Wonderslim vs Medifast ?

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I recently started the program and can't praise it enough, however I have a friend who is on a budget and she said while she was online she found a diet compared to Medifast and it's called wonderslim.... have any of you heard of this program and what are your opinions. I don't think the difference in price is that much however, who am I to say everyone's budget is differentAny advice you can give me to pass on..

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Never heard of wonderslim, but have her look on ebay for more savings on Medifast if the buget will fit that...

Comment #1

I've heard of Wonderslim, and it seems like a knock-off of Medifast... almost to a tee! I haven't heard much about it in terms of results, but I'm sure it would be similar, considering their program is almost identicle.

I think the support of Medifast, and knowing it's a larger company with free coaching makes it a logical choice, because Wonderslim seems to be about the same in terms of cost...

Comment #2

I agree about the support. That, in my mind, is what makes Medifast different AND easier to succeed at. This community and the constant support. That's worth it's weight in gold and especially worth 30 bucks a month...

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I think I saw on the Medifast home page something at the bottom that mentioned help with financial difficulties. I would think in these challenging times a company like this would have a plan to help people with limited financial means. But I'm also finding that I'm saving a ton of money by not buying all of the "extras" I was stopping to get to fuel my eating habit...takeout, a burger her, a burger there, etc. Easily I'm saving at least $15 a week by not doing that. One of these days, I'll sit down and count it up...

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Never heard of them..

But I'm so 100% on board with Medifast and I feel every penny has been worth whatever else I had to give up..

As far as 'knock offs'....I'm the kind of person that prefers the quality of Campbell's Soup as compared to generic...or Tide instead of a store brand. Some things don't matter in life but some things there just is nothing else the measures up......

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