Medifast recipe for Obsessive??

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Ok, am I nuts and taking this to far? Destined for sabotage? I'm on day 4. I haven't cheated at all. I've played this by the book. I haven't added anything to any of the Medifast meals. I eat them as they are and that's it. I see all these recipes and on one hand I think it's a good idea to mix it up a bit.

On the other hand, I feel like if I do anything...add anything I'll screw this up. I see that people are adding SF (which I'm assuming means Slim Fast) items to their food/recipes. I immediately get freaked out. How do you add all these thing to a recipe and keep it all straight. How do you make a batch of muffins and figure out the fat/carbs/vitamins/etc.

I feel like I'm getting obsessed about this and I fear that obsession is going to sabotage this entire thing. Yet at the same time, I'm scared to sway from the Medifast food at ALL because I so desperately want to lose weight. HELP!..

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Lyric - I just started 2 weeks ago, and I have the same ideas as you - stick to the plan, period. However, sticking to the plan means that you can add spices, etc. to make the food taste better to you. You will probably not stick to the plan if you dread every meal!! So, within the guidelines posted online and in your quick start bok, don't be afraid to spice things up!!! I think SF is sugar free, not slim fast. Have you tried the capella coffee drops? or the da vinci sf (sugar free) syrups? It makes a BIG difference if you enjoy what you're eating!!..

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No need to freak out - SF stands for Sugar Free.


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When I first started I pretty much ate the food as is and hardly ever made recipes such as muffins or cookies. I did add sf (sugar-free) syrups to the shakes and hot drinks, crystal lite to the fruit drinks, and boullion to the soups. All that is allowed by Medifast and you can read it in you Quick Start handbook or the info is available here on MyMedifast.

As time went on I started getting more brave and making the recipes. Once you have the plan down pat you'll feel more comfortable playing around with different Medifast legal recipes. Until then, don't sweat it and just play it safe.

Today I still eat most Medifast foods as is, but a few times a week I'll make a pizza out of the tomato soup with some cheese borrowed from the lean for the day, or a scone out of oatmeal and a T of flaxseed, or cookies out of the shakes. All are perfectly acceptable on MF. Just do what you feel comfortable with and remember Medifast was designed to be easy! So dont' worry. Do some research on acceptable codiments or other things to add in and then use them as directed and you will be fine! Good luck with everything! This site is a great tool so use the "search" button often!..

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I'm on Day 3 of my 2nd week - I do the same - simply because I don't have the time......

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Well I feel stupid! Of COURSE SF means sugar free! I do have to spend a lot of time researching things to feel comfortable trying recipes. I just have no idea how to calculate everything when making a recipe at this point. Thank you everyone that responded for your help!..

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My advice and it's different for every individual is to stick with what you're comfortable with. At the beginning, I too needed to follow everything precisely to increase my level of confidence and get accustomed to the change in my lifestyle.

After I gained some confidence, I felt more comfortable about playing with stuff..

So do whatever works for you, and don't worry about it...

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I'm on day 4 as well and didn't add any spices or flavorings to anything for the first couple of days either. Yesterday though, I spent a lot of time looking around the boards looking for advice and suggestions when I realized that if I truly wanted Medifast to be a lifestyle change and not just another diet I needed to make the meals as regular tasting as possible (if that's possible, lol) and as much like other foods as I could (i.e. cookies) so I made the oatmeals into cookies last night for a few meals and they were pretty good. I actually felt happy sitting there watching tv and eating cookies. That felt so great that I've fully embraced doing whatever I can to make the Medifast more palatable and "normal".

Good luck with your plan and remember that a little obsession is good if it helps you acheive your goals. Currently I'm obsessed with what times I eat and how spaced out they are so I won't get too hungry...

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The beauty of Medifast is it's simplicity. If you're comfortable following the plan as is, no additions, GO FOR IT! Doing it that way will show the best results. If you find yourself getting bored at some point, start trying some of the creative legal recipes. Take what you want and leave the rest. Personally, I stay away from peanut butter and sugar free jams, because that's my preference. I occasionally use the SF syrups, or a tablespoon of flax meal, and I'm not afraid to add an ounce of lean to my day if I'm feeling hungry.

Whatever makes you uncomfortable, don't try. Good luck!..

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I simplify the way I log things. If I made cookies that used one oatmeal, I just log it as an oatmeal. If I made cookies that used oatmeal and a vanilla pudding, I count it was oatmeal for one meal and vanilla pudding as a second meal. I don't worry about the Flax seed meal or SF syrups, etc. as long as I'm following the guidelines that Medifast set forth (regarding what can be used and how often).

For example - if I use two tablespoons of peanut butter in a cookie recipe, I make sure that I only eat half of the recipe one day, and half on the second day - thus counting the peanut butter as my snack for each day..

I've lost 57 pounds so far (since August), so it's been working for me... but it's all about being comfortable with (1) the program, (2) your comfort level of tweaking recipes, (3) the way your body feels and the way you are reacting to the recipes - both physically and emotionally...

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Me too... For the first 3 months, I followed the program EXACTLY (I never even had a snack). I still don't make too many recipes out of the MF, but I do every once in awhile. Like Robyn said, do what you feel comfortable with. Part of it is learning what you can get away with (i.e. some people can't eat bars because they don't lose weight, some people can eat a bar and peanut butter in the same day and still lose weight).

If you're still in your first week, then you don't really need to worry about variety yet. As long as you're happy, save the experimenting for later...

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For the first month I didn't alter the Medifast food at all. I wanted to see just how much I could lose following the diet exactly. For me it was confirmation so that I couldn't later say ... "if I had only .....". This also gave me time to wrap my brain around the plan. Then after the first month I started making recipes and adding SF products...

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I don't alter the food at all as I think it's too much of a hassle. Plus for me, making things into brownies and cookies isn't a good idea because those were binging foods for me. It really is all in what you are comfortable doing. For me as easy and simple as possible for both my meals and l&g works best and there is no worry about what is/isn't allowed.

Good luck...

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