Not feeling hungry during Nutrisystem?

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It's only my second day on Nutrisystem and I'm already struggling...I'm not even hungry, I just want to eat....anyone else ever feel this way?..

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Your question was: Not feeling hungry during Nutrisystem?.

You sound like me....only I had issues with the taste of the food I had picked out on the 1st day. I felt like packing the box up, sending it back, and throwing in the towel. I'm on my 4th week right now. hanging in there. Hope you can too...

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Hello jojo_mae1983,.

Participating in the community is an excellent idea! You may find it helpful to join in on some of the support groups located in the General forum. Many members agree that they are incredible sources of support, encouragement and friendships while on this weight loss journey. It may also be wise to check out the Food Talk and Tips forum to gather ideas for working the program and tailoring it to fit your needs. This is where the Search feature may come in handy. Click on Search and then Advanced Search, as many topics of interest have already been discussed and feedback shared. If you cant seem to find what you are looking for, feel free to create a new thread, just as you did here!.

If you need any assistance while exploring all of the tools and features located in the community, feel free to contact us at , or visit us in the Ask the Mod forum..

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!!..

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Hang in there. I am on my second week and it is getting a little easier. I think it is just hard to change habits at first...

Comment #3

Under MY PROGRAM, take a look at the MINDSET MAKEOVER.

Or contact a counselor.

You can do this..

Comment #4

I have the same issues with starting. I view it like an addiction- you are going through withdrawals. I found that cutting out fake sweeteners helped me rid myself of strong cravings. For me that means no diet soda and little to no crystal light drinks. Now lots of water, and some bitter drinks (coffee or tea)..

Good luck and stay strong!!..

Comment #5

Some habits are hard to break. This is one that I had to break. Once broken it gives you so much more time in a day. Eating used to take up so much of my time. Now Im in control- I won't be controlled anymore! Drink water and walk away! Take your bottle and get walking- thats what I do. Chug it down and repeat after me. "I will not eat because I am feeling out of control"!! You can do it...

Comment #6

Examine your meals and break them up as much as you can. Eat one thing at a time over a period of time so you spend more time eating what you're supposed to instead of slipping and adding in something you shouldn't have...

Comment #7

Wow, thanks everyone for the encouragement! it's great to have such a community of people that know exactly what i'm going through...

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Hi there. I saw this thread and thought "that sounds like me" so thought I'd jump in. It is very hard, and I really like what you said would be helpful.

I actually finally lost weight this week, but tonight I went and ordered chinese food. Now I wish I hadn't but at least I didn't eat it all. I'll just take a long walk with my dog tomorrow to try and work some of it off...

Comment #9

Hey jojo ~ I feel exactly this way tonight. It was also my second day. I should be sleeping right now but I'm so cranky! lol I've managed to pin down what I did wrong - not enough sleep and an event tonight from 5 to 11pm where everyone ate pizza and cookies while I had carrots and my buffalo pretzels!.

You can do this! I think you did just the right thing coming here for support - it's sure made me feel better...

Comment #10

When I am feeling hungry I will:.

Chew a piece of gum.

Learn to spread out your food it does not all have to be eaten in 1 sitting..

Eat your foods items slllllllllloooowww enjoy every nibble.

Go for a little walk - or do something to distract your mind.

Drink more water.

Add more vegetables into your day.

Have a sugar free jello..

Comment #11


I just had to chime in...I'm having difficulties lately too, though following a maintenance program. Losing/maintaining weight (as I'm learning) is life I haveeeeee to get back on the wagon! We must do this. Let's get back up, dust ourselves off and GO forward!.

We owe it to ourselves!..

Comment #12

Thanks everyone for your support. It's really very helpful. Well, on my third day I cheated and ate an extra dessert. But today I started an exercise program. I ate at a restaurant for dinner but I ordered something healthier that I normally wouldn't and I asked the waitress to box half of it before she even brought it out. I knew if I just said I'll only eat half but had it in front of me, I would've eaten it.

But it's super hard. But thank you to everyone for your support..

Comment #13

I am in my forth month and have lost 35 Pounds so far. I still have a problem some times when I think about how I used to eat. I feel like there was comfort in all the mindless eating I did. I would buy a bag of potato chips and eat the whole bag in one sitting or make mounds of pop corn and eat it all afternoon. My dinner servings were enough for 5 people when compared to nutrisystem meals. I think sometimes that I want that back in my life.

I think about all the clothes in my closet that I can no longer wear and that I do not have to go to Omar the Tent Maker to get a dress for a special ocasion. I think about the walks I take every morning with out painful feet and breathlessness. I am exhilerated by that. I still have 65 pounds to lose but I am certain that I will lose it because I have found things other than food to be excited about or comforted by. You will also feel this way if you give the program a chance.

I know that If I can do this that you can too. It will be fun to see you succeed so post to let us know how you are doing. When you feel like you must munch get on the computer instead and talk with us. Love Gail..

Comment #14

I just finished my third week and I have stuck to program at least 95% and if I failed it was because I did not eat all the food. I have lost 3.4# and that's on a good day, today I only lost 2.4#. My question is does the weight lost pick up or am I just a really slow loser and encouragement would help..I feel good but I find the scale movement is REALLY REALLY discouraging...

Comment #15

I found the external/internal hunger in the Mindset Makeover extremely helpful in getting my hunger under control. I'm on week 4 and it is getting easier. Hang in there!..

Comment #16

Try Taking Your Measurements And If Your Not Losing Weight I'm Sure Your Losing Inches..that's What Is Happening To Me....

Comment #17

Food is an addiction for some and just plain comfort for need to try your best to change food thoughts to what they really should be....fuel for your body and nothing more..

Recognizing that you want change is probably the biggest hurdle you will face and you have already met that challenge ladies.

Right behind it is putting together a plan you can live while you might not actually be "thrilled" to do, at least one that you wont mind so much when you think of what your goal is..

I always say that with anything difficult you have to have a "why that will make you cry." Write down (I am big on written goals) "WHY" you are doing this...then refer back to "why" when it gets tough (and it will) and this will help you stay on track. I might also suggest posting that "why" in several places like your mirror, your fridge, dashboard of your car...constant reminders of what you want to accomplish. When composing this "why" very specific...goals must be written and have some sort of a deadline (even a generous one will work)...if not they are not goals at all but merely dreams.

Dont be a slave to the will let you down more than it will help you. (IMO).

Find your "why" and use it to motivate you each day and hop on that scale once a week...the scale is just one measurement of success, not the only one...

Comment #18

OP: List what you ate and people will help you bulk it up with same calories. If that's too much work for you, not a good sign...

Comment #19

The scale often plays too much importance. Yes, it is important but it is only one measure. Did you take your measurements and record them on the site? Have you checked them again? Is there progress there? How about the health aspect? Are you feeling better? Are you sleeping better?.

You've heard it before but perhaps you might want to go over your program with a counselor and they might be able to fine tune it. It is so frustrating as I know the scale is the quickest way to see progress...

Comment #20

Hang in there JoJo_Mae. I'm in the same boat. I wasn't hungry at lunch and was eating my veggies lamenting my craving for refried beans when I realized it was about unlearning my bad habits and learning some new ones. Like to appreciate natural foods and flavors. I never eat fruit and rarely fresh veggies (unless you count salsa) but now I am doing better..

If you post what you ate and the timing, PamSB and other long timers can help you with the spacing and selections...

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