No weight loss in 3rd week of Medifast

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Hi All!.

Was very excited the first two weeks on MFlost a total of 8 lbs! Still on plan but this week is my third week and so far no lbs lostDid some of you do the same? I thought I read that you should lose approx 2lbs per weekguess it works differently for each person? Maybe my metabolism is slower since I am 67. I have not been exercising a lot except back exercies and some walking. Did any of you lose and then it might be a while before you lost again? Guess I am kind of discouraged today about all of this..

Thanks for advice...

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Don't be discouraged! You have hit the dreaded 3rd Week! It's happened to MANY of us. I happened to me. Like you, I was discouraged, but I kept going. Things will pick back up next week, just stick to the plan!.

Congrats your loss so far!..

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Keep your chin up! The 2 lbs. per week is an average. You've lost more than 2 lbs. per week over 3 weeks. So, you are right on target. Some weeks may be slower than others.

It works!.


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No worries.

This has happened to me several times now. Do not get discouraged. Take your measurements and look at the changes in cothing sizes. I have only about 30 pounds while other on the plan for the same time period have lost 50 or more.

It will come off and some of us take longer..... don't stop - you will be amazed with your results...

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I have read on these boards that a lot of people lose little or nothing during week three. (I don't know the reason....we are all different)..

Anyway, keep up the fantastic work, you are doing great - you are right on target. Just remember to stay on plan (OP) and you will be fine!..

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Hi All!.

Thanks so much for your replies and encouragement. Makes me feel better to know others have experienced the same thing.

Plan to continue...

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My third week was pretty much the same....i only lost .5 pounds. This is my 4th week, i'm hoping to have lost at least 1 pound this week! LOL.

Everyone warned me about this....just stick it out..

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I almost quit after week 3 cuz I did not lose an ounce, then in week four I gained..

But I hung in there and the next week lost 2.5 pounds.

Hang in these, this is normal you will lose. Sofar down 13 pounds - kinda like the hare and tortoise....I will reach my goal and you will too!!..

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I'm in week 3 as well... day 5 of week 3... so far my scales has been at a total stall this week... but the last 2 weeks, my daily weigh ins have been all over the place, so I am hoping for a sudden large drop... and if not, I am just going to hang in there until the end of week 4. I know for sure I can not be gaining weight..

I will chalk it up to my body adjusting.

I am amazed I made it this far!..

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