Can we eat Medifast foods even if they expire?

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Anyone out there know if using "outdated" medifast products is safe to lose weight ? I emailed Medifast several times asking this question, but haven't got a response..

I have product left from 2007, kept clean, dry, safe. It consists of "ready-to-drink", shakes, bars, crackers, soups, and eggs..

I am consuming 6 medifast meals a day, drinking plenty of water. Taking the fish oil capsules, twice a day. Precious little exercise at this point tho. I lost 6 lbs first week, working on my second week now..

I have used Medifast to lose weight quite a few times over the years, never had a problem, but I never had so much "left-over" stock which is now out of date by 3 yrs..

Thanks for your thoughts..


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Can Medifast Meals be consumed after the best-if-used-by date?.

Medifast powdered products have an 18-month best-if-used-by date. Medifast Ready-to-Drink Shakes and Bars have a 12-month best-if-used-by date. This does not mean that the product will expire, "go bad," or be harmful; it simply means that the vitamin and mineral pre-mix contained in the products may lose some of it's potency, potentially rendering the product less effective. For best results, use your Medifast Meals as soon as possible and store them in a cool, dry, clean environment..


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What program are you following?.

The Medifast plan was designed to be 5 Medifast meals and 1 L&G. The Medifast crackers are a snack, not a meal, and you may have one optional snack every day. Bars from 2007 are limited to 1 per day (the newer crunch bars in the yellow wrapper are interchangeable with other Medifast meals and you may have up to 5 a day if you choose)..

Eating 6 Medifast meals and no L&G requires medical monitoring..

Eating 6 Medifast meals and a L&G is not advised because Medifast relys on ketosis to work properly, and an extra Medifast meal can cause you to go over 100g carbs per day...

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My plan is 6 medifast products per day. Normally, I do 4 ready to drink, 1 bar, 1 soup..

I find this works for me very well.....

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It may "work for you," but you are seriously risking both your health and your chance for long term success. Here's what Nutrisystem has to say:.

"The Medifast "Complete" program (Medifast meals only, no lean and green) is not recommended unless an individual is being closely supervised by a physician (as it is too low in calories to be done independently)..

This type of a fasting program must be administered through a physician. The physician is responsible for prescribing the number of Medifast meals eaten each day as well as conduct frequent medical monitoring of labs to ensure the patient remains safe and is able to lose weight effectively. Medifast recommends, at a minimum, for physicians to ensure patients receive 500 calories and 70 grams of protein per day..

Specifically; however, if an individual is interested in doing a "full" or "complete" fast, they would need to be medically monitored as, again, this is just too low in calories to be done without the supervision of a physician..

Keep in mind that the Lean and Green meal is also a "learning opportunity" for you. For the majority of the day, decisions on what to eat are made for you (i.e. the Medifast meals). The lean and green is the one time a day that you're charged with creating a healthy meal from the list of approved choices and recommended portion sizes. This helps individuals to learn appropriate portion control, healthy cooking techniques and how to make fast, simple meals that are healthy.".

It is up to you of course, but I personally think you're making a huge mistake if you continue with this without first consulting your physician, and then continuing to be regularly monitored. I don't think nutrition support would have repeated "MUST BE MONITORED BY A PHYSICIAN" three times if they weren't totally serious about the health risks involved...

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Please be sure you are being safe and see your physician and be monitored if you are going to do 6 meals per day. I know you were given the information from Nutrisystem above, do think about it. Your goal is to get healthy, safely, not do more harm than good...

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Any diet that involves eating 600 calories a day will "work", but it won't work in the way you want it to. Yes, you will lose weight, but you are playing with fire if you are not being monitored by a doctor. It's not a healthy way to lose weight either; the 5-1 plan is designed so that you will lose fat and protect your muscle mass as much as possible..

How will you ever learn to eat properly if you don't prepare a healthy L&G meal for yourself? You need to look at Medifast as a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. Follow the plan as written, because it will also "work"...

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I'd say there is a serious chance that you are putting your body into starvation mode when you replace the lean and green meal with a 6th Medifast meal, and like the previous posters I want to strongly encourage you to see a physician if you chose to continue with your meals the way you described on the original post..

The lean and grean meal provides you with healthy calories, healthy carbs, fiber, vitamins and protein - all of which are very beneficial for you on your weightloss journey! It also teaches you healthy eating habits, portion sizes/ control and helps you develop a taste for great, healthy food..

Good luck on your journey!..

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"Diets of less than 800 calories can lead to numerous complications, according to Jampolis, including heart arrhythmias, which could lead to death. Extreme dieters are also at risk of dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, low blood pressure and high uric acid, which could lead to gout or kidney stones, she says.".


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Ok, will go the 5 and 1 plan....looks like folks getting great results with it as well. Thx for the info...

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As far as out-dated product, I have eaten some and not had any problems. I take a multi-vitamin and fish oil capsule as well...

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Ithaca Nancy, Ithaca Bonnie here, I just noticed we have about the same goal and about the same starting place. I'm down in FL and will be calling my mom up north today to hear about all your snow!! How goes it?..

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Strongly agree with Viva80. The lean and green is critical to ongoing success in your weight loss life post Medifast. And in the meantime, your body NEEDS all that stuff. Don't do it, your hair will fall out!!!!!!!!!..

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Hi Bonnie, the snow was something! We had at least 18" at our house. It took half of the day to remove it with heavy machines we are on a hill so we get more snow than in town.

I'm visiting my father in boston this weekend and appreciating how easy the Medifast meals are to transport and prepare. I hope your visit goes well and that you get a chance to enjoy the snow...

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