On if you have the free profile can you receive?

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My first question is: On if you have the free profile can you receive?.

My next question is: So, I've been out with this guy ONCE, we had a really good long date, made out at the end..and he wrote me a few days later to say he had a good time. We made plans to hang out a second time this thursday, but aside from that, there's NO communication with himhe just told me he liked the first date, we made the plans for the second date, and that's been that. Pleasant enough, buthe took his time responding each time, so much so that it's been two weeks since date using number one. Now I know he doesn't know me at all, and I don't know him, but I can't help wishing that he wrote more or talked more in this pre-date space. Is that unreasonable? It doesn't necessarily mean anything at this point that he has just made the plans and not chatted otherwise, right? I'm trying to remember that things are moving forward, he wrote ME to tell me he had a great time, we're going out again, and there could be lots of reasons why he hasn't written longer emails, but the obsessive nervous "what if he just wants to have sex with me and doesn't like me aside from that" voice rises up in me. How do I calm myself down? Relax? It's so EARLY!..

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Your question was: On if you have the free profile can you receive?.

It probably means that he's busy with his life and maybe even dating (online dating with other peoplewhich you should be doing too in order to avoid getting so focused on one guy after just one date..

I would tend to think the opposite of youthat if he just wanted to have sex he'd be up your butt with the phone calls and emails and buttering you up more. .

But only time will tell.  Go out with him again, see how it goes. .

Sheri ..

Comment #1

I know what you mean.  There 's no excitement here.  Have you tried calling him?..

Comment #2

I think Sheri's right, if he wanted to only have sex, he'd be all over you with the phone calls and emails, he's probably just been a bit busy or not wanting to rush things..



Comment #3

AH Ha! Now we know how you like your men!.



Comment #4 I'm exposed...hehehe.  I have to admit I like my men a little with a little "oomph" to them.  When a relationship (thru first starts usually the two people are into each other the pheramones are raging and they look forward to the next time they talk and see each other,  and "Mr. Slow and Steady but Without a Voice" doesn't send chills up my spine that's for sure...

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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