Newbie to Medifast -- Need Advice!

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I am starting Medifast on January 1! I was in the chat room the other night, and someone there was asking if I got this, printed that, bought this... and now I am so STRESSED OUT!.

Should I buy special containers to use on the go / at work? I was considering buying a tumbler for shakes... no idea what to buy for soups... should I get a hand blender to make shakes better? Should I load up on sugar free syrups?.

Please tell me what someone starting off should have on hand! Thank you...

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No need to feel stressedit'll all be alright. You can start Jan 1 with what you'll get with your ordera Medifast shaker. I recommend going to the "Success Tools" tab above and clicking on "Eat Right". Spend some time reading and getting familiar with the plan and print out the food options/condiments/"green" options/"lean" options. Won't take any time & will make your life much easier (both for shopping & food prep). Personally, I don't care for the soups, so the Thermos I ran out & bought at the start was an unnecessary purchase.

I do use my individual Hamilton Beach blender for smoothies and my steamer for veggies quite often. I love the chocolate chip pancakes without syrup, but you may wish to get some sugar free (I think I've seen that Walden Farms has a good option from the boards). Also, refer back to the Medifast official site for foods/condiments, etc. Sometimes you'll see suggestions on the boards that are not OP (OP=on plan). One of MF's biggest strengths is that it's super easy to follow.

Good luck!..

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Hi Kitteh, and welcome to MF,.

Try not to get too stressed out over it all. It may seem like a lot of info coming at you all at once, but it really isn't so bad..

Some basic tools that I think many people prefer to have are:.

1) The weight chart for vegetables found at .

2) to go with that list, you'll want a digital scale :-) If you get a basic digital kitchen scale (can be found in any target, walmart, bed bath & beyond, etc..) you'll be able to use it for grams of weight for vegetables, and oz of weight for your proteins..

3) The "get started" guide that comes in your box of food is the same as the information listed under "success tools" (under eating right) at the top of this page. You can either use the one they send you, or print the info from the website. I don't recall if meatless options are included in the box, and if not you'll want to find that one on the web because it covers some nice options like cheese..

4) If you don't already have it, you'll want a set of measuring cups and measuring spoons so you can put in the correct amount of water to the packets of food..

The other stuff is optional. I personally recommend the Ninja food processor in place of the blender that Medifast sells, or the magic bullet. The Ninja is awesome and I wish I had just started with that instead of a magic bullet clone. I don't bother with a shaker ball and jar - but use a fork or a small whisk for most mixing jobs..

I would suggestion you not start with the oatmeal..

There are some great and supportive folks around on this forum that are likely to be more help. For now though, take a deep breath and read and re-read the basic start guide. Make sure you get your THREE servings of vegetables with your "Lean and Green" meal. Many people mistake the info and only get a single serving in at first.

You'll do great!.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey,..

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You will find that there are a lot of folks who post regularly on the boards and share ideas that seem to make it more convenient or easier for their taste and lifestyle. It can be very helpful to integrate some of their OP (On Plan) ideas..

There is absolutely nothing you need that won't come with your first order to get going. I actually was not hooked into the "mymedifast" support system in the beginning and just did the program as descibed in the official Medifast materials. it worked beautifully..

So relax....

Measure cups and a scale for lean & green would be helpful as you get used to portion sizes..

As time goes on, you may see things that you'd like to try or will enhance your Medifast ease of use or flavors but to start out, my advice is "keep it simple"....

Welcome and good luck!..

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Hey Kitteh,.

Congratulations on your new begining This is a great program, you just need to get iinto it. There are some items that will take time to get used to but then you will love them. The soft serve is delicious, puddings, pancakes (muffin form), bars and on and on. Just remember that they need to sit awhile to rehydrate. Get a blender for shakes and soft serves and a small whisk for shakes and puddings. Remember to keep your goal in mind when those times come around when your stomach wants to take over.

Best of luck in your journey..

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Hi Kitteh and Welcome!.

Don't get stressed about all the "extras" that some use on their programs. Just keep it simple in the beginning, get the hang of it and find out what Medifast products you like..

I lost 70 lbs. on Medifast several years ago. I did it by using the shakes, puddings, oatmeal and soups. I would occasionally have an Medifast bar but I was always tempted to have more than one a day so I stopped buying them..

The shakes can be very, very good if you use some type of blender/magic bullet/etc. to make them. I have found that using crushed ice in the shakes makes them thick and creamy. Pop some cubes in a blender/magic bullet and crush them. I have a crushed ice feature on my fridge and fill up my blender container almost half full of crushed ice, add 1 cup of water and the shake mix. Delicious!.

