Can I premix shakes on Medifast?

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I was thinking of getting some 12 ounce bottles and premixing about 4 or 5 shakes at a time in the blender and then bottling them to put in the fridge and eat throughtout the day. Has anyone tried that? Is there any reason not to mix up a day's worth of shakes so I don't have to keep washing the blender. It would also make them portable like the RTD's, if I used an insulated lunchbag...

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I premix most of my Medifast foods. They seem to have a better consistency and taste when I do. I just keep them in the frig. Soup, drinks, shakes, puddings...

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I have done my whole days worth of foods first thing in the morning since day one. It helps with the soups, stews, and chili's. The pudding sets up really well when you do that as well. There really isn't any problem with doing it that way. GNC or any local vitamin store that is close to you may have a "shaker cup" it has a wire ball thing in it to help break up the clumps n stuff in the shakes. FOr the pudding, soups, stews, and chili's I use the gladware bowls, the one with the screw top lids.

The only use of the cup that I got from Medifast in my first shipmeent was to measure water with, lol. The eggs, I use a magic bullet, I tried the measuring cup but still had little clumps in it...

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The shakes get a bit thin if I don't drink them right away. I mix them with ice and my stick blender so they are more like an ice cream shake, nice and thick...

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I mix all of my foods up the night before, it really helps - especially with the soups...

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This is exactly what I do. I am unable to blend or microwave at work so I blend up my shakes in the morning & take to work & keep them in the refrigerator there. Depending on how much ice I use (usually 1 to 1 with the water, sometimes 1.5 to 1 with the water), they definitely last the 1st half of the day, sometimes into the afternoon if I use more ice..

I have also cooked up my soups in the morning & taken them to work in a pre-heated Thermos. Keeps them until noon lunchtime, but not much after if I want them hot, not lukewarm. (That is a downside of the Thermos, not the soups)..

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I mix all my foods the night before and warm in the morning, I do reblend the shakes again with ice, I think the food taste way better premixing the night before....

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Do not have the shipment yet. Is there any special equipment I should get for mixing the meals before I start?..

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Yeah, I would say go ahead and do long you are getting all the "quantity" Medifast meals outta it!..

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I mix my shake in the morning, and stick it in a freezer when I get to work, I take it out at lunchtime and all afternoon I have a drink while it's defrosting. I mix my soups and chili up in the morning as well and have one of those microwaveable large soup mugs that come with a lid. Mix it up right in there, when I'm ready, stick it in the microwave. The lid keeps anything from spilling in transportation. I also keep a box of crunch bars at work, I mixed a few boxes together so there is a variable to choose from in an "emergency"...

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