No motivation during Medifast?

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I started yesterday, and boy oh boy was my mind playing tricks on me. I did well, I got through the dizziness, the laziness but right after I struggled to get to my last meal, I ate 3 cookies and a sandwich... bummerrrrrrrrrrr!!!! How do I get through this? and it's making my tummy gassy!!! HELP!!!..

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I'm a newbie here also, just been on it for 2 weeks, but from what I see, it's the kind of diet, with the low carbs and low calories, that there is no leeway. I used to do another diet and there were lots of options. This isn't it. I think you have to make that decision from the get go. If you want results, and don't want to waste money either, talk to yourself about recommiting and what that means to truly embrace this diet. If you start looking through these theads and photos, that will give you incentive, because people seem to lose fast on this, and alot of weight. There are really big losers here it's quite impressive...

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You CAN do this! The gas you will have, until your body gets used to MF. I've been on Medifast for almost 3 weeks now (I re-started in 2010-I lost 60 pounds in 2007, got all cocky and screwed up). Jobeth is right-there is no leeway..

Try to stay OP=on plan. Get the 5 Medifast meals and one awesome L & G. If you do get hungry, eat a sugar free Jell-o-that helps me at the end of the day. Or you can chew 3 pieces of sugarless gum..

The first week is the hardest week for me...and for other people, I am sure! I feel this 3rd week is WAY easier than the first one..

Good luck!..

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Thanks guys, so far I am doing ok today, not really as hungry as yesterday but I know I have along ways to go. It was hard yesterday, had to follow the condiments to a T, measuring the food, and weghing it, it was a lot, but I will see. thanks fr the help.....

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Well today is my fourth day on Medifast and I am definitely having a hard time today. I too have a lot of gas but I guess that is normal. I really, really want this and I am trying so hard! I have not cheated yet! Today I couldnt stop thinking of how I will not be able to eat what I want EVER! But hopefully that is not true. Moderation is the key. I am going to try to take it one day at a time. I am glad that I got on these boards, they will probably help me!..

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They will definitely help! The first few days I was on it I had to drink water like a camel, a lot of people suggest sleeping to pass the time by when you are hungry but I would suggest keeping a water container filled with ice water at ALL times it's amazing how much more water you drink when it available around you 24/7. Water really really helps the cravings and dont forget you can have a Medifast approved snack chewing sugar free gum works wonders too. I remember the first day I was on medifast I was so hungry all day long and I work at a pizza place >.O but luckily for the first few days I started Medifast I didn't have work But when I walk in now I can easily grab a salad instead of a slice of pizzaMedifast is like trying a new sport! Its hard at first but it gets easier the longer you do it!..

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Water, water, water. I am on day 5 and so far (thank goodness) have not been hungry, just gassy. However, I have cheated and had chow mein with dinner on day 2. Oops! For me the hardest part is in the evenings, so I always save my L&G for dinner and that way I feel like I'm still eating regular food. Also, one "meal" for after dinner, as a dessert. And remember, that L&G consists of THREE servings of vegetables (if you eat them all at once and not snack during the day) and a good portion of protein.

Hopefully that helps you too...

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Hi guys..

Stick with works..

When you feel hungry, and it is not time for a meal, drink water..

And do try the little jello cupsthey are a very nice treat..

But don't give up...I know it can work..


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I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Medifast isn't just a tool to assist in changing your body, it is a tool to change your life. Your eating habits, the way you think about food, the excercises(once you begin them)you do, how it fits into your life, and the way you look and feel about yourself. It is human nature to want and crave flavor in your diet and in your life. Don't ever judge yourself negatively for living with the human nature. It took me 38 years to get where Im at( I put on about 50 pounds over the last 6.5 years) that long to lose it.

Having a food that "isn't allowed" on a given day doesn't make you terrible, it doesn't mean you will ultimately fail, nor does it mean you'll continue to indulge because you can, if it did you wouldn't have turned to this plan. I stick to eating properly but I'll admit I want flavor in my food and some of these meals are seriously lacking(no offense MF) so I will allow myself some. When I do make an allowance I look at the calories/ingredients of the food(I make the same meat for my family from the lean/green, but I also will make them a side option) and I will allow myself 1 or 2 tablespoons. Its not alot so I don't beat myself up about it or tell myself I've ruined everything by enjoying it, I savor what I've allowed myself to have and continue with my day. I don't crave food allowances(outside MF) daily nor do I take part in them often.

Yes but I've already proven to myself that I have changed and I do trust who I am and who I will ultimately become. For others look inside yourself and realize where you are and love it! Remember we're all blessed in life simply because God felt we were all special enough to give it to. Have faith in what you do and don't ever judge yourself based on what someone else's standards are...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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