Guilty about drinking while on Murad Acne Complex

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So I am guilty of drinking A LITTLE BIT since starting Murad Acne Complex. on DAY 4 I had 2 beers, DAY 5 I had a corona, and yesterday DAY 11 I bought a bottle of white wine and had 3 small sips....this sounds worse typed out that it did in my wondering about how much and if any alcohol everyone has had while on Murad Acne Complex. early in the course or late? could it really show signs of damage to my liver? is that why they say not to drink? (liver damage) my dad is a physician and says that sipping a small amount of white or red wine occasionally will not at all cause any damage. but theres a biggg difference in sipping vs drinking. I had 3 baby sips yesterday and got a queasy feeling? I hadnt eaten yet and it was like 430 pm so maybe that was why. but either way I find it to be so tempting when everyone is drinking and I'm the only one that cant.

Pre Murad Acne Complex I was drinking wine or beer 4x a week and liquor (jagermeister!!!!) 8-10 shots in a night, 1x week. that sounds bad but hey we have a good time at our place with no driving and no wasting money at wondering if a small amount of alcohol will really show up or affect my treatment considering my initial bloodtest revealed a completely clean bill of health and I had been drinking regularly for quite a while. meh I somehow feel less of an urge to drink wine now that it's actually in my fridge. I was just craving it before. I enjoyed nothing more than a chilled glass of charddonay after a long ass day of work..

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I'm five days in on my Murad Acne Complex course and I have to admit that I probably drank to much the first couple of nights. Im guilty of drinking way more than you, it's hard to quit when you get stuck on the beer pong tableAnyway, I know I'll have to stop doing that, but I figured I'd give it one final hoorah until I'm done with my course. I've heard a lot of people that are on Murad Acne Complex or have been say that they can get away with occasional social drinking on the weekend. As long as you're being responsible you should be fine...

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Im still in college. I drank pretty heavy a few nights during these first few months. Bloodwork came back normal but I dont think the bloodwork is what docs are worried about. I dunno, jsut take it easy at first and see how it effects you...

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Hm, I'm curious about how old you are and how much drinking experience you have. It sounds like alcohol is still pretty new to you, which is totally fine. Lots of early college kids will start with multiple beers during the week and heavy liquor on the weekends, and once the novelty and the "wow!" factor wear off, they settle down and understand how alcohol works with their bodies. Your dad is right: three sips of white wine won't damage your liver, and most seasoned drinkers are well aware of this. If you're actually having 8-10 shots in a night, you should realize that three baby sips of white wine is a hilariously small amount of alcohol by comparison.Occasional social drinking on Murad Acne Complex is fine as long as you stay hydrated and don't overdo it. If you are in fact a new drinker, relax and realize that small amounts of alcohol won't kill you, it's just more harmful now than it would otherwise be...

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Thank you for your feedback! whitershade: I am 25, and wouldnt consider myself new to drinking. sadly ive had lots of experience with drinking but wouldnt say I'm an alcoholic. the 8-10 shots is extreme and thats why I was wondering if my blood tests came back normal pre tane, then is drinking a little wine going to affect me? or is there another side effect alcohol has in combination with the medication?..

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Gotcha. Alcohol combined with the medication just means some extra strain on the liver, but as long as you moderate your alcohol intake, I suspect your blood tests will be fine. If anything goes wrong, you can stop drinking for the remainder of your course and see if the results go back to normal, but most people are fine with a little bit of drinking...

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Try to avoid drinking alcohol while on treatment. This is what my dermatologist told me. Your liver is already kinda punished with Murad Acne Complex / sotret and there's no need to make it worse. However, low doses of alcohol from time to time are ok...

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I only had a beer or two my first month, and every thing was fine. Month two I gave in to a bit of senior year partying and drank probably 2/4 weekends, maybe 5 or 6 drinks both times... much more moderate than I'm used to. I was worried because blood tests were 2 days after one of the times I drank, but everything came back ok (what they look for are the liver enzyme levels). This month (3) I drank quite a bit more, maybe 3/4 weekends. I'm getting blood tests thurs, so we'll see.

Just most importantly drink plenty of water ALL the time on Murad Acne Complex, and especially when you're drinking.\I would be curious to know though, how much stress Murad Acne Complex puts on your liver compared to alcoholic drinks. I have friends that go through 24+ beers in a night, can Murad Acne Complex + a few drinks be comparable to that? I'm not quite sure how it compares...

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