I purchased a magic bullet type blender from Penney's that is excellent. I caught a sale and got it for $20.

Soups: I like the chicken noodle and wild rice. Soups are tricky to prepare. I put the water and soup in a large, deep bowl then cover it with a salad/dinner plate. I microwave it for 2 1/2 minutes then let it set covered on the counter for at least 2-3 hours. If you use this method please use a deep bowl as the soup rises up and overflows in a shallow bowl. Also, I find that if I don't let it set, the rice, chicken, etc.

It needs time to soften. I make my soup at breakfast and just let it sit on the counter most of the day and then reheat..

I've also made the soups ahead, let them set on the counter and store them in the fridge until I'm ready. This way I can take a soup to work in a container and reheat..

I'm in agreement about the oatmeal. It takes time to get used to it and some people never do. I put cinnamon and Equal on mine. I also make muffins out of it. (Put in "oatmeal muffin recipe" in Search box to get directions)..

Come to the discussion boards often to get inspiration and ask questions. Just remember to stick to the program and no BLTs (Bites, Licks & Tastes)

Good luck, Kitteh.......

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Hi Kitteh,.

You are going to love medifast!.

I take it you work, so one thing I recommend is buying two small blenders for your shakes. I LOVE my Hamilton Beach individual sized blender. I bought 2 of them, one for home and 1 for work. They only cost about 15 dollars at Wal-Mart. The shakes are so good when you blend them with ice cubes along with the required water. Once you figure out which meals you like, your second order will get you so excited because you will be eating all of your fave meals. YUM!.

I would also invest in a food scale to keep your protein servings on plan. I use one I bought from weight watchers some years ago..

Condiments: Splenda packets and instant coffee (I like to add them to shakes, it feels like I am having a frappachino), good olive oil for healthy fat (I like to use it for veggies)..

If you work, you might need more on-the-go meals. I found that the initial variety pack did not have enough for me to last a month. I ordered extra bars so that I can always keep some in my purse for on-the-go meals. No excuses to miss a meal or eat out of plan...

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Kitteh, you have to remember that when you are in chat, you are speaking to sometimes 20 people, so of course all the ideas seem overwhelming. I would keep it very simple. You need the packets and water. Some way to measure the water. I didn't invest in anything at first. I am more of a open, pour, stir, eat kind of person.

Give the food a chance before you go crazy with syrups etc. I don't use them. I save my condiments for my lean and green. My tastebuds have adjusted to the food, so no need to doctor it. I didn't buy a Ninja..I own a very nice blender and have no need..I also don't feel the need to make thick shakes.

I did buy a scale that measures in grams and oz and I am so glad I did. The vegetable chart above is VERY helpful. It gives you many more choices than the original list on the site and in the guide does. It is all Medifast approved. Be very careful of all the recipe links.

Those recipes are not necessarily approved by mf. I keep everything very simple. After 3 months, I am now starting to do a few different things with my food, but not by adding anything. This is how I choose to experience this journey. You will find your own way.

Good luck and enjoy it...

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I put up this thread for you newbees..

Also I have links in my siggy for you too..

Welcome to the Medifast in' family..

Let me say that to keep it really simple, especially the first full month on plan, is the easiest way to do MF. Your body needs to DETOX and you need to change your relationship to food and how you have used it in the past to cope, etc..

After that you can check out the recipe threads and other stuff here. But if all that awakens taste buds you have quieted, then don't use them..

I chose to just do Medifast ONE DAY and I figured, 'Heck, I can get thru anything for ONE measly day.".

I also chose to look at losing ONLY 10 pounds..

Well, those ONE days added up to 9 months of being 100% OnPlan..

And those 10 pound increments added up to 100 pounds being kicked to the curb..

You will find what works for you and your personality. Try to connect with members here who will empower your best self and steer clear of those that might enable your least desirable traits..

I'm here if you want to chat or PM (private message)..

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Hi kitteh. I am also starting the plan on Jan 1! I just got my MFbox today and am very excited about it. Thanks everyone for your amazing tips and advice. I feel inspired already and know this is going to work for me as long as I stick to it. Congratulations to all of you who have done so well, I hope to be as successful as you soon enough!..

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Thank you to everyone for the advice! I am going to keep it simple when starting off and save recipes and whatnot for when I start to get bored and need to change things up.

I bought a Copco tumbler to drink and a BlenderBottle to make drinking on-the-go easier / cuter. ;p.

I have a regular blender but I may look into getting a Ninja or MagicBullet if it will make cleaning easier..

Tomorrow is the big day!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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