No weight loss in last 2 weeks of Nutrisystem?

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Hi all, I have been on the program for almost 2 months now. I lost 16 pounds. however, I havn't lost at all in the last almost 2 weeks. I drink all my water, only eat the program, veg and I add either egg whites or yogurt, I admit that I am bad at eating all the fruit but I havn't cheated even once.and I am in a boot camp so I work out every day. I am starting to get discouraged. what can be going wrong should I change and add less protein.


My hubby said it's only a number and I am probably gaining muscle but I didn't think that was possible with so much weight to lose...

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Your question was: No weight loss in last 2 weeks of Nutrisystem?.

Hi There!.

Congrats on your loss so far. You may feel discouraged right now, but believe me, 16lbs is a big deal. Don't give up. I have gone through a couple of stalls myself. I am currently on one (but that is my fault for not exercising as much).

One thing that got me through my stall was to change my protein. If you are working out a lot, you do need your protein. If you can, try to time your work-outs right before a snack. Your body needs to be fed after sweating. Lean protein and a fruit are excellent for your muscles to do there job.

Don't cut down on your protein. What you can try is changing to a leaner protein. Try chicken or ham instead of yogurt. Dairy proteins always have a higher fat. Egg whites are good but they get old. Try mixing in some chopped spinach and tomato with it.

Take a look at your veggies too. Green veggies are supposed to be healthier and have higher fiber content. If the one's you are eating now aren't green, try changing.

Regardless of how good we are, we will stall, we're women. We go through monthly changes more than men and because of it, our weight stalls or even goes up at times. Stick to weighing once a week. I know it's hard but you will see less fluctuation by doing this and it can help your frustration..

Keep up the good work...

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I can second this! I am currently on Week 11, but for Weeks 7-10 my weight loss was nearly immeasurable It did finally break this week, but not as much as I would have hoped for I keep in mind two things - (1) not everyone is the same, so losses aren't going to be either, and (2) I have lost more than 15 pounds already (which is within the average 1-2 lbs per week)..

I only weigh myself one day per week and always the same weekday and time. I am not a slave to the scale, as they have a tendency to LIE!!!! I think PamSB posted a thread about an article she read on the scale subject. Maybe she'll pop in here and send it to you again...

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You must eat everything on the program, eat the fat, all your proteins, all your veggies and all your fruits! If you are not eating everything you probably are not getting enough calories and your body is going into starvation mode and holding on to what you eat. I didn't look but if you have over 100 lbs to lose you need to add two carbs and a fruit if you are on the regular program... please call a counselor and make sure you are following everything like you are suppose to!.

If you are in fact eating everything you should you just have to be patient... stalls happen and a counselor can help you with that too. Sometimes changing things around helps, changing your add ins etc.

Hang in there!..

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Just FYI, Essey1234, the article that roorat60 mentioned is the one that I included in my earlier post...

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