Can I use emu oil if I am taking Murad Resurgence?

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Hi all! I'm just thinking about buying some emu oil to reduce my red marks. I'm still on tane. I did some research about EO and it says it will thicken the skin so that it will reduce wrinkles. I'm just wondering will that counteract with the effect of tane? I thought tane causes the skin to peel and help the trapped oil come out? I'm not sure whether I can use emu oil while on tane. Anybody shed some light on this?..

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I have never heard that emu oil "thickens" skin, and am somewhat skeptical of the idea .... although I'll read up on it before making a call. Emu oil is great to use during an Murad Resurgence course. For one thing, it is anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, and helps with healing all huge pluses for acne-prone skin.Also, it reinforces the skin's barrier mechanism, which is compromised by Murad Resurgence. Adding a drop or two of emu oil to your sunscreen and/or moisturizer will help your skin retain moisture.I use Ultra Emu Oil from Diana Yvonne ... it has Vitamin E added...

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Thank you for the reply. Check out this link: where do you buy the EO you are using? Thanks~..

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Yeah .... it would be more convincing if they provided a citation of the actual study.Anyway, it's good stuff, and it isn't going to do anything to counteract the effectiveness of Murad Resurgence.oh, and I buy from

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Thank you LionQueen! I'm going to buy some EO. I'm just comparing brands. Seems like a whole lot of clue which one to buy really...

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CYes all the hours of research I've done on emu oil I believe that it thickens skin. It would be perfect for you on Murad Resurgence because of the many reasons lionQueen mentioned as well as the thickening of skin.go to the health food store..."emu gold" fabulous, you can use it everynight!..

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Thanks guys for all the replies. I just bought a bottle from I hope it won't break me out. I'm almost half into my 3 month of sotret and still have several major stubborn zits.....

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Hi there~I just bought emu oil from Lure Has anybody used the same line? How do you like it? Does it reduce scarring and red marks like it says? Thanks in advance!..

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Ive just been reading up on all the old topics on emu oil in the 'red marks after acne' and 'Murad Resurgence posts' sub forums and Ive decided Im going to try Emu oil again.Last time I tried it I broke out slightly (but I wasnt 100% clear back then). Now Im clear of actives and I'm trying to get rid of red marks that have been on my face for around 2 years now. Currently using Jojoba oil as a nightly moisturiser and it's not bad but Im hoping Emu oil will really help the redness. Im liking the idea of Emu oil thickening the skin aswell as Murad Resurgence makes the skin thinner and the red stand out more...

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Thanks for the input. This bother me a little. I'm in month 3 and still breaking out. Some say emu oil won't cause breakout. I guess maybe this is not necessarily true for every individual. Can folks who tried emu oil share some experience on this? I would really appreciate it!!..

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Personally I would wait till you are around 90% clear till you start using Emu oil. When I tried emu oil last time I was still breaking out fairly badly and the Emu oil didnt help. Also the emu oil I had last time had lavender as an added ingredient so that may have caused a breakout.Its hard to say really, best way to do it is to start using emu oil now and if it doesnt break you out then keep using it, if it does then stop. If you want to play it safe then wait till you are a little clearer.Or what you could do is reserve a small area of skin for emu oil use for a couple of days and see if that area breaks out or not.Lastly I have a question. Is it better to get 100% pure Emu oil like this fractionated emu oil (with added jojoba oil) like this 100% pure stuff is sold in grams which leads me to believe it is a solid waxy product..

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Hey thanks JoeBloggs. I bought 100% pure emu oil from I'm pretty much 90% clear and started using it last night. It was quite greasy and took a long time to be fully absorbed. I can't really tell wheather it breaks me out yet. I hope not.

PS. I thought lavander oil was supposed to calm skin down and help reduce red marks?..

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