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Hey Veterans of Medifast,.

I'm still waiting on my first order to arrive. I ordered it Monday. How many days does it take to show up in order tracking? Geesh, this is day three and the shipping said 3-5 days. I'm READY to start! When I click on "track this order" it says, "No tracking information is available for this order yet. Please check back later."..

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My experience is it doesn't really show up until they deliver it! So you should get it soon. I live in Missouri and it usually takes 5 or 6 days but that usually includes a weekend because I usually order on Weds. or Thurs. after work. I know what you mean about being ready to start! Once you make up your mind that you are ready to do this, you want to do it NOW!!! Good luck, it's been a good thing for me, I love MF!..

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Welcome! It depends on where you are how long it takes to get to you. I usually don't count the day I order it in the shipping. I live in GA and mine usually ships out of DE. It takes 3 days to get here if there are no holidays or weekends involved. Hope yours arrives soon!.

Wishing you much success on your journey!..

Comment #2

Its so hard to wait once you've made the decision to start MF! I live in MN and I normally plan on a week for my order to arrive.

While you are waiting, you could do some "prep" stuff... Like start drinking the water, make sure you have the right lean and green in your house, start cutting back on caffeine, clean out all the "bad" food from your house, etc.

Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress! Becki..

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Well, I'm a little PO'd with Medifast today! I made my order from the website (on my credit card) before lunch Monday 4/9. I kinda half expected it today in the mail, maybe tomorrow. Definately wanted to START on Friday the 13th! So anyway, I get an email today with tracking from Fedex. Medifast SHIPPED TODAY - I'll bet that $293. hit my credit card on the 9th!.

I'm just so disapointed! I was told 3-5 days shipping! This totally sux! I am so ready! Why Fedex? Priority mail would have been here yesterday!.

I called and they said if you order by phone it goes out faster! Now you tell me!.

I'm just so let down and it was so unnecessary!..

Comment #4

Sorry that happened! Lots of us have had a bad experience or at least an experience that we didn't like with our shipments. Glad you vented and got it off your chest so you can move on. This time will give you another day or three of eating lean and green and hopefully make your transition to the full Medifast program easier on you, maybe even avoiding the headaches all together (one can hope!). Or you can drive up to Atlanta and I'll give you some soup to tide you over.

Hang in there!!!..

Comment #5

I placed an order on Sunday. I think they must have been closed Monday for the Easter weekend, so take that into consideration..

Tuesday, I got two emails with tracking numbers for Fedex Ground and an automated phone call confirming my order has shipped. From Tuesday, I expect it to be delivered on Friday here in Florida..

While you're waiting, clear out your pantry, start cutting those carbs so you can get a jump on ketosis, and practice drinking that water!..

Comment #6

If you placed your order at lunch time, Medifast needs time to process the order and package it up. Fedex picks up in the morning, so if you order in the am, Medifast will send it out that day. Otherwise it goes out the next morning, in your case, 4/10. I find Fedex much faster than Priority Mail. I'm guessing that you should get it on 4/12, but track it on It's kind of fun tracking it to your house.

They are working really hard at getting to you as fast as they can.Good luck..


Comment #7

Hey - sorry for the vent yesterday but not really! TOM came 10 days EARLY so maybe that's why I got so frustrated. Mark/Cathy, your attitude is so positive and supportive! WB, Julie, everybody - Thanks for listening!.


Comment #8

I'm one of the rare ones. I placed my order on a Thursday at like 7:30 AM and received it the next day. I actually got my tracking number after my food!.

I'm sorry you are having a hard time getting your food..

Comment #9

I got the automated call the other day after the food arrived.

I saw the number on my cell phone and opened and closed my phone to hang up because I already know the speel.

Can you believe that automated guy called me right back? So I had to listen to it again.

He even leaves messages if you don't answer.

I GET IT! Medifast is coming today!..

Comment #10

I guess I was also lucky. I got my order within two days of ordering from Medifast. Now I order from Take Shape for Life and I get the order also quickly. Have you called them to find out what's going on?..

Comment #11

I live in WI and it usually takes a full week for me to get my shipment. Once it was here in 4 days but that was the quickest ever...

Comment #12

I usually get the automated call the day after shipment and then it pretty much arrives 2 days later. This last time I really was pushing it and was out of most things....I was drinking shakes for the last few days...

Comment #13

I ordered this week and the order actually came the next day. Boy was I lucky. this is the second time I got it within a day...

Comment #14

Hi worldawind!.

I think the reason you got your order so quickly is because you live within a days drive of where it comes from in Maryland. I am living in the midwest, Iowa, and when my order is processed on Monday, I get it on Thursday.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes later in the summer when I am in Vermont...

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