Medifast recipe for Question about flavor drops??

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On average how many drops do you all put in a shake and the muffin recopies?.

I just got my drops and I tried the chocolate mint and egg nog flavor so far and I think did not put enough in. So was wondering what you all do. Do you shake the bottle to make them come out?..

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Yes, you have to shake the drops out. I took a large paper clip to make the hole larger. In hot drinks I put the drops in last, after heating. The number of drops depends on your taste and varies with the flavor. I need alot of drops, but I don't have much taste or smell...

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Harvard great trick on the paperclip. Some of the drops are a little tough to get out of there. Thanks...

Comment #2

I use about 10 drops each time. I don't think the recommended 3-5 drops is enough to flavor the Medifast food. Maybe for coffee although I haven't tried them in plain coffee yet...

Comment #3

I put too many in my hot chocolate and it was BITTER! Bleah!..

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I add the flavor drops (between 7-10 drops) in the cold water then add my shake, pudding or oatmeal, put in MB to blend. I never put the drops into the dry ingredients, just doesn't work as well. I usually just hold the dropper over the 6-8oz of water and wait for the drops to well up. shaking never helps. I like Bettina's sugestion to Capella a while back about making the droppers squeezable...

Comment #5

Farrell...Just got an email from Tom saying they are finally ready to ship. So I will get them in a day or two since they are in CA as well. Can't WAIT. XOXOX..

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I usually put 4 drops into Medifast hot cocoa (5 for the marshmallow flavor, it's weaker)..

OH! And guess what! I can't talk my mom into Medifast but I did talk her into flavor drops! She gave me $10 yesterday so we could split a six pack order. My new flavors that are coming are cookies and cream, toasted almond, and crap...i forgot already. but she's getting caramel, chocolate mint, and toasted coconut and I get to try hers before I give them to her. yay for more flavors!..

Comment #7

Well thanks all.

Think I like that paper clip Idea as well. I was not putting in enough at all I was skimping out at 4 drops LOL. Guess thats why I asked the question. Haaaaaaa!..

Comment #8

I made some cheesecake muffin topping the other day and put 12 drops in it. I've not had much luck flavoring Medifast shakes or pudding with it. It either comes out too bitter or I can't taste the flavor drops at all. Just can smell them. But I've been doing quite a bit of baking this week and using flavor drops. Baking with it seems to enhance all the other flavors I add including extracts and SF syrups which are in the same recipe...

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Where are you buying the flavour drops and the SF syrups from. I am new to this Medifast and would really like to try some new things...

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