Opinion on Medifast Ready Made shakes?

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Hi Everyone,.

I hear a lot of good things about the Dutch Chocolate shakes. But no one ever mentions the French Vanilla or Strawberry flavors. Also, how does everyone feel about the "Ready Made" shakes? I have to place another order and am just so confused as to what I should give a try..

Thanks for your help!.


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I personally don't like the vanilla or strawberry shakes. But then, I never really liked either flavor before Medifast so I'm not surprised that I don't like them. I use the dutch choc ones all the time and still love their flavor..

I'll be watching how people respond to the RTD question because I'm going away for 10 days in July and have thought about ordering those to bring with me...

Comment #1

I have tried all of them and they are okay but not as good as the chocolate and vanilla. I take that back....i skipped the banana. I knew I wouldn't like it but my husband LOVES the banana with PB2 mixed in.

The RTD, I have heard, are fantastic. That is all my best friend does and she loves them!..

Comment #2

I hated the strawberry, it reminded me of the pink penicillin we got as children but loved the vanilla with diet cream soda. On the ready to drink shakes I cannot live without them now. I love the Chocolate and the vanilla is ok. It is so easy to grab and run. Putting them in a bag frozen works if you will be out all day because they are cold and ready hours later...

Comment #3

I always get some RTD. They are pretty good, although I don't like them as much as the regular shakes, but you just can't beat them for convenience. They come with their own straw, and so they are great to carry in your bag when you know you'll be out somewhere for a few hours. They aren't much more expensive than the regular shakes, either..

I love the dutch chocolate shakes, I don't do any fancy blending, just shake it with ice - sometimes I may add some capella drops for somthing different. I also really like the Swiss Mocha shakes - they are kind of bland on their own - but I add a little instant coffee powder and some artificial sweetener and get something that tastes like an iced coffee. I haven't tried the vanilla or strawberry and probably won't, I hate the vanilla pudding and I would think the shake must have a similar flavor...

Comment #4

I love the strawberry and like the orange a lot better in a blender. I've made up my mind that since I have a blender at home and work I will just by the packet shakes. I actually don't like the French Van much so I will try adding some of those flavor drops to see if I can find something I like. Good luck!..

Comment #5

The chocolate RTD shakes rock. I just ordered 2 more cases. I have to work 2 days a week, and I am out of the office both days for most of the day. I love that I don't have to sit in the car and mix up powder, etc. They are discreet looking, too, if you're not "out" of the closet on Medifast or don't want a lot of questions..

My main staples these days are: eggs, choc shakes, choc RTD shakes, and I love the choc pudding made as a shake in the blender. I will throw a soup in from time to time so i'm not always eating sweets.....

Good luck!..

Comment #6

I like RTD chocolate better than vanilla. I like the vanilla shake mix when I add diet soda or flavoring. Chocolate is better though!..

Comment #7

Thanks to all!! I just love these boards. You guys always help me out!!!.


Comment #8

I was surprised to like all the shake flavors. I like the banana or strawberry shake mixed with strawberry yogurt, 2 cups ice, and a couple of packets of splenda (a big smoothie)!.

The Vanilla is good with any of the Walden Farms Flavored syrups. Banana is good with PB2 as well as chocolate or Swiss mocha. The orange is good with sugar free Sunkist..

The only reason I end up adding ice and blending is because it's so much like an ice cream treat!..

Comment #9

Personally, I like the strawberry but only if it is mixed well. The vanilla wasn't my favorite but now I add flavoring to it or some sf/ff pudding. The ready to drink shakes are awesome! Not as tasty as the shakes that you blend with crushed ice but the great thing is the convenience! Because I leave at 5:30 am in the morning the last thing I want to do is take extra time making a shake so they are great to grab and go. The chocolate is better than the vanilla IMHO...

Comment #10

I like the choc shake mixed with either a banana, swiss mocha or orange packet and then divided into two meals. Cuts the sweetness of the van/orange/banana and perks up the choc for a new taste...

Comment #11

I swear by the Choc RTD shakes. They are so easy, so convenient, and no one asks any questions. Its great and they are delicious...

Comment #12

I love almost all the flavors, except for the vanilla. I can't stand them. In fact, it's the only thing on the plan that I truly can't stand. And nothing I've done can make them more appealing...

Comment #13

[quote=Puddintame I like the banana or strawberry shake mixed with strawberry yogurt, ![/QUOTE].

Is this a typo? Are you in transition? Yogurt isn't available to us during the weight loss portion...

Comment #14

Chocolate is my favorite but I also really like the orange in the blender with a cup of ice and 2T of Walden Farms Strawberry syrup. Tastes just like Orange Julius. I always blend w/ice and make a "real" shake out of them. I only use the vanilla for making muffins...

Comment #15

The strawberry shakes are good with Walden chocolate syrup added. Doesn't help the orange at all...

Comment #16

My two favorite shakes are RTD Chocolate and the Banana one blended with 1 c. ice, 1/2 cup water, PB2 and WF chocolate syrup. At work, I drank 2 RTD chocolate all winter as I was losing weight. Then I usually made the banana one for my evening meal...

Comment #17

OMG! I hope I didn't mess anyone up! I have to eat yogurt now because I took medicine for a yeast infection. My weight loss has slowed though... guess that's why!..

Comment #18

I only like the chocolate. Tried to like the others but just can't tolerate them...

Comment #19


I have a quick question to you, unrelated to the shakes. I've noticed we started around the same weight. Yet, you seem to be losing at a faster pace then me. I only lost 6 pounds the first week, 1 pound the second week. I haven't weighed myself this week yet but don't feel any lighter. Is there something you did that sped your weight loss? Did you exercise a lot? Any advice would be appreciated..



Comment #20

If you like Dreamsicles you may want to order the vanilla and orange and mix them together. You can also add some orange diet soda with the water to give it more flavor. Not a fan of the strawberry shake. Most people mix their shakes with ice. I freeze mine overnight and when I'm ready for it I pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, chop it up with a fork and then blend it in my Vitamix. It comes out more like a real shake then. Creamy...

Comment #21

I love the Banana and Strawberry, Vanilla and Orange is also good. The colder the better and always best the next day. I'm not a chocolat person, but I must admit that I like the chocolate pudding...

Comment #22

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