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Hi Noralee,.

I keep reading from seniors that you HAVE to eat everyting or you won't lose,my problem is I work retail in a very busy store and you have no one to cover your breaks,9 hr day you get 2-10 min breaks and 1-1/2 hr lunch,plus to add to it I have had gastric surgery so it is very difficult to eat quickly and all that food in one sitting for dinner is way too much.I work mostly nights so I try to make a protein shake to take and have that as dinner or just to have it at work and eat dinner at home. Basically after all that will I really not lose just sticking with n/s food?..

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Your question was: Nutrisystem Food Tips?.

I agree with Pam, a lot of the advice given seems inaccurate. It may work for you but it is a modified version of the plan the way you are doing it. You named things that don't fall into the guidelines and it looks to me as if you didn't eat everything as stated on the planner (specifically all of your fruits and veggies). Nuts will cover your fat for the if you eat an extremely small quantity of them but are not a protein.

Dairy/protein=12g carbs, 8g protein, trace of fat, 100 calories.

Vegetable=5g carbs, 2g protein, 25 caloires.

Fruit=15g carbs, 60 calories.

Carb=15g carbs, 3g protein, trace of fat, 80 calories.

Fat=45 calories, 5g fat.

(trace of fat is usually considered around 3g or less)..

Comment #1

Yes you really do have to eat everything. You need the right amount of nutrients plus you need to also get an adequate amount of calories to help your body function.

For fruits you may want to consider fruit juices with no sugars added. Or dried fruit with no sugar added. I buy from, they can also be found at Whold Foods.

For portable non refridgerated protein, I like the Jack's Links items. It's about 75 calories per ounce and doesn't need to be refrigerated. You could cut them into bites and keep them in your pocket to nibble on throught the day. They are however high in sodium so are not the most ideal item.

Milk is good for your protein if you can get that in at your break and meal times.

Protein shakes are also considered acceptable to get your protein in. 8oz of skim milk and a serving of powder could knock out 2 dairy/protein add ins for the day. Just be careful of the sugar content...

Comment #2

Gheez!! Beat poor Noralee up for trying to help someone. Great tips! Keep up the good work...

Comment #3

I wouldn't characterize that as being beat up. Pam and Sherilyn were merely pointing out the Nutrisystem plan in it's true form. Sure, people can and do deviate. But in my opinion, the way Nutrisystem designed the plan is the most effective and healthy way to lose weight. And the quickest...

Comment #4

When someone gives out bad advice it needs to be corrected.

I'm known for deviating... but I would never ever tell someone "this is how you do it" if it weren't true to the plan. She was way off base calling nuts a protein. She was also showing a menu in which she did not eat everything for the day.

If you're going to give advice make sure it's correct. Period. End of story. I will not appologize for correcting bad information. It is very bad to let someone read that and think that it's true. I rarely give advice outside of the plan ways unless they are specifically asking for advice on something that falls out of the normal path and I also state "this works for me but may not work for you"...

Comment #5

Are the postings censored? I was unable to read the advice Noralee gave on the deviations to the Nutrisystem plan that she uses...

Comment #6

They are not censored, she took it out of her post...

Comment #7

She didn't say that. She said, ""this is what I do"..

I see people here everyday posting what they do and what works for them...

Comment #8

Does anyone know how Cracklebred compares with Joseph's pita?.

I don't have the information on the pita but the Cracklebred is -.

3 crackers , 52 calories, 0 fat, 12g carbs, 1g protein.

Is it true that Joseph's pita can be used with something else as a protein? If so, what is the something else?.

I was hoping to find something crispy to replace crackers and use with cheese. Is this possible?..

Comment #9

Actually the original post did not say that.

Please note the edit time and note on her original post. She changed it after we corrected her..

Last edited by Noralee1960 : Today at 03:18 PM. Reason: To remove and add info. due to critical comments on this thread...

