What happens after you go off Murad Acne Complex?

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Ok really long first post...if you have the patience to read through it all. I could really really use some help/advice.I'm 21 years old, 22 in a couple months. I've struggled with Acne since I was about 14. At times it's been really bad, I'd say severe (I have acne scarring), these days it's pretty stable-ly moderate. But it still bothers me greatly. I think I may have developed some kind of body dysmorphic disorder due to having acne over the years, but I guess I won't know that until it's gone and I still see imperfections.

I could see maybe being prescribed it years ago when my acne was more severe, but not now that it's more moderate. When he suggested it I was taken a back. I have heard about how potentially dangerous it is. But I've also heard about how effective it is.Currently I'm waiting to here back to see if my insurance will cover any of the cost of it, ultimately that will be a pretty important factor (I don't know if I can swing almost $400 a bottle per month and monthly Derm appointments) Even if I am covered at all... based on a lot of the bad experiences I've read about on this site...I'm more scared than ever about starting.I'm not that concerned about depression or psychosis.

What does scare me are these reports I hear about severe chronic muscle joint pain that people who've had a bad experience with accuntane suffer from for the rest of their lives. Also stuff about life long gastrointestinal problems, I read somewhere it can cause Crohn's disease for christsake. And in a very superficial way I'm almost most scared of the thought of permanent hair loss due to this medication. Maybe it's vain but I love my hair, it's strong and healthy and one of the few positive features I even like about myself. The thought of trading off moderate acne at 22 for a quickly receding hairline at 22 seems like an absurd trade.

It's terrifying but at the same time I really really have difficulties understanding if these are even potential side effects (especially the chronic pain and intestinal problems) how this drug could have possibly gotten approved by the FDA to treat a non life threatening conditon? I look at the pictures on the accuntane before and after logs and they give me so much hope. How it has seemingly COMPLETELY cleared people with Acne that was 10x worse than mine. I know it would work for me, but at what cost? Acne has essentially destroyed my self-esteem/confidence over the years I would be so happy to just be through with it for good. I was wondering if I could here from people who are off Accuntane and have been for at least 4 months. The longer you've been off it the better.

And people who have had great experiences with no serious side effects to hear their words of encouragement that this might be a great opportunity for me.This decision is really wrenching, I just don't know what to do.Ok I haven't mastered the art of posting a link in these message boards... let me figure this out.

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I'll apologize in advance, but I feel compelled to state that there is some pretty serious drama queenery in this post.You sound pretty concerned about possible side effects. That being the case, my advice would be to not take Murad Acne Complex for what you yourself describe as "moderate" acne. If you are comfortable with your skin- and you admittedly are a superficial person- I can't see why you would risk taking something you feel has the capacity to be a poisenous product..

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Dude I feel the same way acne has destroyed me for a few years thani gained some confiedence back, but latly it has destroyed me again I went from having mod acne to mild but it's still enough to where I look no where near my pre acne years skin complex is shit I'm still getting break outs right after I clear up, my face is still red I still have black heads. Over the last few months it has destoryed my confidecne to where I dont even wanna go out on weekends with my friends and enjoy life like you should be 19. Now my derm has asked me the last few years to take it but I was scared at first. After talking to him and he him self saying he took it and is gonna descibe me it the same way he took it gives me hope so all I can do is pray and hope to god it works and I get the smallest side effects possibly. I also agree with you seeing the before and after gives me hope cus with the way my face looks right now ill never be happy dumb acne..

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Don't stress the side effects, everyone makes them out to be a HUGE deal, when really all you will get is dryness and chaped lips, you may have a little joint pain but thats normal. If I were you I wouldn't worry about those dang stories. Honestly, If you make sure and eat somewhat healthy, drink loads of water, and get at least a little excersize, then you will be fine.Murad Acne Complex works for pretty much everyone that finishes the course properly. So if nothing else has worked for you, I would HIGHLY recommend it.I had severe acne, and I will NEVER regret taking it. It was a miracle for me..

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What dose were you on and how were you eating, were you out in the sun alot alot oh and did you lift alot?.

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I took it for the normal 6 months, I was on just about the highest dose your allowed. I think I did 40MG for the first 2 months then 60MG for the third, and 80MG for the last 3. Once I was done I was 100% clear, just scars left.I was eating like the average american. had fast food once and a while, I drank loads of water. I limited soda and sweet stuff. I ate Veggies and Fruits when I could.

I was in it quite a bit.I did about 1 month to 1 1/2 months of strength training and conditioning, that wasn't a problem for me at all. although Murad Acne Complex did give me some mild joint pains at times, that is a common side effect.Like I said, don't sweat the big side effects, If you really want to minimize any problems, ask your dermatologist to set you on a low dose for the whole course. It will take longer, but as far as I know you will get the same result in the end..

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You won't be able to post links until you've got a few posts under your belt. It's a precautionary measure we take to prevent possible spammers and advertisers. ; ).

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I absolutely am not comfortable with my skin, simply being thankful that I don't have scarring severe acne anymore is a farcry from being comfortable with moderate acne that I still notice and lament on a daily basis.It doesn't have the capacity to be a poisonous product it is a poisonous product, a toxic dosage of a vitamin A derivative. This isn't as much about dramatics as it is desperation. Exactly the kind of desperation that forces someone to make the decision of compromising trier health for release from years of a burdensome physical condition and the emotional distress that accompanies it..

