Medifast recipe for Pizza bread!?

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Yup, that's what I said, Pizza Bread! I have been going crazy with trying out new ways to "bake" the cream soups. I just made an awesome pizza bread which could be used to make a pizza. Here is the recipe..

1 packet of Medifast cream of tomato soup.

1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.

Basil, oregeno, thyme, parsley, garlic powder to taste.

2 ounces of water (about).

Mix the dry ingredients together then slowly whisk in the water. You only want enough water to make a "cookie dough" consistency. Spray a non-stick cookie sheet with olive oil spray (kind of like pam) make a ball out of the dough and then pat it out on the cookie sheet into a round pizza shape about 1/4" thick. The dough is sticky so I wet my hands a bit to flatten it out. Then spray the top of the dough with more of the olive oil cooking spray. Bake in 375 degree oven for six minutes.

Cool on a baking rack.

I ate mine plain but I am going to put grated low fat cheese on one tomorrow and see how it tastes..

I'm in heaven with these recipes because I am sick of sweets! Yum!.

P.s. As I had some turkey left over from my lean this afternoon I made up a batch of the cream of chicken "cracker" dough and made it thicker. I baked it into two small round slices of "bread" and then made a turkey sandwich with two slices of turkey, one teaspoon of low fat sour cream mixed with a teaspoon of mustard (this was spread on the "bread") and 1/4 of a tomato. A sandwich, I made a sandwich! I was so freakin' excited to be eating a sandwich after not having one for over three months! My parents were laughing at me because I was so excited! It was SSSOOOOOOOO GOOD!..

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I just made this with the chicken and broccoli soup, and had a turkey sandwich.

Hope, you are my hero today!..

Comment #1

Don't give me the credit, someone posted the cracker recipe and then someone else tried a bread recipe in a frying pan. I just tweaked it. It's good though, isn't it? I had another turkey sandwich again today - I'm in sandwich heaven!..

Comment #2

Yum! this looks great!.

Hope! I'm going to try this today!..

Comment #3

Yep, I did something similar with the chicken soup and the brocolli soup. I used it folded over as a pita sandwich (1 oz. chicken breast, nonfat cheddar and lettuce inside) or open face with salsa and nonfat cheese for a pizza. It's yummy. Both recipes with photos are in my blog. I can't take credit for the idea either; I just experimented with the original cracker recipe and then used the Medifast food that I had available.

I look forward to them; love variety...

Comment #4

Ok, I did make this yesterday and it was good!.

But, I used two TBSP of water vs the two ounces to make it more bread like..

Used the broccoli soup and added some shredded turkey and cheese!.

Nice change of pace!.

Also made some "tortillas" out of the cream of chicken and had "tacos" today using the cracker recipe.

Thanks for the ideas, Hope!..

Comment #5

Yup. I've been making it at least once a day and I've been using less water too...makes it a bit thicker - yum!..

Comment #6

I made this as a pizza too. Might be a good reason for me to actually order some Broccoli-gag-soup. Love this bread thing we have going on...

Comment #7

I know. I can't get enough of it. I am SO absolutely thrilled that I can make bread and crackers now - I'm doin' the bunny dance now!!..

Comment #8

I made this crust spring boarding from another post yesterday... OMG it was SOOOO good. I cannot wait to have it with sauce and cheese for dinner..

2 Medifast Cream of Chicken Pkts.

2 Medifast Veggie Crackers Pkts (remember to count them as your snack for the day).

1 T Canola Oil (I think you can decrease this to 2 tsp-I will try it next time).

1-2 tsp water (to make it just stick together).

Pulse dry Medifast ingredients into a flour consistency in food processor. Place in mixing bowl. Add oil and mix. Then add water a bit at a time until you get a ball that is JUST stuck together-don't use too much. Divide into 2 balls. Flatten.

Flip, bake 6-7 more minutes..

This comes out crunchy and just yummy!!!! Eat as is like a Cracker Bread or add Sauce and FF/LF cheese and some chicken breast for L&G pizza..

I hope you like it..

You can also use Flax Oil, Olive Oil or another more health-ful oil. Canola is all I had on hand..

Thank you to the original poster on the other thread... You all are geniuses!!..

Comment #9

I made this yesterday, Loved IT!! It felt so good to eat something bread like!..

Comment #10

Adding te cracker is a genius move. I am going to try with the Tomato soup tonight. Thanks gals...

Comment #11


THANK YOU! made the "pizza bread and was FINALLY able to have my favorite breakfast- a "breakfast burrito"-.

I made the bread last night. This morning I warmed it in the a fry pan, while I scrambled a 1/4 cup egg beaters ; rolled it all together with 1/2 slice nf cheese and a tablespoon of salsa and let it heat in the pan until the cheese melted! Just fabulous!.

Boy- I have really missed that!.

Thank goodness there are such creative folks on the boards-I never would have thought to use the cream soups that way..



Comment #12

Hey everybody:.

The pizza bread sounds great for so many creative dishes. But if I have that with my lean and green, isn't that like having a Medifast meal WITH my lean and green, which would make it a 6-1 program?.

Also, if I made an actual pizza with tomato sauce, onions, fat-free cheese, how could I do that AND have my lean and green?.

Just looking for some answers before I do the wrong thing. Thanks!..

Comment #13

Babesweet, a lot of people subtract the amount from their L&G if they have part of it at other times of the day. Like if you put 2 oz of chicken with this cracker recipe then just have 5 oz with your L&G meal. 7 oz of COOKED chicken is a lot of food so splitting it up is a nice and Medifast approved option. And of course if you add sauce or cheese, etc, just subtract the amounts from your L&G. For me, sauces are complicated to get the right amounts so I tend to eat them rarely and don't split those up but easier amounts to measure are no big deal.

Oh, and even if you did have the full amount with your L&G meal, it would only be a 6&1 if you ate an extra Medifast meal. It's not recommended to do often but sometimes time or scheduling make some people have to double up on meals...

Comment #14

Yep! Yep! Yep!.

That's what I do and if my carbs and calories are still low for the day I add a diabetic shake as a 6th Medifast meal.


ROTFLMAO, Bettina!.

Szpenny....the burrito idea sounds great!.

That's what I'm doing tomorrow!.

Also another FYI, these refrigerate and reheat well as I like to make several batched at once for later in the week. Love having another way to eat soup!.

I place one in a ziploc, not two, as they could stick together...

Comment #15

These are awesome. I threw in a little grated parmesan and some Instant Gourmet butter blast. Made a tuna melt. Yummmmmiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Comment #16

Hi, I'm new to Medifast (placed my 1st order today) and I'm still trying to find my way around on the boards. Can someone please post the link to the "cracker" recipe? I've been looking all over for it and just can't find it.



Comment #17

Ok, I hope this is the one you wanted.... er%22.

There are several, so just try clicking on search and type in "cracker.".

Oh, and welcome to medifast!!!!..

Comment #18

Bumping up for the newbies!.

These are great!!!!.

Thanks Hope!!!!..

Comment #19

Ugg I dont have tomato soup I wonder if you can do this with cream of broccoli and add maybe rosemarry and garlic, breadsticks? idk I need your help guys, I'm not a great cook..

Comment #20

Lots of people have made this with other cream soups. Just add savory spices it should be great!.


Comment #21

What a great idea! It is nice to have a sandwich... I do miss them..

Comment #22

Okay, I am curious. I think I will make it today. I ll let you know what I think...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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