Should I not use a moisturizer while using Murad Acne Complex?

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Hey everyone,Quick questions so read carefully and stick with me because I think this might be helpful to others.Today I can get away with not moisturizing as my face isn't irritated (although it is quite dry, it isn't bothering me) because yesterday I moisturized the crap out of my face it hadn't been that dry in ages. But because I only recently started Murad Acne Complex (2.5 weeks ago) when I moisturized (with Cetaphil, non-comedogenic) it still caused breakout.1.) Does it make sense to take days occasionally where if I'm staying in I just let my face peel and the layers of breakout wear off? It seems when my face is dry is when I make the most progress. Or am I "training" my skin to only be clear when dry and break out every time I moisturize again?2.) Does anyone else find they make more progress on days where they can stay in the house and simply not moisturize?I just feel like if one can go without a moisturizer some days, then the Murad Acne Complex can work more effectively in the early stages.-Andrew..

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It's actually crazy... the one side of my face has entirely flattened out today. Yesterday it was raised bumps. Murad Acne Complex seems to just dissolve the gunk under the skin.My right cheek still has raised cysts but I think by tomorrow morning they should be a bit better...

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I don't know if there are any benefits. Usually people just moisturize like crazy because the dryness can get unsightly, uncomfortable, and/or itchy. There were days when I didn't moisturize because I wasn't going anywhere and felt lazy, but I don't think it effected the treatment one way or another...

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Think it just depends how your skin is feeling...i couldn't go without moisturiser thoughperhaps you need to try a different one that isn't irrirating your skin - fyi I use dermalogica intensive moisture balance..

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Moisturize the hell out of your me..or do you like scars?..

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Lol yeah right, you don't get scars from not moisturizing good god. Some people. I didn't moisturize at all when I was on Murad Acne Complex really .. just every once in a while with emu oil. I was afraid to honestly because moisturizers have always made me break out and I hate the way they feel, I feel so dirty wearing them. But now that i'm going back on Murad Acne Complex a second time, i'm seriously just going to start using whatever I want on my face.

I'm going to let people touch it. I'm going to go swim in dirty lakes and stay out all day without washing it and just not worry. Because i'm sick of letting this disease control my life...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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