No change in weight from Medifast!

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I've been OP for almost 2 weeks now. I jumped on the scale 4 days after my first weigh in & got extremely depressed. I saw no change in weight! I'm hoping by my weigh in tomorrow that I will at least see a 1-2 lb loss. After reading some of the threads & fellow MF's posts, I've come to realize that it's kind of normal. Everyone wishes to lose more than they do, but always have to remember that "slow & steady wins the race". I now realize that my body is probably just going thru a transition stage & that hopefully (did I say hopefully? I meant "I will") see results every week after this.

Whenever I get to feeling down about the weight loss (or lack of) I try to remember that not everyone is made the same so not everyone is going to lose the same. I also need to remember (from the time I was doing Curves) that it's more the inches lost than the lbs. lost that really show & matter. Thanks everyone for all your inspiring words & support thru these threads. Keep up the great work everyone & we all will get there at our own pace...

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Hey alot of us really don't lose any weight durning the 3rd week. In a natural process.... I think it has something to do with your body fighting back against your diet.... It's trying to trick you off the diet... Stay strong... I have to admit it was 10 days for me before the scale moved. DON"T give up.....

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Just be sure to reach out when you need help or a hug. There's always plenty of those around here. I am one of those slow and steady losers. I know even when I don't loose or G-d forbid, gain, that support is always here, no matter what..

Best of luck,.


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Hopefully you're in this for the long haul, so as frustrating as it can be when you see no losses, what happens long term is what is important. Stay OP, get moderate exercise (after 2nd or 3rd week) and drink lots and lots and you'll lose weight. Since I'm a slower loser I've just learned to accept that weight loss doesn't always happen when I want it to, but it does happen if you are patient ! Best of luck on your Medifast journey!..

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Hopefully you are in this for the long haul. As frustrating as it can be when we've done all the right things and the scale doesn't reward us, just remember it is what happens in the long term that matters. Stay on plan, exercise moderately after your 2nd or 3rd week, and drink lots and lots of water and you will lose weight. As a slow loser I've just learned to accept that the scale doesn't always move downwards just because I want it to. Good luck on your Medifast journey!..

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In the last 2 weeks I have, according to my scale, lost 1 pound. However, according to the super tight (not street-ready, I think I read someone on the boards calls them ) and super adorable madras shorts I bought 3 weeks ago, my scale can bite me - they are now street ready!..

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I am on week five of medifast and as soon as I hit Onederland, my scale has nowstopped moving! but that doesnt stop my inches from melting away! thats where the true transformation comes from. It can get very demotivating and stressful but I dont let it get to me. Ive decided that I will weigh myself every two weeks instead of one and then compare inches to lbs. I think that will help me to stay motivated and be positive..

Just stay OP, drink lots and lots and lots of water(did I mention LOTS)~!!! and exercise moderately..

Try to do 30 min. of any cardio and 15 min strength training. It works! Good luck...

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Yup.. poundage is not that significant as inches... just means that you are converting fat to muscle which weighs more, but looks ever so much hotter..

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