Prune Juice To Help Constipation

candida dietPrune Juice is one of the best-known constipation home remedies. Prune juice promotes regular bowel movements by the use of simple sugars which help draw fluids into the intestine. These fluids help soften your stool and allow for healthy bowels.

Prune juice does not cause a spike in blood sugar because it contains natural sugars such as fructose and sorbitol. Ingesting too much sorbital, however, can cause diarrhea.

Prune juice has been used for many years to treat constipation. There has been no evidence suggesting that prune juice damages the colon. This is why it is so highly recommended. Stronger prescribed laxatives are typically used as a last resort, after other methods have failed. Many people look toward the use of herbal remedies because they feel it is more natural. However many of herbal supplements contain stimulants that can damage your colon if used over a long period of time.

Prune juice also works well in conjunction w/ apple juice. This is recommended for those who are experiencing chronic constipation. The most important thing to remember is to drink freshly squeezed juice. You can do this by simply purchasing your own juicer and making your own juice every day. If you choose to buy your juice from a grocery store, look for fresh or organic juice. Avoid anything that is pasteurized or loaded in preservatives. You should specifically look to buy juice in a glass container. There are solvents in plastic containers that alter your juice.

Apple juice contains a strong laxative effect. However to battle chronic constipation you should combine it with prune juice.

- 1st wake up and drink 2-3 cups of prune juice
- After 30 mins drink 1 cup of apple juice.
- 1 hour later drink another cup of apple juice.

This method has proved to be useful for many people. Prune juice is a strong laxative and will give you the urge to go to the bathroom shortly after drinking it. This is good, because it helps you clean out your bowels in an efficient manner. Also, prune juice contains substances that are key to battling constipation. One of these substances is dihydrophenylisatin, which is known as a laxative agent. Typically drinking 1 cup of prune juice in the morning and another in the evening has been found to relieve constipation. Prunes are also rich in iron, so it is great for anyone lacking this in their diet. If you wish to drink prune juice for the iron, you should only take half a cup in the morning, and another half in the evening to prevent experiencing the laxative effect. Prunce juice is so effective and safe that it can also be used on small children, using smaller doses.

One of the main causes of constipation is diet. Those who are constipated are typically lacking fiber in their diet. The fact remains that if we ate more sensibly, we would not be constipated. We also have to be careful of artificial laxatives as well as herbal laxatives. Many use harmful chemicals stimulants that can have long term effects.

Many of us take advantage of our youth and eat too many meats, fats, dairy products, and processed foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts are always recommended regarding a colon cleanse. The reason is simple. These foods are natural and are easily handled by the body. So there is little to worry about if we switch to a diet high in fruits, nuts and vegetables. A lack of water is also a large factor contributing to constipation. Drinking alcohol, and eating salty foods simply acts to dry out our body. Water is necessary to help cleanse the body. So this means you should cut back on the tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Drinking water and juice regularly will keep your body healthy and strong.

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