How many egg beaters per week on Medifast?

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I know this is not the right place to post this but I posted a question to Nutrisystem on June 27 and have yet to get a response so I thought I would just ask the vets my question..

I have started with the warm weather to eat more meat salads such as tunafish, chicken and egg salad. I have not eaten egg salad with entire eggs just whites. I boil them and take out the yolks. My questions are:.

Does that mean I have to have the portion size for egg whites which is like over 10???.

When eating boiled eggs without the yolk is that TOO something you should limit yourself to once a week or is that just for eggs with the yolk in them?.

If I wanted to have half egg whites(or say 5) of them for egg salad could I use egg beaters as my other protein for my lean? If so, how much egg beaters could I have?.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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I'm not very good at splitting leans so hopefully someone else will chime in on that. You can do half lean as egg whites and half lean as something else. You can do fractions other than 1/2 and 1/2 but they are harder to figure out. Does that help?.

I believe you limit yourself to 3 whole eggs per week but egg whites and egg beaters can be as often as you like...

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Yes, if you choose to have egg whites as your only lean for the day, you need to have all 14 of them..

If you want to use half of them in an egg salad, you'd use 7 egg whites. 7/14 = 50%, so you would have 50% of your lean left, so you would have 1 cup of egg beaters because a full portion is 2 cups..

If you wanted to have five egg whites, 5/14 = 35% of your lean for the day. That means you have 65% of your lean left. A full portion of egg beaters is 2 cups, so you should have 1 1/3 cups of egg beaters..

Here's a more detailed explanation of the math:.

You start out with one full portion of lean allotted for the day. For egg whites, that is 14..

If you have five egg whites, you can figure the portion you have eaten by dividing the part by the whole: 5 divided by 14.

5/14 = .35 (35%).

To find out what you have left, take your beginning whole portion (1) and subtract what you have used (.35).

1 lean - .35 = .65 (65%).

So if you want to have egg beaters as the rest of your lean, you'd multiply the whole portion of eggbeaters (2 cups) by the amount you have left for the day (.65).

2 cups x .65 = 1.3.

If you ate five egg whites and then decided you'd like to have tuna as the rest of your lean, you'd take the total amount of tuna allowed for one lean (7 oz) and multiply that by .65 (the amount of lean you have left for the day).

7 oz tuna x .65 = 4.55 oz.

If you ate five egg whites then decided that you'd like to have chicken as the remainder of your lean, you'd multiply the total ounces allowed for a full serving of chicken (6 oz) by .65 (the amount of lean you have left for the day).

6 oz chicken x .65 = 3.9 oz chicken..

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Yay now I can split my leans and feel confident!! Thanks for the math lesson!..

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Jasmine that was amazing! Now that I know the math I will be more successful splitting my leans when using the larger portions. Thank you..

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Jasmine: Thanks for your detailed response. It's very interesting to know how to split the leans...

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Yay! I'm glad my math didn't confuse anyone. My biggest fear is getting a job teaching math to 4th or 5th graders because my thought processes are often circular and convoluted...

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So glad to see this post! I split my fish with my husband last night, so I only had half a serving. I was still hungry, so my other half a serving was 1 cup of egg beaters. I figured I could split my lean that way, but I wasn't positive...

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Jasmine you are an awesome math teacher..

Nobody here can now say they weren't explained the right way on how to split L & G in a day..

THANK YOU for your post and inspiring weight loss journey...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.