No Medifast after surgery?

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Hello all,.

Trying to get my Medifast mojo back after a fibroid surgery in late January. Doctor did not want me trying to "lost weight" while my body was healing from such an invasive surgery. All went well and I am healthy and healing, but I had to eat regular food during this time. Also, I could barely move for the first week and a half, so no exercise.

Before the surgery I had lost 56 pounds since Mid July '09 and was steady on the plan, but this has derailed me! I was doing so well and now I have lost that focus, you know, that focus that makes you single-minded about doing this diet. I gained 4 pounds back and that's so alarming for so many reasons. I feel utterly dependent on Medifast - what is going to happen when I hit my goal and have to transition and eat table food again?? I feel so mentally weak - why can't I just jump back on the wagon and not have this psychological block (maybe that's why I'm fat in the first place!!)? AAhhhhhhhh!!!!.

I need some advice, encouragement, similar stories, pep-talks, anything you guys have to offer.

Thanks so much!!.


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First, welcome back and hugs for the owie! If you only gained 4 pounds back without going through T&M I think you should pat yourself on the back, that's fantastic! I would suggest you restart by refreshing your memory with the plan materials and make your shopping list for your lean and greens. Planning is always good! Second, make sure you're drinking your water! Hopefully you kept up with it while recovering to help your body heal. Next I'd make sure you start getting your Medifast meals in, and make sure you stick to your daily schedule, if you had one. Then I'd make sure you have the aspirin bottle ready because you're going to have to get into ketosis again. Baby steps, get yourself back into that frame of mind, plan and drink. You can do it! I'm sure others who have had surgery while on 5&1 can add their personal touch.

I think we all fear T&M, but you know they have a plan for us and from what I've been reading from all the great people here who are going through it now, it's really just like 5&1 only now we need to count calories instead of packets. Don't stress it, just follow the plan. You can do it!..

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I really really needed that dose of common sense amidst all of my emotional response to my situation. I had a lot of success when I diligently planned things out, so I will try to do so again.

Thanks so much, MT Cup. Hugs to you...

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Hey sweet: congrats on losing so much before your surgery!! You can do this again. You've got it in you...look at your track record. You can do it :-).

Glad your surgery went well!!..

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Thank you for the words of encouragement. Remembering how much I've already accomplished really helps!.


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I am the Queen of Surgeries really! For example - breast implants in and out and in and out and in again and right now totally out (Last time under local) ... ouchers!.

I think that the IV liquids makes it seem harder to get back on track but once you get through the 3 headachey days - you will feel great in no time and that water gain will fall right off!! You can do it!!..

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