Weird weight loss patterns with Medifast

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My question to all you veterans of Medifast out there>.

I have been on the plan since March 8th of this year..2008 and I am in the begining of my 20th week. Last week (19th week) I had zero loss and the week before was a three lb loss, the week (17th week) before that another zero loss. I did nothing drastic different, exactly the same foods and excercise and always enough water.

That comes out to only 3 lbs in a three week period. That is a lb a week!! I started at 206 and am currently at 170..anyone else experience this weird weight loss pattern w/o ever cheating?.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can share with me on this..I do not want to quit, but at this rate maybe just a simplier (less expensive) diet would work just as well..


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HI Joanne,.

I'M answering your question because I failed at that part of the diet...I started Medifast in feb 07 I lost 97 lbs by sept 07...then the slow down first I just stayed on and took my 0-1lb. a week loss... telling myself well at least I'm still losing even if it's only a little bit...then where I went wrong (and Please don't go there) is when I felt like I should have been losing more I felt like all this sacrafice and only 1/2 a lb lost??? so then I started giving in to temptation the first week was ok cause I only cheated for 1 meal and I actually lost 3lbs that week. why? I don't I thought it had to do with adding more cals.WRONG!!!! I just kept adding cals from that point on and gained back 50lbs!!!.

WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE WAS UP MY EXERCISING AND PERHAPS SWITCHED MY MEALS AROUND....and thats what I am suggesting to you.... don't add cals...add exercise...I'm back on now and I'm losing again...I plan on staying through this time...wish me luck....and good luck to you dawnp..

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I've been there too! I have been on Medifast for 2 yrs and have lost 157 pounds. There are weeks I only loose a half pound or none at all and it does get very frustrating! But then your body catches up and all of a sudden there is a 4 pound loss in a week. I change up my exercise maybe add an extra 5 minutes on the bike or eliptical. Maybe go a for an extra walk. Your body needs time to catch up every so often. SO don;t get discouraged, it will come off again!!!..

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I once plateau'd for about two weeks, and had lots of little plateaus every ten pounds or so for a few days. Sometimes it takes your body a little time to adjust to a particular weight level before it feels safe enough to continue to lose weight. It's totally normal to go through weeks where you lose absolutely nothing or (gasp!) even gain a few pounds of muscle mass, especially when exercising or starting a new routine..

Another aspect to consider in jumpstarting you out of a plateau is looking at your food intake, your water intake, and your exercise level. Perhaps you're eating condiments and not logging them like you should, or eating too few calories (try eating in the upper range of the recommended calories for a while). You might also want to incorporate some metabolism boosters like three cups of green tea or momentum. You might also want to pick up the intensity level and/or frequency of your cardio exercise, or consider adding some weight training exercises every other day to your workout routine. Remember, exercise a MAX of fourty five minutes a day (warm up for five minutes, exercise within your target heart rate range for thirty minutes, then take a ten minute cool down)..

Lastly, give yourself a break. This is totally normal and if you stay OP and follow this advice, you will begin to lose again eventually. It's just a matter of time...

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I haven't experienced a plateau yet but I did have a very long conversation with a nutritionist (not from Medifast so take it for what it is worth) last week about a "tricks" for breaking plateaus. She said that a 3 day regime of taking a healthy fat evenly spaced throughout the day tells the brain that it can get rid of stored fat because it is getting it on a regular basis. She mentioned a chunk of avacado every 3 hours. I was thinking I could use my 5 olives spaced throughout the day or the Fatty acids. Haven't tried it yet and I haven't seen any research on it, just thought I would share. It was a great conversation and made loads of sense at the time, I wish I could recall more of the details...

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You know..i am in the same point..where my losses are so slow with a 0 thrown in...and it is frustrating..but I know this diet works and as others have is a matter of time. In no other diet program would I have got this loss in this short please hang in there..sometimes our bodies try to act funky..but if we stick to the will work...stay strong..

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What I learned from Dr. Beck:.

Life is not fair. It's not FAIR that I have to diet to lose weight. It's not FAIR that my body doesn't lose weight at the pace I want it to - or expect it to. It's not FAIR that my weight losses are not always consistent with what I put in my mouth yesterday, or the exercise I did for the day(s) before I got on the scale..

These are all "Oh Well," moments. They don't have to be. I can turn it into quite the little melodrama and throw myself on the bed or stomp my feet, or yell at dogs stupid enough to cross my path when I'm on the war path..

And sometimes I do, to get it out of my system. (Except yelling at dogs. or kids.) Then I feel like an extreme idiot, and just get back to it. And I remember: Oh, well. And the next week, or the week after, I lose, and everything is ok again. And, I try to keep it from happening again - because when I let it get to me THAT MUCH - I've lost.

I risk going to Portillo's and ordering every form of hot dog under the sun plus fries. I risk completely losing it, because I've lost it.

And the Oh, Wells are more frequent - but the stomping feet moments are less frequent.

It's how I've lost 170 pounds in a little over 9 months. It works. It works on your body's time table - not on your brain's time table...

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Hi Joanne, it's actually not a weird weight loss pattern, it's completely normal. Doing exactly the same foods and level of exercise at 170 lbs as you did at 206 will yield less results. The closer you are to healthy BMI, the more diligent you have to be and the slower weight loss will go. At this point in the game, developing patience and perseverance is necessary. This is true of every weight loss program there is - it's always naturally slower, closer to goal. Personally, I think that an average loss of 1 lb per week when you're getting close to goal is still progress.