Comment #10

The cracklebread does not have enough protein in it. It only has 1g of protein while Joseph's Pita has 6g of protein.

Joseph's is a partial protein. You will need something else to fill out the rest of the stats. You can add up to 40 more calories and need 2g or more of protein to do this. 2 tbsp of fat free cream cheese or a slice of fat free cheese could do this trick.

I like to take the Joseph's lavash and cut it into little bite sized strips, then I put it on a non stick baking tray (parchment paper or a silicon mat are ideal) and put it under the broiler to brown it and crisps it up into chips. You'll need to turn them all over once for best results. You have to watch them very very carefully though, they can go from just right to burned very quickly.

If you look at this picture you'll see them (at the little too brown stage) next to my nacho cheese crisps...

Comment #11

Whatever. She is still entitled to post what she does. She didn't suggest anything totally radical.or if she did I missed it. Different strokes...

Comment #12

Yes, you did miss it. It is 100% reworded...

Comment #13

I have to disagree. I saw your original post and it was full of misinformation. I was glad to see Pam jump in right away and make corrections. She was nice about it and did not jump on you...

Comment #14

I did not get a chance to see your original post. But it is different what works for everyone..

I have kept my weight pretty steady since I quit NS. Some days, I felt bad because I would gorge on peanut butter and celery, and feel that I was going to pay for it on the scale, but then the next day I would see a HUGE weight loss! Nutrisystem considers nuts a fat, the rest of the world considers it a protein.

By many hardcore Nutrisystem customers' standards, I do things all wrong. I eat REAL sweets, I weigh myself daily, and I indulge on special occasions. But I also exercise frequently (I recently found out I run about a 7 minute mile) and eat healthful foods a majority of the time. I am actually a little smaller now (though I weigh the same) than I was when I stopped Nutrisystem 2 years ago. People don't get skinny eating healthy once in a while, and people don't get fat eating badly once in a while...

Comment #15

Lots of newbies don't know this. Many of them are very confused about the plan. That is why the veterans are very careful about giving out advice that follows the plan exactly...

Comment #16

I did not say your are a liar. I said I disagreed. And what is the roll eyes, wow, unbelievable stuff. That is just plain juvenile...

Comment #17

My, my.

I lost 78 pounds in 5 months and used to have that in my signature line. Why did I remove it? I removed it because I got lots of PMs and emails asking how I lost so quickly.

I know what worked for me, and it most likely would have raised an eyebrow or two had I posted exactly what I ate. Did I follow the Nutrisystem plan? Yes. Did I tweak it a bit to fit my need? You betcha.

Everyone needs to find what works for them. It just isn't a one-size-fits-all deal.

I think it's great that some people want to follow letter-by-letter and never even make a small deviation. If that's what they choose to do, good for them. I also think some people will make small (or not-so-small) changes, and if it's what works for them, it is also good..

And, yes, I've kept of the 78 pounds and even lost a few more. Have I eaten a french fry? Yes. Not often, but, yes. Pam hasn't, and I think that's great, too, because it is what she needs and chooses to do!.

We are not all from the same cookie cutter. We are human beings with different wants, needs, and lives.

Give the OP a break. She shared what works for her. She isn't telling anyone or everyone to do what she does. She is just saying what she does..

We all should feel comfortable posting ideas, tips, suggestions, and what we do, and we should be able to do it without fear of having to defend ourselves..

Now, PM me and ask how I lost that 78 pounds in 5 months.(kidding - please don't), as I really don't want to have any 'splain'in to do. And there is even a <rolls eyes> for ya'll!..

Comment #18

Maybe you need to see what she actually wrote to fully understand the damage that was almost done. I don't think you're understanding just how off her advice was and how she made it look like it was factual and on plan.

Look around the boards and you'll see that I can be known as a trouble maker when it comes to encouraging deviations... and even I corrected her lol. That's just how far off base it was. I do tell people that you can do cheats on this, I do tell people that you can deviate on stats a little bit, but I also am responsible and make sure they understand the difference between MY way and the Nutrisystem way and that if they do try what I have done and do then they need to be prepared for potentially different results than what I get.

