How long to lose 50 lbs with Medifast?

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For all those seasoned gals on these boards do you agree that on average it takes about 4 months to lose 50 pounds? I know everyone's loss rate varies but I am thinking from what I have seen that this is an average find. Any comments?.



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For most I would say closer to six months. As you get closer to goal weight loss slows...

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I would say like 5 to 6 months is a good guess...depends on so many factors...everyone's journey will be a little different on MF. 4 months sounds a little tight......

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You lose percentages of your total weight, so when you have a lot more to lose (100+ pounds) it comes off a lot faster. My husband for instance lost 22 pounds in one month! It took me 3 months to do the same, but he had significantly more weight to lose than I did (and he is a guy and we all know how much faster they always lose)..

Once you get below 100 pounds to lose, the weight loss slows down because your body will only let go of a certain percentage of it's total weight before deciding to go into self preservation mode and quit losing. A good rule of thumb from what I have seen on the boards is to expect to lose about 10 pounds per month if you need to lose 50-100 pounds. Under about 30 pounds to lose you may only lose 4-6 pounds per month (sometimes less as you get to those last 10-15 pesky pounds)..

I would encourage you to take measurements as well as document your weight loss of the scale. It really helps when the scale is not moving as fast as you would prefer if you have another way to measure your success. If you look in my signature, you can see how I documented both pounds and inches. It helped my motivation a lot when the pounds slowed down..

Good luck!!..

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This is good advice.....

Folks within 50 of their goal(especially if the goal is a low weight) usually experience slower losses than some one who starting out with more weight..

Think of it this way:.

25 pounds is 10% of 250 lb..

25 pounds is 20% of 125 lb..

Good Luck!..

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Thanks everyone! Really helped me get some perspective on this. I agree 10 pounds per month makes sense. I think if we can dump 10 per month that is victory! I need to remember to practice patience...

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Dear Lord, give me patience RIGHT NOW!!!!! Amen..

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It was five months for me...pretty much averaged 10 pounds per month.

The time will pass anyway...relax and enjoy it!~..

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I just sent for the program, so I haven't started yet. If I lose 10 pounds a month I'll be over the moon. I'm 52 and have 130 pounds to lose. I've always lost weight VERY slowly, which is why I'm giving Medifast a try.

Wish me luck...

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I'm 53 and started at 272#...I lost my first 50# in 4 months. This plan really works!.


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4 months is what it took for me to lose my first 50.


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That's funny!.

Took me more than 7 months to lose 50.....

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I lost 48 pds in 3 months but I had 150 to lose. As everyone has said before it is much slower now that I have a lot less to lose ...

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I have as of today I have lost 31pounds and I started on January 14th. Now I feel like I am really doing something wrong to lose this fast. HMMM>..

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It has taken me 6 months to lose 10% .... we all lose differently but you will lose. This program really works...

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It varies so much that it's really hard to say how long it would take to lose a set amount of pounds. Its an individual process. I would suggest as others have that you take your measurements, when the scale is not moving you may be losing inches and fat with it being replaced with muscle. When I went to a Medifast clinic that was the first thing they did, measure your arms, thighs, calf, ankles and the usual chest, waist and hips. Making a graph is very useful. You will be shocked when you remeasure...I would suggest checking them once monthly...

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Okay, I have a silly question... how does everyone get those neat customized rulers at the bottom of their e-mail with their weight loss measurements.


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I don't know where the ticker creation on here is, but I did mine at.


You create it, give it a password then paste the code into your signature (see edit profile at the top of the page) and you're good to go. To change it, you click on it, update it and it automatically changes. There's a sticky on one of the boards that also explains it...

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I have went to the web site and made my ticker but where is the code?? or what does it look like??.

Is it the HTML one or one of the others??.

I know this is probably really simple but I haven't the lightest clue how to go about this...

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All good advice...heres some more....don't watch the biggest loser on TV...or if you do, do it with perspective When they weigh in and lose 21 pounds a gets me down..

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I just finished week 14 and am down 46lbs. Gotta love Medifast...

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