Pharmacy charging two copays for 100mg Murad Resurgence?

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My derm just upped my dosage to 100mg. I take 2-40mgs and one 20mg all at once. But, since I'm taking two 40's and one 20 my derm had to write it as two separate prescriptions and I was charged two copays by the pharmacy. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm wondering why the doctor can't just write it as 100mg's daily as one prescription and let the pharmacy figure out how many of each pill...

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He should be able to write out one prescription and break it down into the desired quantities for the pharmacist. Something doesn't sound right. I do know that the pharmacists are very particular about how the prescriptions are written. My derm botched mine one month and had to fix it, but I've never had to pay more than one co-pay for the full prescription (1 box of 20mg and 1 box of 40mg). I'd call him up and ask what's going on...

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Hi, I did once have to pay two copays it for 50mg. They had to run it through the insurance as two sperate rx's.Why because in order to have 50mg the pharmacy had to give me 30mg box and 20mg box.So, It is two diffrent dosages. I believe it is diffrent prices for diffrent mg's, so they have to run it through that way. In fact my derm warned me I would have to copay's for that dosage. My pharmacist did though try to run it through as 50mgs, but it got denied by insurance. So maybe it has to do with the prescrption plan through your insurance. hope this helps...

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Maybe take it as a sign and don't take the 100mg?. Please reconsider taking this dose... it is very high and will make the chances of nasty side effects appearing much higher... no one can argue that. It will have little effect on the long term clearance of your acne either...

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I've been on 120mg a day for the past three months. as long as he is a higher weight he should be fine.i can see where the higher doses need more than one copay. i'm guessing the ins company equates a box with one prescription. enjoy the 100mg!..

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The doctor most certainly can write it as Minocycline 100mg one po QD. BUT depending on your insurance, the insurance company MIGHT have specific restrictions on how a prescription can be written and the doctor has to follow those or risk not being allowed to take patients who have that insurance. Docs are between a rock and hard place nowadays with all the stupid red tape out there.Minocycline exists as a 100mg capsule but not all insurance companies will cover it as it costs more; they'll be glad to make you pay two or more copays for a bunch of tablets to make up the 100mg dosage. It's the insurance company that throws the glitch in.Ask your doctor the reason for writing two prescriptions; the pharmacy can only fill it as written. They won't be able to answer unless they know it is due to the insurance. Believe me, the pharmacy is NOT being stubborn when they refuse to fill a vague prescription, they are abiding by FEDERAL LAW. A pharmacist can lose his/her license if they dispense a medication incorrectly even if the prescription wasn't written properly!..

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LoL, I think you meant Murad Resurgence Wynne..... Though Murad Resurgence doesn't come in 100mg, you are right, and well it can go for any medication...

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I'm not going to get in an argument here but you can't say you are fine until you have been off the drug for a while.Now I ask both of you to please re consider such a high dose. I weighed 95kg when I was on my course aswell and my dose peaking at 90mg I consider to be WAY to high, knowing what I know now...

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Whooops. I didn't notice the forum (used posts since last visit) and thought the guy meant Minocycline. I don't know if Murad Resurgence comes in 100mg and that's just too high a dose..

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I guess I'll just have to talk to my derm at my next visit and see if anything can be done. And, I've taken the 100mg dosage before (about 15 years ago) and had no ill effects from it. I don't understand why so many people are so quick to say negative things about Murad Resurgence. I wonder if all of these horror stories are actually true. I can't see how the FDA would allow a drug to remain on the market if it truly caused so many thousands of people to have such horrific side effects...

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Uhm, It is still only on the market in the U.S. b/c of I pledge. W/out that it wouldn't be. Besides you think they put the numerous side effects in there or online for nothing. I am glad you have trust in your FDA. FDA gets money from Pharma's and well Murad Resurgence makes Roche millons.

I believe they were fined 500 million in one year. I am glad that 15yrs ago 100mg's did not affect you, and I hope it doesn't this time. Yes theese horror stories that we have placed in the negative pinned thread are true and there are many more out there not on this site. We don't just go and lie about what happened to us. You can't truly understand how Murad Resurgence has effected some of us until it has happened to you.

I wish you good luck........

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See, it's these kind of statements that make me wonder if everyone is telling the truth about their negative experiences. You can't even take a 90mg dose. The pills only come in 20 and 40. So how are you getting a 90mg dose? I know that there are side effects and I'm not saying that they don't occur. I'm just saying that I can't believe that SOOO many people are having such horrific long term side effects. If that many people were really having permanent damage, the FDA would pull the drug in a heartbeat.

The cases haven't even been confirmed yet, and they already pulled the drug from the shelves. And it was the number one selling diet drug. So you can't tell me it's a money making issue. I'm beginning to think that many of the outrageous posts about negative effects are posted by people who are bitter because Murad Resurgence didn't work for them. It seems like in almost every thread there is at least one person talking about their bad experience.

Definitely more than enough info for the FDA to pull the drug. That is, if these stories were all actually true.....

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Well, You can't even take a 100mg pill either, That's why you have to pay two copays, Murad Resurgence in the U.S. actually comes in 10,20,30,40 mgs. So yes you can take 90mgs. Call a pharmacy........Generic forms are the same. I am not going to debate, there are more damaged then just on this board. Yes, it was almost taken off the market back when Bart Stupak Congressma of Mi son died from Murad Resurgence.

The american people, our children, are not collateral damage in the scheme of Corporate profits. Murad Resurgence is a powerful drug that can cause serious physical harm and death. With a drug like this onthe market, it needs to be carefully tracked and monitored to reduce the exposures to the drug's harmful side effects. Unfourtunately, we can't seem to rely on the FDA and the drug's manufacturer to do the right thing and implement such a plan"-Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak" Thank, I Pledge.... No it is still on the market for Cancer Treatment and sppouse to only be for Severe Cystic Acne only.

Read your I Pledge booklet....or the online Rocheusa document. I find it offensive that you would call us suffers and others that have suffered Liars. What do I have to gain, What does Lamarr1986 have to gain. What does Wynne a moderator have to gain by saying 100mgs is a high dose too. None.......Go ahead take your 100mgs, but don't call us liars.

Good luck, I wish you the best....I just want to add something. Hydroycut is not even FDA approved. There is only one weight loss med that is approved by FDA. You have to read the whole article behind why the FDA got involved with this med and having it pulled...

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For your information, Murad Resurgence is avaliable in 5mg, 10mg, 20mg and 40mg. So obviously people can take 90mg or even 85mg. It is easy for you to say that all the negative stories weren't true when you haven't experience it yet. But if ever you experience it, you will cry out loud and no drug will able to rectify the severe side effects. Trust me, the feeling is horrible...

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As people have already said the pills come in numerous sizez. But besides that, do you not know the mean average of 100+80 divided by two? alot of people do 100mg one day 80mg the next.don't be so narrow minded about the bad experiences on Murad Resurgence. I hope you don't experience the i'll effects yourself...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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