comment #4

I love it too! I sprinkle some italian seasoning, salt and pepper into it and it tastes great...

Comment #5

I love it too. It reminds me of being a kid having Campbell's tomato soup. I like to add McCormick basil and garlic seasoning blend to it. I also like the cream of broccoli. I know some don't but I add a few extra broccoli florets, dash of salt and use my Braun hand drink mixer to blend it all together. YUMM!..

Comment #6

I love it too.

I use it to make my seafood bisque. Add chopped tomatoes, nutmeg, sherry and chopped jumbo shrimp. Yum!!.

In fact, I love all the cream soups although chicken and wild rice is my fave...

Comment #7

I like the cream soups better than the other soups...

Comment #8

Love the taste! Hate the texture! (re: tomato soup ) Any texture "fixes?..

Comment #9

Love it, some times cook it in the oven with 1/4 the water and get a pita bread out of it...

Comment #10

I have been getting a white "film" on top of the tomato soup when I make it with very hot water. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a way to get rid of it and have a nice tomato colored soup? Please give me some hints..

Comment #11

I know exactly what you are talking about. It is gross. I have had that also. It seems that I get it the most when I reheat it several times or get it to hot. It seems to do best for me when I add it to the hot water and let it sit for a while and then warm in the microwave for about 30 seconds in a heavy soup mug..

I have tried warming the "cream of" soups in plastic bowls and it seems to be worse so I have switched to warmig it only in heavy ceramic bowls and mugs which seems to help a lot. It is something about the plastic changes the teste slightly and makes a rubber type film across the top...

Comment #12

I have never tried the broccoli soup. I eat the cream of chicken straight or made into something. I am not a big tomato soup gal, but I love using it to cook the pizza bread and other stuff!..

Comment #13

Ditto here and same advice!.

Another tomato soup lover!.

There's not alot of us around here!..

Comment #14

I Love the tomato soup too! I have always just had it plain, it soup form. Sometimes for a treat, I eat it with the white cheddar soy crisps..

For the first time last night I tried baking the soup. I tried making chips, but they came out like thin bread wafers. I also made two round size pizza crusts. I'm going to try them with a little low fat mozzarella cheese melted on top later tonight...

Comment #15

I use it as a spaghetti sauce. I brown some lean ground beef, onion, tomato, green pepper, and black olives. Then, I make the Tomato soup, pour it in the pan, mix it with the other ingriedients and serve it over spaghetti squash. But...I really don't like it on it's own...

Comment #16

I actually am having a hard time with this one. I will try doctoring it up tonight with some of your suggestions. Thanks!.

Also... I'm about to order for the second time today. Any advice on which food to order?.


Choco-mint bars, orange cream shake, beef stew, apple cinnamon and maple borwn sugar oatmeal.


French vanilla, Swiss mocha shakes, lemon bars, minestrone soup.

And I haven't tried anything else yet. So, if you a few of you could chime in, I'd be grateful. Or message me, please!..

Comment #17

It is an acquired taste, but, yea, now it is one of my favorites...

Comment #18

Had the tomato for the first time today. I added some canned chopped tomato, garlic salt and black pepper. It was great!..

Comment #19

I just got my box in today, I wish I could cook it in my mini crockpot, but that would probably be ill advised, since the cream-based soups curdle so bad. Has anyone tried that?..

Comment #20

Did you prepare it according to package directions or do you have your own method? I love tomato soup, but this is the one food so far I cannot stomach. Help!..

Comment #21

I ilke the cream soups too ... both brocolli and tomatoe are good. I sprinkle a little lemon dill seasoning on it. quite yummy...

Comment #22

I make the crackers with it. I used mexican seasoning and black pepper. Just love them. I moved the cracker recipe up to the top again just in case someone whated to check out that post...

Comment #23

Yep, I add salt and it closely resemble the flavor of campbells..


Comment #24

Ugg, how can I make the Cream of Broccoli soup better??? I can't stand it!!! I make myself eat it, but I can only get like 1/4 of it down.... Please help!..

Comment #25

I take about 1/4 cup of cooked broccoli and after mixing the soup with cold water into a paste add a little more water and the broccole and use my Krups drink blender to blend it smooth, try adding some salt and I can't believe it's butter garlic flavored butter spray. Works for me. Just be careful not to make it too watery. Heat in the microwave and enjoy!..

Comment #26

I love the soup too. When I have the need for "comfort" food I make it and have the white chedder crisps instead of crackers..

I also use it to make pizza bites. I take a tablespoon of the soup mix and drops of water to make a paste. Then I take a pk of the garden veg crackers and put the paste on top, sprinkle with seasonings and add shreadded cheese.....bake until bubbly......always knocks the insane desire to blow your diet and have pizza with the family..

Comment #27

Speaking of pizza, I redid the tomato pita recipe and made a darn good pizza crust. I minused the crackers to make it less spongy baked the mix till golden brown. blended 1/4 cup of crushed tomatoes( less carbs than sauce) with garlic to put on top along with 1/2 baby spinach, 1/2 sauted mushrooms a few slices of green olives and 1/2 lf shreaded cheese- Devine!..

Comment #28

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