Any tips on preparing Medifast food?

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Today was my very first day on Medifast and I don't seem to be getting very good results with the preparation of the foods. Pudding was lumpy. Chili was crunchy. Soup was weird. Oatmeal texture wasn't quite right. I'm following the instructions to the letter. Any helpful hints?..

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Here's how I make the oatmeal. I love it. Put 3/4 cup of water in the microwave for 1 minute. Meanwhile, dump your oatmeal powder into a large bowl (I use my pyrex 4-cuo measuring cup) so there is no danger of boiling over. Then add the boiling water to the oatmeal mix. Stir.

Remove and stir again. Return to microwave for 1 more minute. Then pour the oatmeal into a cereal bowl and cover it with a plate. Then I go shower or do something else for 10 or so minutes. Add your sweetener if desired and enjoy.

You can adjust your water up or down if you want it thicker or runnier. Also the longer it sits, the thicker it will get. One final tipIMMEDIATELY wash your 4-cup measuring cup or it will never come clean..

Most Medifast packets improve greatly by soaking for an hour or two or even overnight before cooking...

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You gotta let the stuff soak ... no kidding. Especially the chili. Look for the recipes - it's amazing what you can do with these little packets..

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Vigorous shaking. Let sit in fridge. If that doesn't work, get a blender like the one Medifast sells...

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I add twice as much water to the chili as it calls for and add a T of fresh onion and some seasonings - it's more like a soup than a thicker product and I enjoy it more this way.

I add alot of water to the oatmeal and it's more like a fruity soup - love the peach..

I cook everything on the stove and let it sit on the back for a while and that seems to cure crunchiness.

Look on the board for various recipes using the cream soups and puddings to make wraps, chips and cakes...

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I've found that shaking the pudding in that little shaker you get free with your first order makes it come out all creamy and smooth. Stirring or wisking doesn't do as well. Beside, you get to lick the lid!!!..

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LOL! I thought I was the only one to lick that lid!!..

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I always found the apple cinnamon oatmeal easier to mix and the blueberry impossible. I shake up the soups and shakes in the shaker provided but many others use the Magic Bullet blender you can get at Wally World or Target. Chili and Minestrone do have to be soaked for a while or add more water (I also added plenty of seasoning). Hang in there..

And do go look on the recipe boards - there are tons of recipes but I can't vouch for them, I keep it really simple and stick w/cream soups and chocolate shake...

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I am new to this too. So thanks everyone for responding all good ideas. I would not of thought of letting it soak, but that will probably help me a lot...

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Letting the cereal, soup soak is really helpful. I also think the blueberry and peach oatmeal are the best. I always make an omelet out of the eggs, very good. I keep some of my veggies from my lean and green and add to the omelet. I also stash a few veggies for my soup too, like a few green beans, etc. Also get yourself a small wisk, wisking is very good with the pudding.

I add ice, some instant coffee and some of the capella drops, blend up, yummy! Just like Starbucks! Have you tried the momentum tea? Really great and gave me a boost of energy. Hang in there!..

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There are lots of great ways to make the foods tasty and different, but the most important thing for me is to cook things on the stove - no luck for me with the microwave. I also add extra water when using the stovetop. The chili is really good, but it does have to sit for a while. I usually cook it ahead of time and then heat it up when I'm ready to eat it..

You will also get more used to the taste of the food after a while, and will need less "doctoring" to make things taste good!.

Good luck!..

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I only use boiling water for the hot foods. The microwave and stove top 'cook' the food too much for my liking. I let the food sit, then add a dash more boiling water and stir...

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Here's what I like to do:.

* first I use more water than they call for..

* for the shakes, when I use a blender I put in the shake powder then 1 cup water, blend for a couple secs to disintegrate the powder, then I will put in 1/2 to 1 cup of ice cubes and blend til smooth. with luck I get 14 or 16 ozs to drink, makes it last longer..

* for the oatmeal, I use a full 3/4 cup water, stir well to get rid of lumps. it is tasts powdery, cook it longer. too much cooking though and it loses volume and becomes sheer paste..

* the chili is good; use a bit more water to make sure the beans cook, cover and throw in some ketsup or worcester sauce to punch up the taste...

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Mixing everything ahead of time makes all the difference for me. I blend my shakes with water the night before (use my Healthmate blender) and refrigerate it. In the morning, I throw in 3 ice cubes and reblend it in the Healthmate. The shake comes out thick and creamy and really delicious. I mix my soup with water the night before and throw it in the fridge, then nuke it for 2 minutes when I'm ready to eat it. The pudding is best (IMHO) when mixed in the Healthmate blender (small cup) - no lumps! I mix the oatmeal with about 2/3 cup of water, stir to blend, then nuke it for 2 minutes.

Hang in there - it really does get easier!..

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Another good suggestion- There is an old recipe on the boards for ice cream. You take the pudding, add vanilla, stevia sweetener, and 1 TB of fat free cream cheese and put in a blender. Add ice. I promise you it tastes like dairy queen soft serve. You can also put it in the freezer for a while.... oh yeah, I noticed no one mentioned this, but never, NEVER heat your products in the microwave with a lid on. It will blow the lid right off with a bang (And I mean that literally)..

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I discovered the hard way to never use boiling water to make cappachino. I clamped the lid on my shaker cup and shook. The resulting explosion spilled hot (fortunately not scalding) drink all over the kitchen..

I probably should have used 1/2 cold water, shaken to mix, then added the remaining boiling water...

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I bought 5 8 oz. Thermos containers. They were a little pricey, but that way I can fix my at work meals first thing in the morning with hot water (I tend to do soups and oatmeal, with an occasional bar during the day) and they have several hours to sit and become fully re-hydrated again. Best investment I ever made! I use all 5 on weekends if I'm not going to be home for the whole day. I carry everything in a big thermos bag along with my bottles of water and always, always an extra packet of something just in case...

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