How to handle plateaus on Medifast?

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Hi - I'm in my 6th week and I haven't seen the scale move this week. I have tried bumping up my water and only have snacks like gum or cucumbers. Since I have been on Medifast I have had my period every 2 weeks (or more) and right now I am starting to feel like I am getting that horrible cold/flu viral thing going around. (sorry for rambling, I think the cold has my head in a fog lol).

Any suggestions....what should I do or what am I not doing....

And if anyone can explain plateus and why they happen I think that will help in knowing that it will pass.



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I had several plateaus while losing on MF, one for almost 3 weeks... I got through them by taking my measurements and remember that the body is not a machine... your fat and fluids ebb and flow like tides and when you are losing weight, the body needs time to adjust...

I found that nothing in particular worked to end my plateaus except patience...just stick to the plan and it will pass, it has to!.

What really helped me get through them was changing my mindset... instead of getting upset about being in a plateau, I decided to view them a practice for maintenance..

I'm so glad I did, because when real maintenance came around, I was already used to the idea of eating right and doing the right things without seeing the reward of constant losses. Because that is something we are all going to have to deal with if we're going to be successful in the end..

So that's my two cents!.

Sorry about the flu thing and getting your periods so often mine disappeared on Medifast (but came back later)!! Feel better soon and remember this WILL keep working, you're doing great!..

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Thanks Gatita -.

I love the idea of getting into practice with the maintenance! That is such a great mindset and it will be more rewarding in the end. Besides nothing to be down about...your body just needs to adjust and then start again. That is what I've been thinking all day. Just be patient and keep positive!.

Thanks for the words of encouragement!! I am really hoping to not get the full on cold/flu that everyone has!.

Thank you thank you for your 2 cents - your woth a million!..

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When I got into one of those patterns I would put away the scales for a few weeks just concentrate on following the plan exactly and then when I would weigh I was never disappointed as I would see a good loss. I once got into such a negative relationship with my scales I put them away for over a month. The sales are not always the best indicator of how well we are doing the log is. I considered myself doing well if I was on plan...

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Hi Brinda,.

I've had 2 plateaus so far, and the last one lasted 4 weeks. Just keep following the plan, and you'll eventually get through it. The idea of practicing for maintenance is a great one. I'll have to use that myself next time...

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I have hit two, both times I just mixed things up a bit. It may ahve helped it may not have but it made me feel like I was doing something ) this last one lasted 3 weeks...

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I don't know if you log your food on here, you might try that just to see where you are at. I've tried a couple of different levels and I've found that I tend to lose the best when my carbs are between 80-85 and my calories are 950 and higher..

Everyone is different though - and what might be right for me might not be right for you..

Another suggestion from Radiation Girlie is to cycle your calories - a few days at a low calorie level (no snacks, fish as the lean etc.) and then a few days at a higher level (beef, maybe a snack, etc.) The idea is to keep your body guessing..

I like the idea of a scale vacation as well. Yeah, we are all doing this to lose weight, BUT your body will let go of it when it's ready. Focusing on how fast you are losing can be really frustrating. Maybe you could set up some rewards for yourself based on time on plan. (i.e. I will go get a manicure if I stay on plan all week.) As long as you are doing your BEST, then you should be nice to yourself no matter what the scale says...

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Thanks everyone!! I weighed in this morning and still at that weight...give or take a few ounces. I think I am going to put the scale away and possibly up my exercise, stay on program all week (this isn't a probably but I will watch everything that I put in my mouth), and mix it up on the calorie level, and of course try and drink as much water as possible.

We left a hockey tournament this afternoon and on my drive home I consumed every drop of liquid in my car.....I guess I was thirsty!! lol And tonight is one of the only nights we are all home together so we are grilling steaks and having healthy veggies on the side. I will keep on truckin and just let it go....let my body be and remind myself that in time it will tell me when it wants to release the fat...

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Yep, keep your water consumption up there. It's hard to do sometimes but, consider using really big cups and glasses and "fill er up!".

I've hit at least six or seven plateaus on medifast so far. Know what I think about them? Pffft! I'm at the point right now that I just ignore them. Your body needs time to adjust to your new weight and sometimes it takes a while for it to feel safe enough to lose more fat. It's no big deal at all. The path to your weight loss goal is more like a downhill hike. It has plenty of ups and downs and plateaus on the gradual downhill descent..

Eating at different calorie levels as suggested helps. Increasing the intensity and/or frequency of your workouts also help. Try doing something else for a workout than what you usually do, or just do it in a new way. Like the treadmill? Why not turn around and try walking backwards on it to work out a whole new set of muscles. Instead of a run, why not do 20 steps on some stairs 20 times. That's a killer cardio workout.

In other words, your body gets used to routine, so change it up..

Adding three cups of green tea to your diet will also shave off about 90-120 calories. The combination of EGCG and caffeine in green tea actually boosts your metabolism about 4%. It's cheap, it's full of antioxidants and it's healthy for you (MF's momentum is a green tea product)...

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