Medifast recipe for Peanut Butter??

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What brand of PB is everyone using. I looked at 3 different grocers and couldnt find any that had less then 6 grams of carbs. It was also very high calorie and fat.

There must be a certain one to use that works with the program. Any help would be great...

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I stay away from peanut butter and nuts! I'm too addicted I end up eating the whole thing and it has never helped me lose weight, but if you have the power, I like betternut butte bc it's lower in calories see

And PB2 is interesting but ive never tried it check it out:.


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I have to stay away. I tried it and it was a trigger food. I am so happy to see you on the boards. You were such an inspiration to me when I started...

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I'm not sure if this would work or not, but it is the only peanut butter advertised for dieting and it has 5.1 grams of carbs per 2 tablespoons, but it has 143 calories Here is a link to the nutrition info You can order this off amazon...

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Forgot to say this is Peter Pan peanut butter...

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I stay away from the peanut butter too, but my skinny husband likes Smart Balance peanut butter. It is usually with the toher peanut butters. You might want to take a look at that and see if that works for you. I know it is lower in fat and cholesterol than other peanut butters...

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I guess I thought there was some special PB out there to use since Medifast said you could have it for a snack. They are just so high calorie and fat I will just stick to my sf jello or crisps.

Thanks everyone and it IS GOOD TO BE BACK!!!..

Comment #6

Sugar Free peanut butter. Sometimes Laura Scudder's natural, or peanut almond butter from the local health food storealso sugar free..

I definately would avoid it if it were a trigger food. That is why I don't eat the Medifast bars...mental trigger to eat candy and junk.


Comment #7

I just ordered some of the PB2 from It sounds almost too good to be true, but it's definitely worth a shot. I'm afraid to try it though, because PB is a trigger food for me...

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Farrell tell me how it is! ive been dieing to try but scared bc like bars it's a trigger food for me too...

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Peter Pan No Sugar Added is the way to go it keeps you under the carb limit and is VERY good. Try a teaspoon mixed into your chocolate shake blend it up with 1/2 cup of water and 10 icecubes you will feel like you died and went to heaven!..

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I eat peanut butter sandwiches every day (thanks to orangeblood) and I use the "whipped" peanut butter..YUM! I make the "bread" in the morning and half it and use it as 2 seperate meals throughout the day.. It is a lifesaver for me!.


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I don't use peanut butter anymore. The few times I did I just obsessed about it (where was the jar? how much was left? any left on the rim? Can I must smell it and not eat it? etc., etc.) I added kitty litter to it and tossed it in the trash can (am neither admitting or denying that I have dug through the trash to retrieve things in the past.

I use sugar free peanut butter syrup (which has a mild taste) and cappella peanut butter flavor drops. Not as jazzy as the real thing, but I have proven to myself (again!), that I cannot handle the real thing. Sigh...

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I can't eat peanut butter. It is trigger food for me. I could just eat it right out of the jar with a spoon. And not just a tablespoon but with that serving spoon was over flowing. I was convincing myself it was only one spoonful. Who was I kidding. I have been using peanut butter extract ( Watkins brand)...

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I am the same way addicted to nuts. I would eat them everyday. So I no longer purchase them. It will only make me fall week if they are in my house.

"Publix" grinds natural peanuts with no salt, you might want to try that for peanut butter. Just an Idea......

Good luck and it all sounds great..

Clarissa in Orlando Florida..

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Tell me about this peanutbutter spray thing, I never heard about it do you have the link where you can buy it, also whats whipped peanut butter guys"?..

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These are the peanut butter flavorings I use (they are not sprays) ....



Sugar Free Syrup:.


Sugar Free Flavor Drops: (I had a sample they are taking pre-orders now).


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I am also in agreement with everybody here..

Save your treat for something other than peanut butter..

You can always have a Medifast Peanut butter Bar if you really want the peanut butter taste.

Or you can buy sugar free Peanut butter Syrup and add it to your shakes and puddings..

I waited to see how I was doing , and make sure I was going to stick to this.

ANd I am planning on sticking with this now .... I ordered my sugar free Peanut Butter Syrup last Thursday from Cappacino ConnectionAnd it just arrived TODAY ! With my 5 other bottles of flavors: Gingerbread, Cookie Dough , EGG NOG, Peppermint Paddy and Toasted Marshmallow ...YIPPEEE!!!!.

I am planning on using these sugar free syrups with my shakes mainly to give me an EXTRA TREAT EVERY DAY & give me more variety..

Maybe you too should consider this as an option.

Then you can save your one treat for something else that you may be hungry for.


Here is the link for the sugar free syrups: ( they only charge $5.95 shipping no matter how many bottles you order - Great Deal ).


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Wow that was fast! Thank you so much judy!!! I cant believe all these products ive never heard of! do you have any other product suggestions? something in a cakebatter flavor maybe? thats my fav!!..

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OrangeBlood is a who, not a what! He is one of our intrepid male Medifasters and a GREAT cook. He has been really successful on Medifast, and knows a lot about the plan. This is teh recipe portion of his blog (and he posts PICTURES of what he cooks!) Just click on a picture to go to the recipe: .


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For cake batter flavor, I have found a couple of things:.

Cookie dough sugar free syrup:.


Cappella Coffee's Cookies & Cream:.


McCormicks makes a French Vanilla extract (available in most grocery stores) that has a real cake batter flavor. Their Vanilla Butter & Nut might do it, too..

I have not used these, but there is a cake flavored Flavor Spray:.



Comment #20

Thank you thank you thank you, those sprays look interesting.. judy your the best!..

Comment #21

It's quotes like these that really help me feel like I'm not alone! In fact I'm even thinking of loosening up these buckles on my white jacket Thanks for the laugh!!!..

Comment #22

I get Organics brand. It is one of those all natural PB's. Ingredents only peanuts and salt. There is also Laura Scutters but I like the creamier ones...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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