Can I take one week off Medifast?

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Is it possible to take one day a week off from Medifast and still loose weight?..

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Yes it's totally possible, but why would you?? You would be starting over every week, and the first few days are the worst, so you would be investing a lot of money, feeling bad, being hungry and yes you'd probably lose weight..

If Medifast sounds to tough for you, you'd be far better off going for a program that would give you more flexibility. The beauty of Medifast is that if you stay on it it's really easy to do, and it works quickly, so the only way it will really give you value for money is to commit to it 100%..

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I agree with dilligaf, it is possible to lose weight but why would you want to go back through the first few days of getting your body back into ketosis every single week? Besides the money factor, it will take a tremendous toll on your body. This food is specifically designed to push your body into mild ketosis, to flush the ketones out take work from your body, why would you want to shock your body from moving in and out of ketosis on a weekly basis? IMO, I think it can ultimately be harmful to your body. Of course it will ultimately be your decision and you will have to decide if this diet is right for you or if you want one with more flexibility. Good luck..

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Well I have a reason.. My wife and kids are away at camp for the summer. I go to camp on the weekends and she has Saturday off. It would be nice to be able to enjoy a meal with my wife. During the week this will be easy in that I do not have to think about much in the way of food...

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Would you enjoy your wife's company less simply because you forgo potatoes, rice, bread, or whatever else you may want to eat that is not on plan? Or are you able to enjoy your wife's company even while having a steak and salad, or grilled chicken and on-plan vegetables?..

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Being on Medifast will not stop you enjoying a meal with your wife, I've shared some great meals with others without making an issue of the fact that it's my L&G. Chicken or a small steak and a dry salad works really well..

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To me, it is a lose/lose situation. You work so hard during the week to only gain it all back on the one day off. Not to mention how hard it is to start again. Why put yourself through that......


Comment #6

Thanks everyone I did order the plan going to start when it comes. The one thing that I did like about Nutrisystem was the fact that I can go out and have meal in place of a nutrisystem meal. It worked will. But the problem came when I ate their food!..

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Ben you can eat your lean and green out with your wife. You can eat almost anywhere, we ate out 4 times this pat week. Not that I recommended that but we did and I had steak, grilled salmon, and a grilled chicken salad. It is possible. I personally find the Medifast food to taste better than Nutrisystem. What you have to decide is if you are ready to commit and make the sacrifices it takes to reach optimum health...

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You will also find that if you call ahead to the camp they will usually accomodate you and your dietary needs. They do it with many children as it is daily. Just let them know what your needs are, what meal of the day you will be having with your wife, and they will let you know if it is possible. If they can't get permission to bring your own meal for that time and let them know you will also be bringing your Medifast food. Many camps don't like having outside food brought in...

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