Can I drink protein shakes while I'm taking Murad Acne Complex?

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I have just started my Murad Acne Complex regimen and I was wondering if anyone had experiences with this. I tend to work out a quite a few times a week and after workouts I drink at least one protein shake. I checked the ingredients and health labels on the container, but there are is no mention of vitamins and what not. So my question is, do protein shakes generally have a substantial amount of Vitamin A? Meaning that I should not drink them while on Murad Acne Complex? If anyone knows, I'd appreciate the help...

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Not sure, have not been to gym in nearly 2 weeks due to minor joint/muscle discomfort, wasnt sure if it's a side effect of tane or if I was over doing it, so decided to take a rest for a few weeks. goona start back this week sometime. Try asking your GP or derm...

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Yeah it's cool to take protein shakes apparently.I've been taking as normal and my blood work has been fine.My brand of shake says 0% vit A on it...

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Thanks guys. Yeah, my lower back is already starting to ache (probably due to the Murad Acne Complex), and I'm not looking forward to the next coupla months. Hopefully I can keep up my workout regimen...

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Meal replacements, protein shakes, gainers typically do not contain added vitamins.I have 3 gainer shakes daily as usual, but ofc stopped taking my daily multivitamins.What sort of program do you have for your back? Do you train with weights? In my opinion there is no better lower back exercise then deadlifts.Stopping training (if we're talking lifting weights) for two weeks is the worst thing you can do in my opinion. I'd much rater drop down to lighter weights, but still staying active, choosing exercises that are joint friendly helps too. (ofc if you are in truly agonizing pain, stay home)...

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Bro you have to check the label. Many shakes and replacements do contain vitamin A. Some quite a bit for example Muxcle Milk and Monster Milk both contain about 30-25 percent of recommended A for the entire day while something like nitro core 24 made with multiple protiens such as whey and casien etc has zero.If it doesnt say than dont use it. There are so many good quality brands that you should not have a problem finding 1 w/o A in it.Good luck..

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It definitely depends on the brand. Some have none and some have quite a bit. I'd just go to your supplement store and start reading labels to find one without vitamin A. Syntrax Matrix is a really good one, it's a blend with casein, isolates and amino acids, tastes really good, and no vitamin A...

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Yes, I know. I've checked the label and nowhere does it list any vitamins. I guess, perhaps it contains no vitamins whatsoever! I'm currently using the MetRx Protein Plus Powder btw. So I'm assuming if no vitamins are listed on the label, there are NO vitamins hah!..

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