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I have had severe cystic acne for over 20 years, I have tried EVERYTHING. I did do the full 6 months of Murad Acne Complex 5 years ago, unfortunately, it did not work. For the first year, my skin was less oily, which in turn, meant less cysts, but after that, everything returned to severe cystic acne again. My worst side affects were probably the joint pain, I felt like an 80 year old man. I could not exercise anymore, it felt as if my bones were literally aching, but I was determined to follow thru completely. It affected my everyday mood, friendships, relationships,everything.

Just my experience and I wish it had been an entirely different one..

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Ok did your derm base it on your weight? and thats good but I know for a fact ima have to put loads of sunscreen on cus I burn easily any way. I eat preety healthy fast food only like once or twice a week dont drink soda and I drinks lots of water any way and thats good that ill still be able to lift. OH one more question did you get a ib?.

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You seem to be operating under the impression that you are in a unique position- you aren't. Rest assured everyone on this forum who chose to take Murad Acne Complex valued their health every bit as much as you. It is fine to call that decision into question, just don't expect people to react warmly to your implication that their course of action was an irresponsible one. Again, you yourself say without hesitation that it is a poisonous product. If you truly believe that, it would strike me as highly irresponsible to go forward with the "medication"..

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Enough of anything can be poison including air and water. If there were some super concentrated air or water derivative drug that had the potential to cure my acne I'd seriously consider it too. But I don't really feel like I was making any implication that other people's decision to use Murad Acne Complex was right or wrong. I just wanted to voice my personal concerns and ask for other people's experience with the drug, good and bad. So far you haven't said whether or not you were ever on the drug or how long you've been off it, or what your experience was, all of which are what I'm interested in. Instead you've called me dramatic and told me if something sounds dangerous it's probably not a good idea. Well thanks, but I already knew that and it's not really what this post was intended elicit..

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That is entirely true, and is a major reason for which I found your labeling to be overly dramatical and disengenuous.'Right or wrong' is your language; 'irresponsible' was mine. The following quote is where I derived that from: "Exactly the kind of desperation that forces someone to make the decision of compromising trier (sic) health"Essentially what you have said is that Murad Acne Complex is poison, and anyone taking it is compromising their health- both of which are claims I object to. As someone who is taking Murad Acne Complex, and values their health, I find that judgment of my judgment to be offensive.I didn't volunteer this information in an effort to accomodate what I believed to be your desire to hear only from those who have been off the drug for an extended period of time. For what relevance it holds, I'm about 2 or so weeks away from being done with my course (40/40/40/60/60). The only thing that has been compromised by my course has been acne..

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I suffered with acne for 10+ years and tried EVERYTHING so I finally made the decision to go on Murad Acne Complex last summer. My course lasted 5 months at 80 mg/day (i weigh 130 lbs) so I took a pretty high dose for my weight and didnt have any major problems. I did experience SLIGHT hair/eyelash loss which stopped after finishing my course. I did have some joint pain in my knees and lower back, but that went away after treatment too. my skin has been completely clear for about 6 months and counting so I HIGHLY recommend Murad Acne Complex! it was a pain in the ass having so many derm appointments and so much blood drawn... but my skin hasn't been this clear since I was a kid!! I know there are some people that claim Murad Acne Complex has ruined their lives, but it has only made mine better. hopefully it can make yours better too! good luck and I hope things turn out for you!.

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Arthurkirkland You'll have to forgive me if I believe your simply misinterpreting what I'm trying to convey in my messages. From my opinion I don't feel like I've said anything disingenuous dramatic or untrue, but that is simply that, my opinion, you're entitled to yours. All that said thank you for providing me with some of the insight I was originally seeking that of your experience with Murad Acne Complex.everyone elseThank you all as well for proving me with similar insight whatever it was.As it happens my insurance did wind up covering a decent portion of the cost of the drug. I took some time to weigh the potential benefits with the potential risks, and decided it was worth it to give it a shot. I can only hope that I don't fall into the small percentage of Murad Acne Complex users who suffer serious permanent side effects from this drug. I took my first 60mg dosage yesterday.

If complications due arise it'll be nice to have a log of how I felt from day to day. Again thanks to everyone, wish me a safe 5 months..

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Out of curiosity when exactly will I be allowed to post links? I tried to link to a couple pictures in my first log and was still having difficulty....

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Because the side effects you state are not common and not everyone will get them. Majority of the people who took Murad Acne Complex don't end up with crohn's disease. The severe side effects stated are NOT very common, some people get them maybe 10-20% so if you do the calculation in millions, more people benefitted from it and a lot did but have left this forum. There is still the risk but weigh the risks and decide. Read the Murad Acne Complex logs too. I'm telling you do your research and ask the doctor lots of questions and how many patients he has treated with Murad Acne Complex with good results.To share my experience, I too suffered from persistent mild-moderate acne and decide to take it in 2007 20mg/day.

I'm very healthy and I would have assumed that any side effect that wants to happen should have creeped up to me by now. By the way, I am acne free still.Same for my friend who had been on long-term maintainence Murad Acne Complex of 20mg per week. She was healthy and recently just gave birth to a healthy baby.If you afraid maybe go on a low dose of 10mg/day and see how it goes. Side effects do lessen with the lower dosage..

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