On Medifast, how often should I check scale?

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I will be placing my order and beginning in august... I am curious for those of you who have been doing this and experienced success....

What seems to be better... check the scale every day or once a week?.

I always thought once a week would be better but it seems that many of the posts Ive read show people checking daily....

I am afraid I would loose motivation by weighing daily, but if I do it once a week then it seems to make me feel like I am loosing more...

Would love to read your advice!.


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First, congrats on deciding to start! You're going to love Medifast..

I weighed myself every day, but it's different for everyone. I liked seeing the changes on a regular basis and honestly, couldn't take the suspense of waiting a whole week! I was too excited! You absolutely will lose weight with Medifast, but know that the scale might show flucuations and not be at a number you personally would prefer or expect every single day. As long as you are 100% following the planknow that you are most certainly losing weight and that you will continue too, even though the scale could be down 2 pounds one day and still show the same # the next day. You'll see.. couple days later, it could be down something like another 3 or 4! It's going to vary for everyone..

Good luck and enjoy!..

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Welcome to the MFing family!.

I, too, weighed daily. It really all depends on YOU. The fluctuations never bothered me, but can really mess with some people. It's really an individual choice..

I still weigh daily - in maintenance. Even more important now, to catch little up-ticks before they get out of control...

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I was a weekly weigher but as stated, it's truly a personal choice. I do however weigh daily in maintenance to avoid letting things get out of hand..

You can try it both ways and see which works best for you. Maybe try daily weighing and if it doesn't get to you, there you go, if it does start to bother you, discourage you etc. Weekly weighing it is..

Just know, what ever your reaction we are here to support you and get through the scales sometimes unusual readings!.

Best of Luck to you..


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I can tell you that the first 2 weeks I lost a pound a day (water!) which was very encouraging to see. Around week three it slows down for ALMOST everyone which could be discouraging. Also don't forget that weight will fluctuate every day, or even every hour. I know that it takes me longer to "digest" beef than chicken. I know that if I don't drink at least 100 oz of water, I am up a pound the next day. I know that on the 5 occasions that I used cheese sticks as my lean because I was traveling I was up 2 pounds the next day.

I am up. So knowing those things is good, because I don't panic AND I see where it can be a bad thing too easy to make excuses. I am now down to weighing every 2 weeks, because things are much slower the closer you are to goal. It is a little game we all play....

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I only weighed as often as my numbers are noted in my signature. I was completely on plan the whole time so I knew I would reach goal and I didn't want any of the drama that many daily weighers would constantly express. Who needs it!!! Way too much emphasis on numbers; the truth is in the mirror and the clothing.

At goal now I never weigh; I just keep happily fitting in my size 4 / 6 clothes...

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WOW!!!! Thank you all. Every one of you is an inspiration and motivation... I have 80 pounds to go... I found some left over Medifast at my parents house (my mom tried it and gave up like on all the others so now she's opting for the surgery... I dont want that to be me... this is my time to save my life) and I will start using that until I can place my order in August....

I am so super excited..

OK... My start date will be sunday July 26! I cant wait to start gaining confidence, losing weight and developing a healthy relationship with food!!!.

Thank you all so much for your support!..

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Great outlook! Come around anytime for support of a needed kick-in-the pants!..

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Oooh! I am super excited for you. I was one of those daily weighers....but I was also lucky that it never got into my head. Often, I would see no change day to day or even see a gain through the week...and then one day during the went down.

Any reason for your start date on Sunday? Any way you can make it the whole weekend (sat & Sun)? I know the first few days are sometimes hard...feeling tired and just not motivated to do a heck of a lot, so some people have luck starting over a they don't have to deal with the annoyance of work, etc while they are starting MF. That is of course...assuming you work a M-F 9-5pm.

Even though...I started on a Thursday. I got my food in the mail on Wednesday and off to the races I went. I figured...I'd get through the misreable days ASAP. I was symptoms weren't as bad as some, but it was still a couple of tired, exhausted days..

Hugs and lotsa of luck and support.....


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Hey Shelley,.

I am starting on sunday because of a mental thing I have... I dont know if it's like a partial ocd or something else. But sunday is the first day. I want to match the weeks on the weigh in and what not... I figure having sunday as my weigh in day will be the momentum to push me through the next week!.

Actually I have a feeling the rest of the summer will be the easiest part for me. I work for a residential school in the dorms... My fall working schedul will be 1 - 10pm... which may make for some problems but I am mentally preparing for it and rehearsing now... I would love to lose a bit before I go back to work so I can have some confidence. My supervisor has actually told me that I need to believe in myself more because it affects my work..

Really super happy and motivated. Thank you all for your advice!..

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