Protein powder: EAS vs. VitaminShoppe or others and related cholesterol levels?

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My first question is: Protein powder: EAS vs. VitaminShoppe or others and related cholesterol levels?.

My next question is: Hello guy's,.

Can anyone explain what the difference is between these 2 types of insulin, Ive read about both and researched both and it looks like both are different types if insulin..

Question is:which one is better then the other? and why?.

Thank you.

P.s. no google guy's (you know who you are) ive done this...

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Well mate.

To get the most out of slin you need to batter down the carbs and I would start working up to 10IU post workout consuming 10g of simple carbs per IU used. Then have a complex carb meal 1 hour afterwards. Combating the fat is not easy as there is a dramatic weight gain and cardio will be more of a struggle. I know some who combing with T3 but IMO thats f*cking too much with your system. In all honesty 1mg of Igf1 will last about 4 weeks when taking 40mcg post workout and to be honest the gains are great and keepable. Igf1 is superb during pct also..

Go for it bro.


Comment #1

I'd offer the contrasting opinion. lr3igf-1 is over rated and uncontrolled. insulin is far from pants too, the problem most people have with it is they have no idea how to use it in the bodybuilding arena. that said, if you are considering using either i'd avoid. insulin is risky and is it worth the risk to gain weight that you'll gain in time without it's use. lr3igf-1, I just wouldn't use.

The question you should have asked is what type of insulin do you rate as the best ? my answer would be long and drawn out so i'll spare you that one...

Comment #2

Bodyworks care to venture into why you wouldn't use IGF again, as it would be good to have some negative quality feedback most I hear is usually good...

Comment #3

Ok. nothing too unpredictable. in my experience it doesn't have much of an effect. used on cycle I can honestly say I noticed no considerable gain from it's use. I noticed increased pumps at times, but many drugs do that. off cycle I couldn't comment cos i've not used it that way (although how is it off cycle if you're still using stuff?).

Different in effect anyway i'll grant you, but lr3 igf-1 is not the new wonder drug some claim it to be. Most of the positive literature you're likely to come accross fails to make a distinction between igf-1 and lr3 igf-1. although, a pro from the mid nineties once remarked that igf-1 was expensive overhyped sh*te. so maybe they're not so different except for price. insulin on the other hand is VERY effective, not in an entirely positive way, but it's effectiveness cannot really be called into question..

Comment #4

[quote=Bodyworks;214862] insulin on the other hand is VERY effective, not in an entirely positive wayQUOTE].

Hey up BW, I'm not thinking of using insulin I was just looking at options and came across an interesting read abouts it's use amonst bodybuilders and thats it's very very effective..

Can you give me your opinion on the "VERY effective" remark you made then the "not intirely in a positive way"....

Just interested in your view and knowing more about it really...

Comment #5

The short version: insulin shuttles nutrients from your bloodstream to your cells. we can infuse substances into our blood stream, but until they reach the target cells they offer us no benefit whatsoever. so by increasing the muscle cells' uptake of certain nutrients, you have a massively more dramatic effect. the synergy is almost perfect in theory between anabolic hormones, a good protein rich diet and insulin in an athletes body. like I said though, insulin use is a pretty specific science, get it wrong and the results will be dissappointing at best, life threatening at worst.

Either way, insulin is 100% guarunteed to provoke some kind of reaction in every single user, if used in significant (still surprisingly low) doses..

Let me reitterate however, I do not advocate insulin use to anyone. i'm not a doctor...

Comment #6

As bodyworks says.. insulin is known to work....

HOWEVER dont be thinking it's the be all and end all.. I for one have never touched the stuff and have built a decent enough physique which I am happy with without it. as have many others..

One of my training partners is a nabba class 1 competitor and is hovering around the 20st mark off season with abs.. he also has never used insulin. so please dont anyone assume it's the only way..

Of the people who I know well and have used it themselves I can honestly say ive heard more negative (health and life threatening) information than positive..

As with anything in my opinion, if you dont have someone close to you who know the ins and outs totally and is willing to keep a very close eye on you and guide you clearly in teh right direction.. dont even consider it!..

Comment #7

I have used both and prefer IGF-1LR3 when used correctly it can be a useful addition the problem is that many expect far to much from this peptide..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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