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Important: You must take a colon cleanser when getting rid of candida!

When taking any anti-fungals for candida, you will often experience die-off symptoms. These are signs your body's eliminatory pathways, like your bowels are being overburdened. That's why we highly recommend using a colon cleanser like OxyPowder so your body can eliminate these toxins and anti-fungals faster, and you have no more die-off symptoms.

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"For my whole life, I have always had constipation. I would walk around all day, at work feeling bloated, and feeling like there was huge load of junk and toxins stuck in my bowels. I always took a ton of laxatives in my entire life, and even did colon hydrotherapy, and enemas. None of them worked at all. I'm not overweight but I find it hard to lose weight. I always felt fatigued, tired, and just plain sluggish.

A friend finally told me about OxyPowder and I did some investigating. At first I was skeptical, because I tried so many things in my life. I read the reviews, and it seemed positive so I decided to give it a shot (the 60 day money back thing didn't hurt as well). Well, I took OxyPowder for the first 22 days, and wow.. I no longer feel bloated, sluggish, and constipated. I now can easily have 2 bowel movements a day. I feel so light, and so rejuvenated now. I love OxyPowder and would recommend it to anyone. Buy it, you really won't regret it."

- Josh Stadenfeld

"I also had constipation ever since I was young, and I thought it was something I just had to live with... I tried a ton of products, including fads such as prune juice. I learned about Oxy Powder from someone, and decided to give it a shot. I actually decided to buy one of the cleansing kits, and did a liver flush, parasite cleanse, and a colon cleanse. After 1 week, I had a huge bowel movement, and looked at the toilet.. and whoa, I couldn't believe what I saw... it looked like some sort of parasite.. to this day, I still can't believe that sorta junk was stuck in my bowels.. no wonder I was always constipated. I highly recommend you try Oxy Powder - your body will not regret it. Think about all the junk we eat on a daily basis - McDonalds, potato chips, cookies, cupcakes, sugary drinks.. no wonder, we're always constipated, overweight, and constantly tired. Try Oxy Powder - I highly recommend it!"

- Swanand Mahur

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