How do you eat everything in Medifast?

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Am new and have a quick question to ask...

So I started 5 days ago at 218 and have lost 9lbs so far..

Mf at 8am( in the car to work).

Mf at 11am.

Mf at 3pm.

Mf at 6pm (in the car on the way back from work).

Mf at 9pm.

Then I sleep at around 1030pm....and dont feel like staying up till 12 to get the LG in...

There is no time to get the 5 in or should I do 4 and 1??... 9pm LG instead of the MF.

I really am having a hard time figuring how you all manage to eat everything during your waking hours..

Appreciate the advice..thanks..

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You really need to eat all 5 Medifast meals, plus your L & G..

Here's how I do it:.

6:30 am - Medifast (shake).

9:30 am - Medifast (oatmeal).

12:30 pm - Medifast (bar).

3:30 pm - Medifast (bar).

6:30 pm - L & G.

9:30 pm - Medifast (pudding).

You can always combine them, and eat 2 at one time, if you can - like have a shake and a bar. That would be better than skipping a Medifast meal.....

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Hi Calmer and welcome!.

First let me start by saying Congrats on your 9 pound loss..

Medifast 5 & 1 Plan is designed to be nutritionally balanced to provide 100% of the daily value for vitamins and minerals the body needs. It's best to follow the plan the way it was written..

May I suggest to space your meals every 2 to 2 1/2 hours..

8am - Medifast meal.

10 am - Medifast meal.

2pm - Medifast meal.

4 pm - Medifast meal.

6pm - L&G.

9-9pm - Medifast meal.

I hope this helps...

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Hi Calmer,.

I am on week 5, day 2 and had the same problem. The first 4 weeks I had 3 or 4 packets per day and put myself into starvation mode. I still struggle with getting all 5 packets in each day but only missed one last week. I have made it a priority and sometimes have the pudding as a dessert with my L&G even though I am not hungry. I think it is important for us to learn how to eat small and often for the rest of our lives. Take it on as a challenge and you will win. Good luck!..

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That's been my biggest problems since I've started MF, somedays I have difficulties getting in all my meals. Since the end of June (end of school year) I've slept later and then have trouble getting 6 meals in during awake time. Skipping a Medifast meal caused my weight loss to slow down. My body thought it was starving and tried holding onto all the fat. Cut your time between foods to 2.5 hours and see what happens. Best Wishes...

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Thanks Medifast friends!.

... for the really helpful suggestions...i think I will try reducing the space between the meals....

Esp the Medifast earlier in the day....fingers crossed I make it to 1 month like this..i know if I can make it the first month I can be on this long term...

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I struggle with the same thing - really it is I get busy at work and forget. You are correct about getting through the first month - I just received my second months order and actually feel like this time I have chosen the right program. Plus I like to visit the discussion boards to see everyones weight loss tracker - it gives me the motivation I need. Good luck on your Medifast journey...

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When I did 5/1, I had to set a little kitchen timer and keep it in my pants pocket. If I didn't, I would go 6 hours with no food at all. SO, please eat all the food. I'm in maintenance now and it's going really well, because I made myself eat every few hours on 5/1. It really was imperative for me to be successful for the rest of my life..

I generally eat at 8, 11, 2, 4, 6, and 9. Because I used to eat very little after breakfast until 4pm, when I would start snacking on high fat and sugar foods until our 6pm dinner. So I now space my meals closer beginning at 2pm..



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.