Changing things up is definitely the way to go, to get quicker results! Add more variety/types of exercise, and up the intensity. Varying the intensity, such as brisk walking interspersed with bouts of running is one example or varying intensity. How much exercise have you been doing, and what kind, exactly?..

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Congrats on your great success, Joanne! You're doing GREAT!.

As I got closer to my goal, I found my losses became more erratic. I would have a week or two of little or no loss, then... BOOM... three or four lbs would disappear. I wasn't doing anything different, just the weight loss pattern changed. I even had a plateau that lasted almost 3 weeks! I found the pattern of my losses followed my TOM schedule...

Its easy to get used to the large, consistent losses at the beginning of the program, but what you are seeing now is very common. Keep following the plan and you will keep losing!.

But don't be afraid to mix things up! You've gotten some great advice on that... Change your exercise... change the time of day you eat your LG, or the type of protein you eat... etc.

Good luck... keep up the good work, the reward is WORTH it!..

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Becki - I had the same pattern the closer I got to goal. 0 loss weeks, followed by a 3 pound loss. Just don't give in to the frustration. This plan WILL work, but you gotta expect the loss to slow down as your body just doesn't require the same amount of calories for daily living. Heck, my maintenance calories are only 1500 a day!..

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This week will be my third-straight week of a 0lb loss. It happens... You just have to keep your head on straight and push through it. Stay on plan and know that it will come off when your body is ready.

I think I know part of my problem (too much exercise, not enough sleep), so I'm concentrating the rest of this week on the basics. Take a look at your life outside of eating and see if there is anything that could be sabotoging you...

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I am so glad I decided to surf the Medifast site tonight. I guess I have been feeling sorry for myself and was looking for some answers. I am in my 5th week and have only lost 12 pounds. I did not have the huge first week that seems to be the norm for most. I am not sleeping well ever since I started this plan as I used to eat carbs before bed and it would knock me out. I drink all of my water and exercise 5 days a week.

Okay, sorry to be such a worry wart, it's just makes me nuts that I am not losing the weight like I thought I would. Thanks for lending an ear! Patti..

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I didn't have a great first week, down 6 pounds and I'm almost at day 25 and I've lost only ten pounds total-I have lost two inches off both hips and waist and can "squeeze" into pants two sizes smaller so this program works only at a different pace on my body. I do however feel better!.

Florida Patti-maybe try some interval cardio one or two days a week and see if that helps?..

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Going by your ticker, you only have 34-pounds to lose...I believe that it will go slower for those with less to lose...

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Thanks for all the advice here. I do exercise, I guess I left that out, 5 days a week. I think my age, menopause, and the fact that I was not eating much before Medifast that all add up to slower loss pound wise. I have gone done in inches, I think 11 inches lost all together. So I will continue to plug away at this and know I am doing a good thing for my body. Best of luck to all of you and thanks again. Patti..

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I feel so much better after reading these blogs, I am on my second week, first week I lost 5 pds and the second week I gained 1 pd back. So I will hang in there, keep on the plan..


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I also did not have a big loss the first week. I got my period 5 days in to the program, so it's hard to know if I lost weight, or just lost the water retention from the period. I'm on day 12. I started 8/1. I'm sticking to the plan which is a major decrease in calories for me. Started exercising...cardio and weights.

Clothes do not feel any looser. It's dicouraging because I suffered from headaches and fatigue for about the first 5 days..

I'm a teacher. If I'm going to stay on this, I have to invest in a small fridge and a microwave for school. I'm feeling very unmotivated to invest more money in this. Please advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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Hang in there and I think you'll be glad you did. I lost 60 pounds in about 5 months. There is a team of teachers in the Clubhouse strand. Join us if you want. I think the latest thread is called Team Teachers..Countdown to Chaos.

I know it's expensive. But so is junk food...

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I was very fortunate to have a loss each week - I know that others have not. It has so much to do with your water weight, the time of the month, how much salt intake, your exercise, etc. It will come off - and if you have been at a certain weight sometime in your life for any length of time, sometimes your body just wants to stay there. Just keep doing your plan 100% and I promise it will start to show on the scale. Just stick with it. I know it's tough - but you will see results. PM me if I can help at all......

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I was at a plateau and I was told to substitute the bars for a while and exercise more. I have done this and it has helped I just lost over 2 pounds even during a female week.

Are you eating the bars? How often are you exercising. Don't over do but switching it up will help you out!.


Keep it up..


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I would love to encourage you!! Have you gotten any response to your posting from others who have had success? I have many questions for you, but I'll start here to see if this posting reaches you. I've never been a part of this message board're my first..


Certified Health Coach..

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Is anyone working with you on your specific areas of concern? I have many thoughts that may help you AND some ideas you can try. Let me know. I just found this message board, and still not sure if I'm doing this right..


Certified Health Coach..

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How are you doing now? If you'd like to PM me, feel free. I would love to hear from you..


Certified Health Coach..

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Wow, Karen!.

What great success you've had. How are you doing now?.


Certified Health Coach..

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What a great story!! How are you doing now?.


Certified Health Coach..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.