No weight loss for 5 weeks with Nutrisystem?

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I no I have posted with several questions in regards to weight-loss. I have been on Nutrisystem for over 2 years reaching goal twice. Now I know it is a lifestyle. I have been following plan 100%. I do 60 min cardio a day mikxing it up/strength train 3 days and yoga 1 day. Im 5'4 138 looking to lose 15lbs.

Blood work is fine..

Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner snack.

NS entree Pancake Nutrisystem Pototos Nutrisystem Mushroom rissto Grapefruit 1/2.

Egg white(3) tuna LS 1/4c almonds (6) Plain Greek yogurt.

Bluberries3/4c Aspargus 1 c Broc 1.5 c.


Bbq soy chips.

I have differnt Nutrisystem foods and change up my add-ins some days a week. I burn about 400 cals during cardio with my heart rate monitor. I hear starvation mode because of cardio, but I think it's over rated. I use my planner. any feedback on what others do or have done. Thanks Iam very desperate...

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Your question was: No weight loss for 5 weeks with Nutrisystem?.

Are you logging your food so you can see how many calories you're eating? Maybe you're not getting enough. That happened to me back around the holidays. I dropped to just 1000 a day and the weight loss stopped. Once I got back up to around 1200 a day I started to see movement again.

You also didnt' mention if you're drinking all of your water each day or not. I read last night that women need about 9 glasses a day plus something like another 1/2 cup for every 30 minutes of exercise they do..

If you're able to you may want to invest in a BodyBugg or FitBit to get a more accurate measurement of how many calories you're burning. They're on the expensive side, ~$200, but I love my BodyBugg. It helped me focus and lose the last 25-30 pounds. I'm 5'3" started at 191 and weighed in this morning at 129. My goal was 130...

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Ways to Try to Break a Plateau:.

First, know that Nutrisystem doesn't call it a plateau until you've gone 3 weeks with 0 weight loss. You can't expect to lose weight every week. You might, but if you don't, it isn't cause for alarm. If it has been 3 weeks, here are some things to try:.

1. Switch your dinner meal with your lunch meal. That includes add-ins..

2. Choose only "hard" proteins for your add-ins. These are meats and fish. And per Nutrisystem guidelines, you can be eating 100 calories of meat if you choose that for your dairy/protein. It should be AT LEAST 7 grams per protein serving (more is better), but no more than 3 grams of fat. Are you getting enough protein in?.

3. Increase your Exercise minutes and try a different activity.

4. In rare cases, you might need to add another protein serving to up your calories. This is most often true when someone is working out a lot. Not many of our 50+ women fall into that category. I would NOT try adding calories (beyond the 100 protein calories) without talking to an Nutrisystem counselor. See item 2 instead..

5. Drink MORE real water!.

6. If you have been strictly following the Nutrisystem plan, try going out to eat and ordering a simple fish or chicken meal  no sauces. Add veggies, salad, and a carb like whole wheat roll or brown rice (see the low GI Carb list). Carefully watch your portion. Your chicken or fish should only be about the size of a deck of cards..

7. Choose different add-ins than your usual..

8. Are you following the plan EXACTLY? Lots of the fancy things that people add to jazz up their food add up to significant calories. Sometimes going back to basics helps..

9. Are you drinking alcohol at all? That cancels out your progress for the week IMO. I did it occasionally while losing, and I could sure tell the difference in a lot of ways. Avoiding alcohol is really a good idea during the weight loss phase. I've found even in maintenance that I rarely drink any more. Your tastes change once you get healthy!..

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Thanks for all the advise, Im averaging 1200-1260 in calories, iam drinking 1 gallon some times more water. Does anyone think that changing my foods on a daily basis will help...

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You are not alone, I have been stuck for over a month now too. Granted I am on the last 5 pounds and I know it is hard to lose that last weight. I have upped my cardio this week and I am hoping the scale will move. I have noticed I am retaining some water, my rings are tight. I "hit the wall" today at the gym and have had a really bad "hungry day" ever since I got home this morning. Every time I eat, I get hungry (and I mean really hungry, not just I think I'm hungry) soon after.

Maybe I need to add some benefiber to my water, I've done that in the past and I also added some lemon juice to my water to help with the water weight. We will see if this works in the next few days. I am averaging 1200-1300 calories a day and according to my monitor I am burning from 1500-2100 calories a week doing exercise. I am very small and I can't eat more than 1200 calories if I am not exercising or I gain weight. I feel like I live at the gym I just can't add any more exercise than what I am doing now.

I have trouble getting my heart rate up. I take inderal (beta blocker) for migraines and it seem to make my heart rate slower. I am doing weight lifting 3 days a week, jazzercise 2 days a week water aerobics 1 day a week and I walk every night 1.5 miles in 25 minutes. If anyone sees a solution let me know. (and no, my measurements have not changed either..


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I'm confused. Your ticker says you are under goal. Is it possible that you are where you should be weight-wise and that's why your scale isn't moving? Do you like the way you look right now?..

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Maybe your body is telling you that you do not need to lose any more weight?..

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That is my old ticker from when I reached goal 2 years ago. I keep it to remind me that I did it once before. And no 108 is not too skinny. I am only 5 ft. 1 inch and very small framed. Right now I am around 114 lbs. by no means fat but a few extra pounds in all the wrong places...

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I switch my proteins up every now and then and have found that helps to. Normally I have 1 oz of low fat cheese but every few weeks I'll swap it out for some Greek Yogurt which is a lot higher in protein. I haven't tried swapping out for a hard protein such as meat so I don't have personal experience as to whether or not that really helps. I've read it does so it can't hurt to try for a week or two...

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