You're right, we should be able to post our thoughts and how things work for us without coming under attack. But we should also be able to be responsible and mature adults and do so in a manner that represents US and not NutriSystem. She did not do this, plain and simple. I really wish that one of us had quoted her original post since she has completely changed it..

No, in her original post that is not what she did. She wants you to believe that now... but that is not what she said or how it was presented. You've seen the edit date and comment, think about it...

Comment #19

Noralee, you have a private message. Just in case you don't know how to get to them, click on the Quick Links drop-down arrow in the upper right of this screen, and you'll see Private Messages...

Comment #20

Yes! I like to throw both into a blender w/ a splash of milk and a bit of ice. Smooooothie time!.

Thanks Nora, and nice stats!..

Comment #21

I tried PM'ing you, but I got a weird message back telling me my PM is not accepted. You can email me, if you want. I'll only leave my email address up until you tell me you have it. Then I'll delete it.


Comment #22

Whatever you want to believe... now you've even changed your name. Way to pull what I said out of context to.

You're like a disguise artist.

There's no point in arguing with people that constantly change the things they said and did and even their names...

Comment #23

I'd suggest everyone go through and read "Noralee" now known as "Nooper"s previous posting habbits.


Comment #24

I was referring to you putting the roll eyes icon in your posts and saying things like wow and unbelievable. That is what is juvenile. No one jumped on you. You jumped on everyone else that was trying to help (Pam is never anything but nice and tactful and helpful to all). She and others were just trying to clear up the misinformation you had in your post. And now you are trying to change what you said.

Too bad someone didn't quote that original post before you changed it...

Comment #25

I just wanted to say thank you to Pam and Sheri-Lynn for correcting the first original post. I had read it before it got edited too and it did confuse me. I read it as help with using NutriSystem, NOralee wasn't clear at first that it was just what she does at first. I'm still a newbie and learning lots of tips on this board is helping very much. I was going to post questions after her original post but Pam and Sheri-Lynn and a few others answered them for me before I needed to. I didn't take their correction posts to be rude either, I think they were thinking of people like me who are new to the program and might accidentally take it as something we could all do.

It's hard to find the tone of what people are trying to say when it comes out in writing, so it's easy to jump to conclusions and assume someone is picking on you. I've done the same thing many times.

I find it really weird that you can totally edit your post to the point of changing the whole thing plus your name though. It makes the rest of the replies sound totally off the topic. The original should stay there and it should just allow you to add to it if needed..

I'm sorry if I offend anyone with my post, I just wanted it to be clear that the original post really was confusing for a newbie, and thanks to the oldbies for clearing up stuff!..

Comment #26

First of all, nuts are not a protein, they are a fat..

Sugar free pudding cups do not fit in the plan anywhere..

Left over foods should not be protein, they should be foods that are eaten with the meals..

Gina: You would be better off talking to one of the Registered Dietitians to get complete and accurate information about your specific situation..

You can reach them at the following number:.

Dietary Dept, 800-585-5483, ext 1341.

Please ask for Mary or Stephanie...

Comment #27

I agree with Pam, a lot of the advice given seems inaccurate. It may work for you but it is a modified version of the plan the way you are doing it. You named things that don't fall into the guidelines and it looks to me as if you didn't eat everything as stated on the planner (specifically all of your fruits and veggies). Nuts will cover your fat for the if you eat an extremely small quantity of them but are not a protein.

Dairy/protein=12g carbs, 8g protein, trace of fat, 100 calories.

Vegetable=5g carbs, 2g protein, 25 caloires.

Fruit=15g carbs, 60 calories.

Carb=15g carbs, 3g protein, trace of fat, 80 calories.

Fat=45 calories, 5g fat.

(trace of fat is usually considered around 3g or less)..

Comment #28

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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