Nutrisystem is too much food!

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Hello everyone. I just started my Nutrisystem today and I am astounded at the amount of food I've eaten! I just forced down my afternoon snack of fat free milk and an apple. I am stuffed to the gills after following the diet since breakfast at 7:30 this morning. I have no idea how I'm going to get dinner into me!.

A little background is probably in order..... I gained all of my weight after a car accident in 1998. I've been struggling with an extra 50 pounds since then. I was told by my Dr last May that I was pre-diabetic so I started looking at different dietary options. I chose to go with the South Beach as it made the most sense and I knew I wasn't eating properly. I did phase 1 religiously and lost 15 pounds.

In reality I became a carb/calorie/fat nazi. Nothing went into my grocery cart that wasn't thoroughly scrutinized. I went back to my old eating habits of not eating regularly even though I thought I was OK because I was eating "good" food. But I wasn't eating enough. I put back on 5 pounds but haven't lost or gained an ounce (figuratively speaking) in almost a year.

And I didn't feel good - I couldn't regulate my blood glucose even tho I was eating what I thought was appropriate. For those that are interested my fasting BG is +/- 125 and after meals anywhere from 90 to 145 (A1C is 5.7 down from 5.9).

And I don't like to cook. I mean I like to cook every now and then, but the SB diet required so much effort that I turned to packaged foods. Often I felt so worn out by the time I got home from work I barely had the energy to feed the horses let alone prepare dinner.

A co-worker and her husband went on Nutrisystem 4 months ago. I've watched her and talked to her about the program and checked out her meals. I decided that this system would help me learn to eat the right foods in the right amounts and take control of what I'm eating.

Having said that..... I am so full right now I think I'll BURST! And I'm feeling all sorts of paranoia that I'm going to gain weight eating all of this food! My brain knows that eating right and regularly is best and will show results over time but I am so used to eating so little. I figured that a "normal" day of my eating may not have even reached 800 calories over this past year as I was eating so little. And of course that makes sense that I didn't loose any weight because my body was in "starvation" mode. And it makes sense that I felt so bad because my body didn't have the nutrients it needed. Sigh....

Anyway.... so sorry for the looooonnngg post. Please tell me I'll get used to eating all this food in time!..

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Your question was: Nutrisystem is too much food!.

I just finished Week One. I've turned into a grazer to get most of the items in. Part of the breakfast, for example, will go with my mid-morning snack. The luncheon items are eaten about an hour apart, etc. I just had dinner, so I'm just now an hour later having my fruit...

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I am laughing here!!! That was exactly me! I cannot believe how much we need to eat- and am spreading it out all day! It is umbelievable..

But spread it out and just do it- I am forcing myself to eat-.

I measured/weighed today and I lost 6 pounds and 5 total inches- today is the end of my first week..

So hang in there kiddo...

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Thanks for the replies ladies! I thought I was used to grazing but this is a whole new ball game! I feel like I'm grazing like one of my horses - alllll day long! I anticipate some weight gain just from getting more calories, but hope I'll off set it with more energy and the ability to get some exercise. The garden is almost ready to plant and I have lots of fences to repair after this past winter. And I really want to have the energy to get back on my welfare horse pasture ornaments! They think they've retired since I've been too tired to ride.

Congrats on the loss Minidonk! And thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in this mountain of food I have to address each day!..

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Ia m in week 5 and I felt the same at first, I did call a counselor and talked to one of them. I also graze, and often feel like I am eating all day. The full feeling does go away over time, but I will have to say I very rarely ever feel a hunger pain. I also do not have cravings. I am losing at a steady pace..

Good Luck..

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Thank you for the support Digger! I will admit I felt no hunger pangs or low blood glucose shakes at ALL today! That was novel and I think I could get used to it!..

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I understand you....prediabetic? The best thing you can do for yourself is increase your level of physical activity while on the Nutrisystem progra, or not. The caloric restrictions coupled with EXCERCISE, just move, if you need suggestions just let me know, is the best way to go. I sold pharmaceuticals (Diabetes type 2) for 7 yrs, and the most important cure is movement/excercise, as well as adhering to a good diet (sounds like nutrisystem is good)..

Best of luck to you.......

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