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Hi everyone... I am new here and excited to be on my journey to a healthier me. I started today and the food tastes fine to me. I would like to know what all you guys put on your salads. My husband tried to build one for me with low fat meat, cheese, tomatoes, eggs, etc. I think it's too much along with a lunch entree. So, what is acceptable on your salad?.


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Your question was: Nutrisystem salads.

Lettuce mix.






Bacon bits and a few soy nuts for crunch(partial protein).

Walden farms dressing..

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Dewieee: Your salad can be unlimited lettuces or unlimited veggies from the unlimited list. Check your Meal Planner to see what your lunch should include. I'm on the Women's Basic, so my lunch includes a Dairy/Protein, in addition to the Salad/Veggies and the Lunch Entree. I believe you are on the Diabetic plan, if I remember correctly, so you need to check to see if you have a Dairy/Protein for lunch. If you do, then the Dairy/Protein should be no more than 100 calories, no more than 3g fat and no less than 7g protein. You could have a little egg, a little meat, a little cheese, as long as ALL COMBINED, they do not go over the above stats..

Be sure that you have studied that Meal Planner for your selections for each meal. Did you ever call and talk to a Counselor?..

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Thanks for your replies. Pam, I didn't receive any type of planner with my order?. I am trying to learn by reading and asking questions. I will talk with a counselor tomorrow and I'm sure that will help, but I don't have anything to "check off" with. Or any guide to go by. I am searching all over the nutrisystem pages to find what I need...

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Dewieee: Go to MY PROGRAM above and then choose OVERVIEW. Make sure that the WOMEN'S DIABETIC PROGRAM is selected. If you have over 100 pounds to lose, you add other foods to the pulldown..

The Counselors are there 24/7, just waiting for your call. Why not try them now? And, make sure they get a MEAL PLANNER out to you ASAP..

Counselor (1-800-321-8446, Option 4)..

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Ah, I will do that! I'm glad to know that there is a meal planner for me. I've been trying to figure this out on my own, lol. Thanks so much, Pam, and I will call them. And It does show me on the diabetic plan...

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My salads usually include: romaine hearts, shredded broccoli (slaw), shredded carrots, bell pepper, sliced baby cukes (so I can leave the skin on. crunchy and very little gas-inducing pulp/seeds), and green olives for fat (sometimes I drizzle on a tiny bit of the olive juice for "dressing" if I'm craving salt). Sometimes I will add a chopped boiled egg, tuna, or some cottage cheese for protein if I need it. I'm finicky when it comes to dressing, so often I will just eat it "dry" (with lemon juice, olive juice, or cottage cheese instead of traditional dressing). I do like Walden Farms Sesame Ginger fat-free dressing sometimes, but I have to be in the mood for it. If I make it big enough, it often takes my entire work lunch hour to finish it...

If I finish early, I sit outside and read my book or walk a few laps around the building to kill the time.

OH... plus, at home I keep a huge bowl of finger-friendly veggies in the fridge at all times (usually chunked baby cukes, sliced bell pepper, and a few baby carrots) to pull out when I get the "watchin' TV" munchies...

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Hearts of romaine.



Sliced mushrooms.

Crumbled low-fat bleu cheese.

Sprinkle of bacon bits.

Galeo's Miso Caesar dressing.

This my standard big salad every day for lunch...

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My salads consist of Hearts of Romaine, Cucumbers, and Bell Pepper. Every now and then I'll throw on a few slices of diced gala apple. I also use some FF salad dressing (equal parts of red wine vinegar and light soy sauce, a splash of rice wine vinegar, and some dijon mustard)...

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I'm lazy...I usually just throw some ff dressing over some spinach and call it a salad. Occasionally Ill add tomato...

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I use tomatoes, scallions, hearts of palm, and low fat croutons. Also light or low fat dressing. Meat and eggs add a lot of fat. Let me know if this is helpful...

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I like to make my own salads, never ever do I use the bagged stuff. It's convenient, but the salads I make myself taste soooo much better to me..

I use 3-4 kinds of lettuce (Iceberg and Romaine plus Red Leaf and/or Green Leaf). Every five or six days, I chop up half of a head of iceberg and half of a bundle of each of the others and toss them in a huge bowl with a lid. I put a paper towel to help absorb excess moisture and keep it from browning as long as possible, and I tightly wrap the remaining lettuce and stash it in the crisper drawer in the fridge.

In a separate container with a lid, I keep my other vegetables. I use a combination of any or all of the following, just depends how I'm feeling that day:.






Bell peppers (any color).

Red onion (a little goes a LONG way, I never use more than half an onion in a weeks' worth of salad).

Green onion.




Every day, my salad prep takes almost no time. I grab some lettuce from the big container, then top it with some veggies from the small container. I eat at least one salad (around 2 cups of veggies) every day, and most days I eat two.

I typically top my lunch salad with chicken breast from the deli for my protein serving. I buy Boar's Head meats, which taste FABULOUS and have a small enough amount of calories and fat in almost all of their poultry products that you can go up to 3 ounces for a protein serving under the Nutrisystem guidelines. I don't typically use cheese, but occasionally I'll use less chicken and add a little parmesan cheese or even a Laughing Cow cheese wedge mashed in. My dinner salad, I either eat with just the veggies, or I'll chop up a pear or add a dozen or so grapes on top..

I find that I need to max my protein servings or else I'm too hungry during the day. I made that mistake for the first 6 weeks that I was on the program. If you don't NEED to max your protein servings, you can certainly use less meat/cheese/egg/etc, as long as you're getting at least the minimum amount of protein...

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On the weekends I roast tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, onions, cauliflower, aspargus, broccoli, and eggplant. Any kind of vegetable I have on hand then keep it in a plastic bag. Sometimes I use the same stuff raw but always have all the prep work done so all week long I just grab my lettuce and toppings with the Galeo Ceasar dressing. The only issue is you can get full before your actual meal. My all time favorite is roasted red peppers...

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