People who took a 2nd round of Murad Resurgence

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My Murad Resurgence cycle was over on 10/08, I was clear, had no oil, but still some redmarks. About 2-3 months later, the oil started coming back slowly and now I'm breaking out moderately. what started off as 2-3 pimples lead up to 6 or more.Im going on round 2 of tane, for people who took a 2nd round of tane, I have some questions1. when did the acne come back after your FIRST round?2. are you finished with your 2nd round?, if so, how long has it been? acne status?3. any side effects you seen that didnt get during your 1st round?thanks..

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1. My acne never really got cured in the first round, it helped massively but I was still getting acne. I asked my derm if I could stay on a little longer but he was senile. So a month after I finished my acne was coming back bad, started getting cysts again so I decided to go on a second course.2. 2nd course was much better, my skin actually cleared of actives this time and I finished my (fairly short and lowish dose) second course about February. About a month later I started getting acne once again so I started on a 3rd course.Currently on my 3rd course (5 mg a day) and Im clear of actives.

You'll probably get the same side effects as the first course if you are taking the same dose..

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After my first course, my oily skin and some pimpes came back after 6 months.I finished my second course almost a year ago, and my skin is quite oily now but no acne, so I might take a 3rd course just to take care of the oil...

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Dang, by the look of things, if your not clear by the 1st round, you'll even need a third round....unless your lucky?..

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Yeah some people (the lucky ones) only need one course to clear completely and then stay clear for the rest of their lives. I would say for the majority of people the acne comes back after a succesful first course (usually around half a year or so later and not quite as bad).For a small minority of people (the unlucky ones) only multiple courses (3+) will do the trick..

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I took my first course two years ago and just finished my second course. After about a year and a half, my acne came back so I started a second round last december and just finished my 5 month course today! I am still not completely clear, but have decided to end my course. There was no different side effects, except that I felt a little more on edge and depressed this time around (the reason I ended my course)..

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Is a 2nd course more dangerous in terms of long-term side effects?..

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Was wondering, actually why do we have the acne return? is it the oil in the face? the sebaceuos gland is too active?is it hormones?is it puberty?is it that our face isn't clean enough?am really wondering now.i'm on my 2nd course which i've never thought that I have to, I thought my clear skin after 1st course will be permanent. so after the 1st course, my skin was completely clear for almost 2 years, but then out of nowhere, 2-3 pimples come around and it leads to many more. I still didn't notice that it might be b/c of the Murad Resurgence, and I never knew that post-Murad Resurgence acne may come back. so I didn't choose Murad Resurgence as my remedy and then I took differin. it came to no results, even more and more pimples coming out. so I tried retin-a which I thought it will work permanently and now I just regret I took it.

Now after the 1st pimple post-Murad Resurgence showed up 8 months ago, I have to go on 2nd course. hope the result is better now!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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