Nutrisystem tomato sauce?

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I had my first Chicken Tortellini lunch entree today. Ugh! The sauce was not pleasing for my taste at all. That's fine I know that every meal isn't going to my tastes. By eating just the tortellini and leaving 99% of the sauce am I changing the nutrition value of the entree too much? I had a good size side of broccoli with it so I wasn't hungry..

Is the tomato sauce the same throughout all of the entrees?..

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Your question was: Nutrisystem tomato sauce?.

I also do not like the tomato sauce, so I make some of my own and add it in. Chopped tomatoes, garlic, then what you generally like in sauce - I put onions, basil and red pepper. The addition is one of my veggie servings and it makes it way easier and more fun to eat...

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Some of the red sauces are slightly too sweet for my taste. But, once I add some pepper and hot pepper flakes, I really enjoy them. I would try adding some of these or even garlic powder, oregano, basil, etc.


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Thank you. That's good to know. I know some of the meals with sauce are described as tomato basil so I was hoping I would find it a bit different in other entrees...

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For some reason, I can't stand the tomato sauce in the lunch entrees (cheese tortellini, chicken cacciatore), but I like it fine in the dinner entrees!..

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That's interesting, I'm the exact opposite! Though I love the tomato sauce with the pizza, and the lasagnas aren't too bad. But most of the "sauce" in dinner entrees I just don't care for. On the other hand, I love nearly all the lunch entrees..

I think I might switch lunch and dinner around. I imagine I like dinner less because I'm right stuffed at that point, so nothing is going to taste as good! (except the pizzas, I think I could eat those every evening)!..

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Thanks for the tip about adding other spices, etc. to the tomato dishes. I'll be prepared to doctor up those entrees...

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I like to add a large spoon of greek yogurt...Yuuuumy, so rich and creamy..

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Ive never eaten this by itself.....someone posted making it into a soup and I eat that way ever since...... take 3/4 of chicken broth and boil chopped onion and zucchini until soft then at the tortellini to heat through then add 1 T of parm cheese as a free food!!!! I love it this way and ive never been tired of it. it's never tasted sweet to me eating it this way...

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I love the sauce with the lasagna and pizza. On the others, I need to add some yogurt of sour cream to make it taste better...

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What a good idea! And it would cut the sweetness I don't like in most of the sauces. What do you count it as? Or do you?..

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You probably are shorting yourself some key nutrition by not eating the sauce. Hopefully some of the suggestions here will help you from now on...

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I do not care for the sauce in the lunch, dinner, or frozen dinner so what I do is add my steamed veggies to the ones I cannot avoid and that helps. I try not to order anything with the sauce. I add tomatoes to the pizzas. I love tomatoes, just do not care for the sauce...

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All of the red sauces taste different. I would say the sauce on the tortellini is one of my least favorites, but at the same time I love the sauce on other items. Try them all to see what you like...

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I always have small cans (8oz.) of tomato sauce on hand and I usually add 1/2 the can to any items with tomato sauce. I also 'doctor' them using spices such as garlic powder, basil, etc. Even though the Nutrisystem tomato sauces sort of taste sweet, adding 1/2 package of Splenda cuts the acid in it without making it too much sweeter.

The sauces in the Nutrisystem entrees are a great way to get more veggies into your diet. I usually make the sauce even more saucy by adding chicken broth, tomato sauce, or crushed / diced tomatoes depending on the Nutrisystem meal (broth for white sauce meals, etc.). I then add what I see as the 'appropriate' veggie. For example, I use chicken broth and add french style green beans to the Turkey Tetrazzini. The ravioli with basil sauce seems to me to go with portabella mushrooms and crushed tomato.

These additions to the sauces are free. Try experimenting and searching the boards. There are a lot of great examples out there...

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I don't... I'm sure it would count as a free food if you needed it to..

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I rinse the sauce off, replace it with 20 calories worth of pizza sauce, add sauteed mushrooms, onions, green peppers, turkey pepperoni and ff mozz cheese (the pepp and cheese together to equal my protein serving) and then bake it. I love this!..

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I was the same way with the tortellini. I only picked the tortellini out. I got grossed out by the chunks of tomatoes along w/ the bitter sauce. I crossed them off the list after box 1. What's weird is that I can handle tomato paste, sauces, V8, etc...but the minute I see a piece of tomato I almost cringe. I tried to psych myself out into liking them...just wasn't happening though...

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I don't really care for any of the pasta/tomato sauce based entrees (lunch or dinner) but I would totally freak-out if I didn't at least get some pasta once or twice a week!.

So after some experimenting, I tried cooking the tortellini according to the directions and tossing it in a bowl with 1/4 cup low-fat ricotta - makes it much tastier and counts as my lunch dairy/protein serving!..

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