Nutrisystem dinner entrees?

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I'm having a hard time finding dinner entrees that I like. I'm not a great cook, so changing the entrees too much aren't an option for me. I order a lot of the pasta entrees (since I like pasta so much), but I'm finding that those are the hardest to swallow.

What dinner entrees do you like the most? Or do you have simple additions/changes to the entrees that make them more palatable? Thanks!..

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Your question was: Nutrisystem dinner entrees?.

Hi ajcooley - I like just about anything with tomato sauce or brown gravy, so I guess I am not going to be much help since you don't like the pasta dishes. I can say I prefer the veggie lasagna to the meat lasagna. I don't care for the meatloaf with tomato sauce, wish it were brown gravy instead. A friend of mine found these websites if you are interested in trying alternatives:.



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I love the hamburger, sloppy joe and the mac/cheese/burger. My hamburger I dress up just like I would my normal one, never have added cheese, using the Pepperidge Farm Sandwich thins. My sloppy joe, just heat up as directed and have it over an open face Pepperidge Farm Sandwich thins with finger veggies like celery and carrots. My mac/cheese/burger, I add half a can of drained fire roasted (Hunts) diced tomatoes and reheat all together. It tastes yummy. I use lots of frozen veggies as I found I couldn't eat all the fresh ones before they started going bad.

As m2 said, we all have our favorites and you will find your's too. Once I find something I really like, I go out and edit my order for the next auto delivery so I get more of what I like and have pretty much eliminated those things I couldn't eat. Good luck and just keep experimenting...

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Watership (or anyone) quick question about auto order. My husband and I have just started NS, and to answer ajcooley's question I've already found one dinner entree I really disliked, the penne with chicken alfredo (I love pasta but not this one).

I was wondering at what point during the 5 week cycle should I go online and adjust my order for next month? Can you wait until the last week or is it better to do it earlier? I don't want to wait too late and I don't know when they auto ship for the next month...

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The penne with chicken alfredo was the terrible one I had yesterday! I think I just had a bad day yesterday. So far, all of today's choices have been very good.

I've already updated my next order (even though I've just started) to get rid of the meals I've disliked, so I'm guessing that you can do it at any time..

What I'm wondering, is it possible to trade in the meals that I dislike? I ordered 4 of those penne dishes and would like to get some more of the ones I do like...

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Yes, you can return some if you want to. I just read this on the egg fritatta thread, thanks to beaudebv:.

I have four more of the alfredo as well but don't know if I want to bother to return them. I'm going to try adding some things next week, like frozen spinach, mushrooms etc and maybe use some fresh parmesan to kill the taste, LOL. I'm just hoping the other pastas I got are better because I have the meat lasagne as well as a couple of lunch pastas...

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You can do it as soon as you want. I am receiving my second order in the next couple of days. As I found items I didn't really care for in the first month I just popped into my account and changed them accordingly.

I was afraid life would get crazy and if I waited until the last minute I would miss the oppurtunity...

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Thanks, ladies, that sounds good. By updating as I go I won't have to make a list of likes and dislikes although I think it'd be difficult for any of us to forget the dislikes.

Edit: I guess I spoke too soon, how do I do a reorder or adjust an order? When I go to the Our Menu tab, Dinner and click on something it just wants me to start the plan all over again...

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You can change your order up to probably a week before your scheduled next delivery. I change it as often as I find something I like or don't like, just to make sure I don't get anymore of the stuff I don't like. Like the split pea soup for one! I threw it away and wasted some great veggies under it. Log into your membership account, then click on Manage My Auto Delivery, then click on Nutrisystem auto delivery order details. Your date for your auto ship date logged there..

Others who have been here longer can answer this better, probably, but I think I read you can return things within seven days of your receipt of the box. I would imagine shipping is on you. Hopefully by editing your order this wouldn't be necessary, but with getting the 35 meals and having only customized 28, I'm sure I'll get some of the not so tasty stuff I got the first time around...

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Thanks! I found where to edit my order and removed all the penne pasta alfredo I replaced it with the Pasta Fagioli which my hubby liked but I may have to edit a few more times before the next order arrives. It says my next order will ship August 6, so that's good to know...

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You can edit up until 24 hours before the order is packed. So just make sure you try as many of the not sures as early as you can.

I edited my order almost every day the first month I started...

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I pretty much dump the entrees over steamed veggies. Also, I thought I didn't like some of the reconstituted entrees but I just didn't let them soften up enough. I put them in the micro for a bit longer if I felt they weren't soft enough. Or put some LF laughing cow cheese in the entrees. Just get adventuresome on the entrees you don't quite like but don't want to return...

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I add Italian seasonings, garlic powder and grated 3 cheese blend to the pasta dishes with a red sauce. I use a variety of Mrs. Dash salt free seasonings too. Sauteed onions, zucchini, bell peppers and mushrooms would go good in just about anything, in my opinion.

The dry pastas need to be cooked longer or they are too hard. I take them out of the container, place them into a microwave safe glass bowl, add 1 cup of water, stir, place in microwave for 2 minutes at a time (stirring in between) until pasta is tender and sauce is thickened. I add broccoli, fiesta blend veggies or cauliflower to my pastas and sometimes 1 oz. of cooked chicken breast. Doing that makes a wonderful meal that I really enjoy...

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I love the mushroom risotti, lasagna, turkey tetracini, BBQ beans...

That is all I order. I usually eat them with a bag of steammer brocolli or green beans...

Hope that helps..

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I've sent things back that I have had much longer than a week, and they've never given me any grief over it. The truth is, with the number of different choices, you won't necessarily have had a chance to taste everything within the first week. And if you're like me, you may want to experiment a little before you decide something is definitely on your Inedible List!.

You do have to pay for the shipping unless Nutrisystem sent the wrong items (or your chocolate crunch bars melted in the heat before they arrived!)....

I've found spinach with lots of fresh lemon juice helps a number of the less appealing entreesI use it with the penne & chicken alfredo, the mac and cheeses, the lasagnasyou name it, I've probably tried it with a double helping of spinach to see if I could rescue it...

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I only have like 4 of the same dinner entrees. I love the thick crust pizza, hamburger, another type of pizza and the penne pasta (havent tried that one yet) My trouble is the add-ins, I dont like very many veggies...

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