Why do I need to drink when eating Medifast bars?

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Hey there,.

Just recently I noticed on the packaging for the bars it say to drink 8 oz of water or non calorie beverage with each bar.....Why is that?.

Like I said, it's probably a stupid question......


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Not a stupid question, for me I drink that and more cause it's helps me digest it better and fills me up, kwim..Am not sure their factual reason behind it though...

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Maybe they want you to drink the water because it would help as to not eat the bar too fast. Because they are so might woof it down like a candy bar and not treat it like a meal...

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I think it's about digestion....some of us have problems with going potty a few times a week because of the lack of motion down there! IYKWIM! So I think water helps aide in digestion- especially with the bars....mmmm bars.....

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Good question,,,and I imagine the others here have all right ideas, but I truthfully don't know why I always drank a glass of water before each of my Medifast meals, not just the bars. As to being stupid,,,there is never a stupid question!..

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Nealsgirl, I think that's a great question!.

My guess is that the water helps process all the fiber in the bars. Coming from a very high-fiber diet (South Beach) I know first-hand that in order to process the fiber when we add more of it to our diets, we need to increase our water accordingly. High fiber foods swell up inside of us, which happens to be the reason that high fiber foods make us feel full. Meanwhile, to push all that fiber along our digestive tracts, we need the extra water. My money's on that as the main reason...

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All of the other Medifast meals are prepared with between 4 and 8 ounces of water. For the bars to be truly interchangeable with all the other meals, you have to add some water to make it comparable, IMO. Plus all the comments about water helping digest the fiber in the bars, and helping you feel full, are dead on...

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Label? There's info on the label? LOL - I completed transition back in May and never knew that was on there; so it's definitely not a dumb question!!..

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I kinda thought it was like you guys said, to help digest all that fiber. But hey, how was I to know?!.

Thanks for all your posts!.


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