Ordering 28 days of Nutrisystem is only option?

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Hi everyone, I just started Nutrisystem last Monday and now I have a friend who wants to also start Nutrisystem with me. Is there a 14 day purchase option for her to try instead of the 28 day? She doesn't want to spend alot of money to try it out. I think they had that option a while back, but I can't seem to find it, other wise it will probably have to be a la carte which can be way more expensive..



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Your question was: Ordering 28 days of Nutrisystem is only option?.

When I was contemplating doing Nutrisystem I wanted to sample the food first to see if I was going to like it. I ordered a weeks worth of food a la carte...

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Thank you very much for that info. I will have to look when I go to Walmart next. Do you have any idea how much the prepaid card is? I just wanted to email my friend and tell her about this.

Thanks again-.


Comment #2

If you click the link in sherilyn's post, it will take you directly to the walmart website..


Comment #3

I believe the cards are 149 for 14 days and include free shipping. They should be in the pharmacy section..

Of course if your friend likes the plan they should consider signing up for auto delivery for the 28 day plan, right now Nutrisystem is offering 4 free weeks over a 4 month period. Also be sure to refer them useing the Buddy BUCKS this will save both you and them $30...

Comment #4

I would suggest buying a card from costco if you decide to do it full time. $259 for 35 days. Once you sign up you can get on AD for that same amount...

Comment #5

With the card from Costco, can you pick your own food or is it the "Favorites" selection? Also, is the shipping included with that price?.

Thanks everyone for your great suggestions!.


Comment #6

Yes, with the Costco card, you can choose the foods you want and shipping was included even if you do not sign up for autodelivery..

Best of luck!.


Comment #7

I haven't checked recently, but last summer I was able to customize 14 days at a time right from this website. It had the option for 1,2, or 3 weeks. It was more expense than the 28 or the 28 day with 1 free week (now offering it for 4 months in a row.).

Let me look....


Esther: Hi Nicole, I am on the womans basic and thought that last summer I was able to order 1, 2, or 3 weeks at a time versus the 28 day plan. Do you still offer this way?.

Nicole: Yes, you can go with our weekly plan.

Esther: Thank you. Where do I find it on the website?.

Nicole: Let me send you a link to order our weekly plan.

Esther: Thank you!.

Nicole: Please click here to start with the order.

Nicole: My Pleasure!.

Nicole: Please click on the above link and let me know if it worked for you.

Http:// dOther=51..

Comment #8

Oh my....thank you for that link! The 1 week is much cheaper than ordering a la carte. I will email my friend the info asap!..

Comment #9

Thanks again everyone for all of the friend is ordering today!..

Comment #10

Some banks have it to where you can create a virtual card for a 1 time purchase. You specify the amount you want retrievable from it and only that amount may be used...

Comment #11

I am curious....I order directly from Nutrisystem and use the auto delivery. Would buying a costco card be cheaper? Does one get the same benefits as ordering directly from NS? Same range of foods? Free shipping? Nutrabears? Access to counselors? If so, why would anyone order directly from Nutrisystem (e.g., me?!)? LOL..

Comment #12

When I looked on the website, versus ordering via costco it was cheaper to get via costco, and has all the same benefits..

I took a different approach, I jumped in head first, ordered the 35 day supply and committing to staying with it that long even if the food was awful. I figured I could survive it for a month! I am really glad I did, so happy to see that scale number getting smaller and smaller... and I did in fact re-order!..

Comment #13

Thanks for the info, paintedscribbles! I am loving the plan too!..

Comment #14

Got a question about the Costco card. I took advantage of the Rollback pricing promotion so I have to buy for 3 months. No problem there, but after that could I switch to the Costco card and it not effect my account any?..

Comment #15

There was a very long thread on the Costco card, which prompted me to go with Costco. I remember people saying they switched from their Nutrisystem order to the Costco plan with no problems..

With the Costco plan, you get the free shipping and you get to choose all 35 days of food. There is no free week of "guess who's coming to dinner" as an incentive with NS. All 35 days are your choice..

I'm actually flexing with the Costco plan. As a result, the 35 days will last almost two months with two flex days a week. That comes to an average cost of $130 a month for Nutrisystem food. My next shipment is coming to $225 as I had discounts from Daily Dose and a survey reward. That will make that about $113 a month for two months for that shipment. Costco rocks!..

Comment #16

Are you still able to order al a cart and get your bears with the Costco plan?..

Comment #17

You wont be able to order a la carte or get a bear on your initial order using the costco card code. But once you sign up for AD you can order a la carte and get your bears. I ordered my first order and signed up for AD at the same time so was able to order a la carte on my 2nd order...

Comment #18

I don't think anyone gets a bear for losing ten pounds on their first order...

Comment #19

I did not say that. Neither I nor grimreaper65 are newbies so I was letting him know if he has a bear coming on next order and instead he cancels through Nutrisystem and orders using the costco card he will have to wait an extra month for his next bear. I am sure he understood what I meant as I quoted him meaning my answer was meant specifically for him...

Comment #20

Don't know if anyone else noticed, but on the front page, it says if you signup for an autodelivery plan, you can get 4 weeks of free food. Maybe just signup there, then remove autodelivery and start ordering manually?..

Comment #21

Love the Costco option. Plus I still get all the discounts (and bears). AD discount $13 + $30 referral code, + $10 50 click code on top of the lower Costco price. Since I'm flexing, this equals 2 months worth of food for $200..

It seems that you are asking for a friend, did you send her a referral AKA buddy buck code? That saves both of you $30...

Comment #22

I think what NSEater meant was that it is very hard to get the bears the first try. I lost 30 lbs and when I just received my 2nd box I only had the 20 lb bear. Not the 10 lb or 30 lb. I need to call CS and let them know...

Comment #23

Ok, next question. When you use the Costco card and finish your 35 day supply and go to reorder is it at the Costco price or is it back to Nutrisystem prices. Do you have to buy another Costco card to get that pricing. Sorry, if I sound like an idiot...

Comment #24

When you go to the website specific URL on the Costco card, you are given the opportunity then to sign up for autodelivery. I only bought one card, signed up for AD and selected my food. It has been like clockwork; no problems at all. I would suggest that you check Costco out frequently for sales on the initial card. I paid $244 for my card instead of the regular $269...

Comment #25

Same here. I signed up for AD when I placed my initial order with the costco card. I received an additional 5%($13) off the first AD order and each additional 35 day order is $259 minus any buddy bucks, 50 clicks, etc. It really is a great savings over signing up regularly...

Comment #26

QVC is offering a 7 day Nutrisystem tryout. The graphic is describing it as a new offering. Go to and search item.


To the poster here who was lamenting the discontinuation of the white cheddar soy chips, QVC still offers them. See A179135 (buy more than one order and save 1/2 on S&H on every order after the first)...

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