Why can't we chew gum during Medifast?

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How many of you have ever had any problem with weight loss using an extra condiment or two during the day? Im just scratching my head how an extra piece of gum or crystal light on the go stick is going to make or break all this... maybe you can fill me in as Ill believe you if you tell me otherwise. Im only in my first week and to be honest it's that crystal light getting me through this outrageous hunger. Thanks for any shared experiences!.


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I don't think that anyone is saying that one extra CL stick or gum is going to break your loss. I think the idea is that this whole process is a mindset change. One extra condiment can lead to two... which can lead to three... which can lead to four. If we aren't mindful of what we're putting into our bodies and if we don't learn not to overinduldge - what are the chances we'll keep it off in the long run?.


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Lisa is exactly right - the trick is that you have to be constantly vigilant about what goes in your mouth, and anything that is not part of the 5&1 needs to be logged and watched. I found myself in a stall towards the end of my 5&1 and realized I had been adding SF creamer to my coffee every morning - and adding extra carbs without knowing it because I had fallen down about logging everything. When I gave that up, my stall ended and I lost the last few pounds...

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I'm in my 4th week and know exactly how you feel with your hunger. I was SOOOOO hungry even into my 3rd week, so this is what I started doing: I eat my L&G around 2:00. I get up at 8:00, so if you get up earlier eat your L&G earlier. It fueled me for the afternoon and I didn't look at the clock constantly to see when I could eat my next meal! I feel so much better and sometimes forget I have to eat again.

I hope this helps,.


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I think looking at food I gain so I can't help. Ugh!..

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I can speak to the gum. Actually, it wasn't just one piece, but the piece after that and the piece after that and the piece after that. I don't know how many I chewed in a day since I didn't keep track. After all, it was only gum! SF gum has 2-3 carbs. They add up. I realized that when the scale stopped moving and I was always hungry. After 3 days without the gum (and another day 3 headache), the scale started moving again...

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There has to be a limit. Just because one more couldn't hurt doesn't mean we should go there. Limits are good. Accepting limitations leads to the mindshift...

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We need to learn the limits for sure, as maintenance is all about watching limits, and it takes a lot more brain power to keep focused. Let 5/1 be your time to learn about limits! Best wishes on your Medifast journey!..

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Okay, since you asked, I'll be honest... I never had a problem losing with an extra condiment or two during the day (in fact, when I started Medifast we were allowed more condiments than now)... but I did have problems when I added four or five extra condiments...

As others said here, don't let one or two lead to more and more!.

I never measured condiments like dried herbs and spices, but I watched everything else.....

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Try logging your condiments, too. I've found that to be helpful. A lot of the spices have "dash" as a measuring amount and i've found that to be a close enough guestimate on my log page. If you can't find the exact match for your food or condiments in the database, take the time to add it to the private foods section. Especially if it's something that you know you like to eat repeatedly.

Also, the nutrition report that gives you an analysis of what you've had to eat throughout the day also helps you keep track of your protien, carbs and fats. I try to keep mine at 850-1000 calories, 20 or less grams of fat, 85-90 carbs, and 100+ grams of protien. So far, that's been working well for me...

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I have condiment issues. Mostly with spices though. Im hoping it's not too bad to overdo on makes the food taste so much better! my #1 addiction is jane's Crazy Salt. It goes on everything. Well...maybe not the shakes. LOL..

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I have to admit that I use several extra Tbsp of sugar free syrups and I don't count salt/pepper etc but then again I am not the best role model..........and I drink a lot of the mango drink, so my cals/carbs tend to be really low any way...

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An extra condiment or two is not a problem. It's when it becomes 5 or 6 or 10 that there's an issue..

If you're eating a lot of SF gum or drinking a lot of crystal light you need to log it so you can see how it's affecting the program...

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Cutting out the condiments has really made a difference for me..

They add up so very quickly. For me the danger comes with the coffee creamer and the sweet and low. I was using way too much creamer and two packets of sweet and low in each cup of coffee and then having more than one cup per day. I also was using way too much salt..

I just decided to stop using them altogether and saw my plateau busted almost immediately..

Now when I have coffee, I put my breakfast shake, usually vanilla, in in place of the creamer and sweet and low...

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Specifically gum is an issue for me. I can't eat one piece. Once I start it, I chew it all day and take a new piece every half hour or so. And it seems to make me more hungry. So... is one extra condiment a problem, probably not.

Best advice I can give is to track what you're eating. See if there are problems on the weeks you eat extra condiments. Are you craving the extras at certains times... with certain stressful events, etc. Good luck!..

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Yep. There are so many hidden carbs even in condiments that say 0 carbs per serving. In order to get that 0 carb rating all they have to be is under 1 carb per serving, so many are .9 carbs per serving. Well, 10 T of sugar free syrup a day (5 shakes w flavoring for example) and bingo you're over your carb limit.

Me? I am guilty of sneaking in an extra pickle or too...

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Be careful with CL. It is sweetened with aspartame. I used to belong to the Kimkins diet and time after time people would report stalls with CL. They were drinking it heavily to get over their sweet tooth. CL Ready to Drink is sweetened with SPlenda and did not cause stalls. RTD is more expensive...

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I have been maintaining for 10 months and have not had problems with extra condiments. I never counted them but some people do so pay attention to the cautions here...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.