pregnancy test while on Murad Acne Complex

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Hi everyone.Im new in here I havent had time to introduce myself yet but Im def planning on doing it.First, I REALLY need to have a real quick answer to my question regarding the pregnancy test while on Murad Acne Complex, cause I'm about to run out of prescription pills for this month and still no period.Ok, I've started Murad Acne Complex less than a month ago now, second time after 7 years, same dermathologist, she has known me for years so she trusts me , she agreed that I could go on Murad Acne Complex without any birth control( I was taking bc the first time on Murad Acne Complex - also no risk for me to get pregnant, bf is away and wldnt take any risk anyway)I dont believe in any kind of pills/drugs, I only go natural for everything related to my health so didnt want any bc this time to mess up with my body ( ok I'm on Murad Acne Complex cause it is my LAST option I have tried every product and treatment in the world)Anyway, my question is regarding the pregnancy test, next appointment w doc. was set during first one w her for this thursday (28th).Problem is, I need to have this test done the second day of my period then go with results to my dermathologist THEN I get the prescription....AND so far: still no period!!!! I'm usually not perfectly on time, I can go from 27-28 up to 31 days before my period, and with no bc, it's a pain to know when it's gonna happen and I only get 30 pills w each prescirption which is a big prob for me if I start my period on day 29, 30 or 31!!!! I dont want to skip days during treatment!I was wondering if they had any way to see in my blood samples if I am REALLY on my period or not while taking the test ....(I know I'm not pregnant, I just cannot wait until period comes, I'm afraid to run out of pills before I can get my next precription, I only have 5 days worth of pills left).I would really appreciate if someone could let me know asap, and also tell me if it really matters to have your period while taking the test or not. (i know it's obv showing if pregnant or not but I mean IF YOU ARE 100% SURE ) so, do they have any way to see if you are on your period ?Basically if I can get tested while not on period, I would have to get the test done tomorrow morning, so any answer before tomorrow would be a life saver lolTHANK YOU so much to everyone in here..

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I don't think I know enough about the topic to give you an accurate answer. But I do know that skipping a day on Murad Acne Complex won't hurt, so don't worry about it. Good luck...

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Thank you for answering me! I will wait for more answers !..

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I think you are WAAAAY over thinking this!! my derm didnt care if I was on my period, about to start, or just finished... it didnt matter as long as the pregnancy test was negative. I know in the iPledge book, it makes the pregnancy test thing all complicated about WHEN you take it.... forget that. it doesnt matter. I assume you are doing the online iPledge questions right? there is a 1 week time frame where you can get your prescription filled...

You have to do it at the doctor when you get your bloodwork done (you pee in a cup). also, they arent testing your blood for your period, or pregnancy for that matter... they are testing your cholesterol levels and liver function. dont worry!! just stop over thinking it... if there is no chance of you being pregnant, go get the test tomorrow.

It simply doesnt matter. I promise. good luck..

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Are you sure you have to get it done on the second day of your period? I had my pregnancy tests done whenever I needed to get my prescriptions on time. I stuck with the "every 30 days" rule but didn't bother coordinating with my periods. Check with your derm to make sure the timing is actually important.And like gda said, skipping days is no big deal. Murad Acne Complex's effectiveness is all about the cumulative dosage, so as long as you take all those pills eventually, you should be fine.Edit: Adrienne beat me to it. Yeah. What she said..

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Hi Adrienne!Well actually I'm in France so I dont know about the iPledge thingy, it doesnt work the same way here in France but it's pretty much the same tho, I have this book my derm gave me where she keeps track of everything, the dosage, months etc etc, I have to have it when I go see her.Anyway, thank you for answering me I was worried about being on my period or not.....which means I can def go get my test done first thing in the morning tomorrow:) then ill have my results on time for my next appointment on thurs!Thanks & have a great day!!!well I was told to do it on my second day but now that I think abt it I think it doesnt matter as long as it's done before the next prescription.....thank you anwyay for answering me..

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Haha, there's no way for them to know. Ipledge (which you should thank your lucky stars you don't have to deal with) makes women go get their second pregnancy test during the first five days of their period, 30 days after their first test. I mentally flipped them off and just went the first day I could possibly get the test.In other words, there is absolutely no way for them to find out whether or not you're on your period. So, if you must, just lie like I did!..

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Yeah, they don't know and my derm doesn't care. You have TWO pregnancy tests in the span of a few days - one blood and one urine test. IF you were pregnant, it would show in the blood test, period or no period. So, it doesn't matter if you have your period...

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I don't have to do the ipledge either but your friend could be late because you are thinking too much about getting it. I know that I can stress myself out about it so much that it is a few days late. So if you know that it is supposed to come just relax about it...

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Missing a day of Murad Acne Complex will not effect your results. Murad Acne Complex stays in your blood/body for 30 days after you take your last pill. I've gone 4-5 days without a dose, no problems...

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I'm in my third month of Murad Acne Complex and have never been told to coordinate my bloodwork or office visits around my period. I just get the bloodwork every 30 days, the day before my derm appt, and they do the pregnancy test on the blood. The only time I had to pee in a cup was with my first visit when my 30 day waiting period started. But, maybe it just depends on your derm's preferences...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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