Really need some serious love advice

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Okay board Here is my situation/dilema.

Me and this guy have known each other for the past 8 years. 8 years ago we met thru my best frined - his cousin and became friends but shortly we actually dated briefly which was great!!We totally hit it off and had great physical chemistry as well as became good friends.. He then moved away and shortly after (which was roughly 4 months or do)we stopped talking/communicating once he moved. Because of mutal frineds we saw each other during the holidays and special occasion weekends for the next few years, but that was it. Still friends though..

Then I moved onto another relationship (thru for about 2 years., I then moved away several months after this relationship (thru had ended and ran it's course. So at this point we have both pretty much moved on with our lives (in good ways)and lived in different states..

Well recently this summer I had a co-ed bachorler/bachlorette party for my best friend. obviously he was invited becasue this is his cousin. So a few emails were exchanged prior, exchanging information about this party and just saying hello. This is current year, so it would actually be 7 yeasrs since I have really talked or saw him, WELL, the moment he walked into the resturant it ALL was there again between the both of us. I was totally amazed actaully! Later that night we talked and had a semi moment. he told me the spark was still there.. the wedding has just happend and obviously he was there, I was MOH. we actually exchanged some very flirtaous emails the Monday before the wedding. (we still live about 3 hours from each other)different states.So needless to say I was looking very forward to sseing him at the weddingWell we ended up having some VERY SPECIAL time together that night. It was awesome!we enjoyed each other. My problem is that there is this person he was dating (online dating with at work and had a relationship (thru on and off with her for about a year and in July they were off and they still are, but the problem is she works with him and he says it is very difficult, so he /they are still progressing to ?????I donm;t know. But wehat I do know is how he held my hand the night we were together, how he kissed me.Also he knew at the end of out night togehter I was sad becasue I knew he had to go back and deal with this siutation, whatever it is?????but he said he would cal and we would talk..

I sent him an email the monday after the wedding weekend saying how much I enhoyed sending time with him and how I like to do IT again sometime..

He hasn't responded yet. it has been a coule days?????Do I wait to hear from him???Should I give him the work weeek and then call him ???Email him again.....

Lost in romance or what coulod be a really good thing to happen....





Well, just here recently..

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Your question was: Really need some serious love advice.

Since you know each other so well I would suggest you ask him outright if he thinks he might be interested in rekindling something with you.   Do it by phone, not email and hopefully he will be honest with you. If he likes dating (online dating with locally then you may be disappointed...

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Thanks Snafu2006 for your advice. I will take it into consideration..

Have a good one..

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Hi, I would give him more time and then just call, as snafu suggested. I dont know why at least on one end it's always too complicated. somehow me personally I always get frustrated and just get out. but if you feel that it can be your 'the one', if as you say the spark is still there - then hell I would call! but not in obsessive way, not as desperate for relationship (thru clingy girl. it never works. but as an old friend who is more than a friend.BIG good luck to u!hope everything will turn out even better than you hope for!N..

Comment #3

Hey pucky2002...


Thanks for the advice..It always is good to get an objective point of view..

I agree, I totally don't want to come off obsessive or anyting, nor clingy desperate I will give him a little more time, then maybe i'll call and just chat it up...WHO KNOWS..thanks for the luck:').

Have a good one!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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