Medifast recipe for Pan roasted spicy lobster tails?

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A bit of elegance...just in time for Valentine's day!.


Quite tasty. I was originally shooting for Lobster Newburg, but I couldn't get a cream sauce to congeal while using skim milk and gave up after a few failed attempts. Then I adapted and used the partially cooked lobster tails with a quick spicy juice...

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Oh, and I served it with a side salad of baby spinach, tomatoes and bell peppers with a balsamic vinagrette...

Comment #1

Oooh, I adore lobster! It never even hit me that I could have it for L&G. Thanks!..

Comment #2

Leek and Fennel Snapper in Parchment.

A quick, healthy dinner with minimal clean-up! It's fine to substitute any firm white fish (swordfish, monkfish, halibut) and vary the herbs and veggies in this recipe..

Serves 2.

1 small leek, white part only, cut in matchsticks.

1 small fennel bulb, top removed, thinly sliced.

1 small carrot, peeled, cut in matchsticks.

1 celery stalk, cut in matchsticks.

Splash of white wine (or lemon juice).

12 TB extra virgin olive oil.

2 TB chopped fresh herbs (parsley, dill or tarragon).

Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper.

2 snapper fillets (6-oz each, about 1" thick).

Parchment paper.

Preheat oven to 400F. Place all vegetables in a bowl and toss with wine, olive oil, herbs and seasoning. Lay a 1214" piece of parchment paper on work surface. Fold in half like a book, open and slide one fish fillet inside. As though you're cutting out a Valentine, cut through both paper layers to create a rough half-heart shape around fish, as large as possible. Open the half-heart and top fish with half the vegetable mixture.

When you get to the heart "tip," firmly tuck and twist the end underneath the package. Repeat with second fillet and remaining vegetables. Bake on a sheet pan until paper is puffy and starting to brown, 1820 minutes. Remove to serving plates and carefully cut open the top at the table..

Nutrition Info.

Per serving (323g-wt.): 360 calories (120 from fat), 14g total fat, 2g saturated fat, 46g protein, 11g total carbohydrate (3g dietary fiber, 3g sugar), 80mg cholesterol, 450mg sodium..

Comment #3

Sorry for the 2 posts. this was a great recipe which is great for l&g. just measure!!!!!!!!!!!.

My husband and I loved it and it was very easy lori..

Comment #4

For those who didn't notice....I went with the "Yin and Yang" format...conformant with the romantic holiday!.

Scored points with the wife! Although, I did have the wrong day..

All weekend, I'd been busting my butt to keep up with the little stuff she always says I don't do (and from what other guys in general just don't do). I wanted to set things up so she had NOTHING to worry about on Valentine's Day..

I was one day early in my symbolic Valentines preps, however. I got her a bouquet of flowers (red roses with some purple flowers...purple is my fav), a crap load of WW legal candies (she can indulge by still stay on plan) and a mushy card. Then advised her to not eat a big lunch Tuesday because I had plans for dinner..

Then she realized that I'm an idiot and advised me that Valentine's Day is Wednesday..


The best laid plans of mice and men....

So, my wife was happy to see that I'd gone through a bunch of effort. Honestly, I'd say that she was so impressed that I actually had planned things that she didn't really give a crap that I'd screwed up..

So, LESSON TO MEN OUT THERE - If you're gonna screw up this holiday...delivering something early (even if it's paltry) seems to score some serious brownie points because the perception that you tried to plan things just so is more important than actually succeeding in our planning!.

You all owe me a shot of Vodka next time the Medifast Guy's crew hits the nudie bar!..

Comment #5

Oh, was I not supposed to talk about the bar? Sorry, guys. I'm kinda torched at the moment...

Comment #6

Sorry I'm still a newbie on the boardsorangeblood I would be happy to buy you a drink (we supposedly arent to mention) for that wonderful recipe..

I was fortunate enough to get some organic strawberries at the market today for.

Valentines day. Maybe just a dusting of cocoa with some Medifast vanilla pudding for me and my husband could have ice cream .....whatever that is!!!!!.

SO WHAT IF YOU GOT THE WRONG DAY That is super super sweet any day of the week..


Comment #7

Lori - don't forget that you could have Medifast ice cream!!! If you have an ice cream maker (my wonderful wife knabbed me a Disney one for Christmas), use the Medifast shakes! I tried using a mix of choco pudding and choco shake. It worked, but left a frozen crust of chocolate on the sides of the ice cream maker that I needed to chip off (still tasty, though)..

Of course, without the ice cream maker, you could always do up an easy pudding pop boy just freezing the pudding!.

Do it up and make your hubby drool over your "diet" food!..

Comment #8

I do have an ice cream maker but maybe I could do the shake like a granita and keep stirrin' it up every 20 minutes or so. I don't think I could beat old ben and jer!!!..

Comment #9

That is so true... all that effort rates more than anything!!! Plus you get more points for being so over-eager you were actually early......

Comment #10

Orangeblood, This looks fantastic! My hubby LOVES lobster but I have never tried cooking it - but I will give this a shot. I think Safeway has lobster tails on sale right now too....

I don't know if you have tried this before but you might try using some Laughing Cow Light Cheese melted into broth, sherry or wine to get the creamier sauces - the cheese is really good and comes in a few tasty flavors(Swiss, garlic and herb and French onion). I have had some REALLY tasty meal using this "sauce." It tastes really good with mushrooms over steak or in an Alice Springs Chicken type dish...

Congrats on the "Valentine's Day" victory - and you figured out one of the secrets to making women happy - a little thought and a little plan and a "want" to do something count for a whole lot more than most men think. Often, just the effort is enough - even if it doesn't work out perfectly! And just think - you get to celebrate Valentine's Day twice this year!.

Keep those tasty recipes coming!! You rock!..

Comment #11

LOL. That's funny! BTW, I so started drooling when I saw the pics of the lobster! Way to go!..

Comment #12

See, Orangeblood I thought you posted that recipe before Valentine's Day so we could make it for Valentine's Day. I thought it was your valentine to us...

Comment #13

Hey orangeblood, we can use cream in our coffee, 6 tbsp a day. Couldn't that be incorporated and still legal if you used 1/2 and 1/2?.

Just a thought. You are so creative and awesome with all these wonderful recipes. Thank you so much for sharing these great dishes with us!.

Your photo's always look so phenomenal! You should consider being a Medi-chef for hire! For real! There could be some good pay in that, if you hate your day job that is! LOL!..

Comment #14

If I could get the same pay as I currently do at my day job, I'd be perfectly happy to become a professional chef!.

Unfortunately, that's not very likely...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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