How to break out of a Medifast plateau?

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I hit another plateau! 230 for ten + days.

Here are some ideas from a two time plateau veteran  looking for more ways to break this one.

Recommend that do a change up.

Change your standard Medifast meals  I overused shakes and went to puddings and soups for a week  no shakes.

Drop flavorings and condiments if you over use them  I do!.

Change your L&G meal  eat a different meat  do NOT eat anything you have been eating before for a week.

I used cold shrimp, pork, and beef for my change up.

Change the veggie you eat  break with the past!.

I did salads for three months and then hot veggies, then high carb peppers, onions,.

Add momentum drinks NOT shakes - green tea is good (3 times a day).

Reduce exercise! Skip a week.

If you dont exercise, add exercise  walk for 5 minutes 5 times a day!.

Drink a hot tea  with lemon  or some flavorings before your meals.

Help me please!..

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Bob, I have not had one of those weeks yet. BUT I WILL! I am just going to reach out for support like you are, stay ON PLAN like you are, and remind myself my body just lost inches this week, not lbs. I will take BOTH! When you I get to a plateau or no loss week I will think of it as landing on the stairway to my goal. And maintenance is a lifelong plateau, so a bit of "rehearsal" for maintenance isn't the worst thing in the world. Best of Luck, Dan-O..

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Bob, fyi, a response from Nutrisystem below: Hope it helps. Hang in. Dan.

As your weight loss journey approaches your goal weight, the weight loss can be much slower as the body is becoming more efficient. A true weight loss plateau is typically 2 or more weeks with NO weight loss at all. So, it sounds like you may be at a plateau. However, like you mentioned, this could be the "happy point" your body wants to stay at. Sometimes our goal weight number that we have in our heads does not always coordinate nicely with reality. To see if this is truly a weight loss plateau, try these suggestions:.

* If you are using a Medifast meal bar in your program, change it to a lower carbohydrate Medifast meal such as a shake, cold beverage or hot beverage for a few weeks. This will lower your overall carbohydrate intake and can sometimes help with plateaus..

* Incorporate 3 of the Momentum by Medifast products into your daily meal plan (if you are not doing this already and if you can - they do contain caffeine in them). The Momentum products are thermogenic and consuming 3 a day can burn an additional 60-100 calories per day!.

* If you are exercising vigorously daily over the recommended 45 minutes - taper your duration back (if you can) to less than 45-minutes per day. This will create a good energy balance for weight loss while following the 5&1 meal plan. Or, if you have had the same exercise routine for a while and you are adhering to the 45-minute recommendation, then it may be time to change your intensity of your exercise program..

* Do not skip any Medifast meals and/or skimp on any of the portions in the L&G meal. This meal plan is nutritionally balanced as written. Skipping or skimping compromises your caloric intake and the nutritional content of the plan..

* Watch your use of condiments. Condiments do contain carbohydrates and calories and can contribute significantly to your overall intake for the day if not closely monitored. Medifast recommends using up to 3 condiments per day for best results while following the 5&1 meal plan. I've attached the condiment list for your review and use...

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Also: If this is really bothering you, start weighing less frequently - like once a week (or less.) If you were weighing once a week, you would have remained the same for 1 week.

Per Dr. Judith Beck, 3 weeks = plateau. If you weigh three times in that period, it's frustrating, yeah... if you weigh 21 times...

Depends on your personality, there. For me, I'd be bouncing off the walls, if I weighed 21 days in a row, all the same...

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Six week plateau survivor here. One week, two weeks - that's not a plateau, it's just the body adjusting to the new weight you might be..

The things I did to get through - I weighed myself only once a week. More frequently and I WOULD have done something violent to the scale.

I kept taking my measurements, however, because those changed even without weight losses.

I kept "closet shopping" to see if clothes that had been too small now fit.

I reviewed my daily menu and eliminated the condiments - went back to basics. Tried cutting out bars, but compromised and just had one every other day..

Changed to the lower-carb vegetable choices - mostly salads..

Drank LOTS of water. Minimum 100 oz. a day..

I posted everything to my team to get feedback on my menu choices and suggestions. I also posted to NS..

Ultimately the problem was that I was running too much. Even though I was well within the plan guideline of 45 minutes of exercise, the intensity was evidently too much. I struggled with that choice for a few weeks, and even chose to ignore the scale so that I could keep running. It really came down to the question of how long did I want to stay on Medifast foods ($$) and not lose? I stopped running, and the loss started up again..

Best of luck, hang in there, and know that staying on plan WILL ultimately bring you to lower weight...

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I've been on Medifast since February and have lost 35 lbs....I'm stuck ... I've added exercise...and I've changed a few things like others have....but any other ideas???? How long does the usual plateau last?..

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Wow Beth,.

I thought running was the best way to lose! I try to walk every day for about 45 - 50 mins and hike for a couple hours on Sundays. Hopefully that is not what is slowing my weight loss. I haven't plateaued like you but am only losing 1 - 2#s a week now. You weight loss is amazing! Thanks for the tip!.


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I had 7 weeks of NO LOSS while I was on the 5/1. During the last 2 months of my journey while I was watching everyone else struggle to drop the last of their weight mine melted off..

This is what worke FOR ME:.

Do 3 days of higher calories (1000-1100) still keeping your carbs in check. This usually meant adding a sargento nonfat cheese-stick, some extra lean, or choosing lean off the higher fat end of the "lean choices"..

THen do 3 days of LOW calories (750-850) by not using condiments and using the LEANEST of the lean options. Shakes are also 90 calories vs a bar or other meals that run 110 calories.


It keeps your body from getting stuck in a rut.. and it can't quite "figure out" what you are you doing so it doesn't stall..

Good luck!..

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You guys THANK you so much for this thread I am STUCK COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY STUCK and have been 100% OP tonight I went out and had a salad with cesar dressing (only about a teaspoon) grilled shrimp with asparagas and broccoli...I had 1200 calories today which for me is ALOT! So I am hoping if I gained a pd (which I probably did knowing my body) that I will then lose that plus some. I am so ready to get off of this plateau!!..

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My longest plateau was 2 days shy of 3 weeks! It was near the end of my losing phase and made it sooo tempting to just say "good enough". I followed the "mix it up". I don't know if the changes helped or if my body finally decided I was serious about losing and a plateau was not going to change my resolve..

My changes included using more shakes (I did a few days of 5shakes), I switched my lean to be more seafood, and I used less condiments.

I don't know if it was the change or just time, but I felt better at least trying something to encourage a change! Good luck!..

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Great suggestions...will try up and down (calorie) count) and change the Medifast stuff.

Thanks again..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.