Nutrisystem desserts?

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I am flexing now and waiting for my next BBB. I have the other meals down, but I need some dessert help. I have Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches (I know I can't have these every day), and Genisoy crisps.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for other desserts that meet the Nutrisystem stats? I would love something comparable to the "candy bars" or cakes...

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Your question was: Nutrisystem desserts?.

Vitatops - any of the chocolate muffin tops are awesome! A little low in protein, so I have with 1/2 glass of milk for a great sweet snack for around 160 cal...

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I haven't actually checked the nutrition contents of either of these suggestions, but just a couple of ideas you might want to check into the next time you're at the supermarket..

Weight Watchers has a whole line of snack cakes and muffins. I realize they make those foods to try to get people to follow THEIR plan, but I find that many of their products fit very nicely into the Nutrisystem program (like their string cheese and their yogurt)..

Also, almost every kind of cookie and snack cake out there has a 100 calorie snack-pack version nowadays. I'm thinking 1 1/2 to 2 of those might come up pretty close to the contents of a Nutrisystem dessert..

Jello sugar-free pudding cups are, if I recall correctly, 60 calories each. One of those plus a 100 calorie snack pack of something might work too..

Just some ideas, nothing concrete! I've got a long way to go myself before I have to worry about all this...

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I believe it's been posted here that the Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches are comparable to the one's offered though the Nutrisystem Select...

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Actually none fit the plan. Not enough protein and not low glycemic. If I ate them, I would just be hungry again soon. Those are pretty much empty calories.

A dessert should have 5 to 12 GR. of protein in it and 5 to 25 gr. carbohydrates, 110 to 180 calories...

Comment #4

No Pudge Brownie mix - you just mix yogurt with it. It is still not quite enough protein, but you can make an individual serving without having to make the whole box.

It takes the place of the brownie or the long lost and greatly missed MW choc. cake.<G>.


And the black mini poodles..

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So depending on how much protein your yogurt has is how much the brownies have?! I never bought them because they didn't have much protein I never read the directions.....

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I am another HUGE fan of no pudge fudge brownies- they are fantastic. You can use greek yogurt with them and add an egg white to help up the protein. The egg white will make the brownies a bit more cake like instead of like fudge. I make them in a 9x9 pan and cut them into 9 squares and the calorie count for each square comes out to be very similar to the Nutrisystem fudge brownie...

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Good to know! I wish I had come to these forums the first day I started on the plan, because I still seem to have a lot to learn even after nearly 2 months on the program...

Comment #8

Thanks to all of you for these great suggestions! I actually had never heard of no pudge brownies (love the name), but I'm thinking that a nice warm brownie with a tablespoon of PB2 spread on top sounds great!..

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